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  1. Yes, this is what I was saying, but where in the 'provision that may allow you to increase your bank account' is this stated? I would be quite willing to have them stipulate that I had to keep 800,000 all year round if that would cover this stupid new rule that may be applied to renewals in the future. I'm 76 years old and have lived in HH for some 13+ years and would like to live out my days here as I came here for health reasons where the climate allows me to enjoy life without medications. I have no wish to be forced out of Thailand, when I can prove that I am more than capable of paying for my health care needs.
  2. So, pray tell me what a 76 year old does when the insurance companies will NOT accept you. I was under the impression that this stupid government had made the ruling that your had to keep 400,000 Baht in your account ALL YEAR ROUND in order to cover yourself for any medical costs you may incur. I have used Thai hospitals here in HH and have never failed to pay my bills. I do not see how anybody can leave a hospital WITHOUT paying any monies owed. Simple answer, let the hospital retain your passport until your bill is paid, but that is too easy for these idiotic nurds to understand. How about us being allowed to pay a monthly health insurance fee to the government to cover the use of Thai hospitals, or have a bond paid for that covers say 400,000. This could be a 12 month saving deposit account held purely for health reasons?
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