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  1. I would put the ' Road Safety Operation Center ' in the same category as the so called ' Pollution Control, Prevention & Mitigation Department ' They are both totally bloody useless and do not do what it says on the tin.
  2. No pleasing some people is there !!! The place has (as far as I am aware) been empty for months, they get a few tourists and everyone complains because the only way on & off the island is busy, leave before the weekend finishes or stay an extra night, sorted
  3. No, most probably because those behind him won't stop, no one likes to be rear ended, well some might but that would be off topic
  4. Thailand really needs to invest in Pelican crossings, for those that don't know, they are crossings with lights to stop the traffic when a pedestrian presses a button, they stop the traffic for a short time span to allow people to cross safely that's the theory anyway................. Not sure if even they would work here
  5. Why ? What are these morons thinking ? It beggars belief it really does.
  6. So many hubs, not enough time, I liked yesterday's, not sure if I like today's. Time will tell.
  7. As per the Thai training manual the 7 P's are always missing: Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents a Pi55 Poor Performance........
  8. In some parts it's already a huge garbage dump, in 10 years you will be lucky to see any greenery at all, just look at some of the quiet sois outside of Pattaya for example. A very sad case of affairs.
  9. I suffer with swollen ankles/feet, I was told that I have poor circulation in my lower legs, ie the blood isn't returning to the heart as it should, I have a couple of bolsters under my mattress to elevate my ankles/feet above my heart whilst sleeping, I recently had surgery under general anaesthetic for an unrelated problem & of course had my heart checked out with that machine with all the wires and stuff, a chest x ray and bloods done, all ok so not a heart problem. In the morning my ankles are fine, as the day progresses they swell, I try to keep them raised as much as I ca
  10. A few years ago I toyed with the idea of collecting a sample of the seawater off Pattaya beach and sending it away for independent, anonymous analysis, wish I'd followed through with that, it would have been an interesting exercise.
  11. Why do you need to change the water pump ? Is it leaking ? If not I would leave it alone, the timing belt I can understand, if that goes you could be in all sorts of Doo doo
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