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  1. Last time I was there was early 2011, just before I retired and moved here, there is a half decent hotel right on the river with a floating restaurant attached, I was looked after as I had a couple of local girls ( friends only) showed me around the ruins the elephant rides and other attractions, the hotel I stayed in was 5 mins from the railway station with great views from the upper floors all over the river and town.
  2. A mesh bag, a small cutting tool, and if the net is embedded in the coral leave it alone so you don't break the coral - that's bad.
  3. Well all I can say is that I hope most sincerely that you have made sufficient provision for what will be required in 10 years time, because according to you, we should all be clairvoyant so know what is coming And yes I served in the Army, for many years and spent a lot of time in NI and lost friends their so shut your BS on that one if you don't mind pal.
  4. Someone will wake up tomorrow morning, yawn, scratch their balls, and think ' what shall we do today ?' I know, lets have a coup
  5. This is one of the most intelligent and articulate posts on this subject that I have read for a long time, I had considered going down the marriage visa route, but after reading some of the stories on here about the way people are treated at various immigration offices I decided against it. spidermike007, I understand completely your frustration with immigration, after many years of doing my retirement extension totally legally I was or less pushed down the agent route due to the shabby treatment I received from immigration. It now looks, for the moment anyway, that the use of an agent has been denied to many people, I have the required 800k sitting in various investments, bank accounts at home & other places, the reason I have not moved it here is due to the crap exchange rate at the moment, so those who say people have not planned sufficiently are talking out of their ar***s. They don't know every individual's circumstances so they need to keep quiet. I also feel extremely sorry for those guys, and girls, that moved here, bought a house, raised a family and provided well for that family, the goal posts have been moved beyond many people's reasonable expectations. Here's a hypothetical example: A guy moves to Thailand 10 years ago, has a long term GF, they get married, he buys a house and a car, they have kids he raises them well and sends them to a not inexpensive private school, so over time his capital sum is reduced by quite a bit ? No problem, he has pensions to live quite comfortably on, the exchange rate plummets due to circumstances beyond his control, and then at the drop of a hat immigration change the rules, the guy is now cattle trucked, he doesn't have the funds for a retirement visa or maybe even the marriage visa, who's to blame here ? I know what all you retiree knockers will say, but the guy planned for his future and we can't predict what will happen, so all this crap about inadequate planning is BS.
  6. My advice is: If you get a local 'electrician' to fit it, when he's finished chuck him a towel and soap and let him be the first to use it
  7. We use Google maps all the time if going anywhere new or approaching from a different direction, ie: next week we will be going from Korat to Kanchanaburi on route 2, been to Kanchanaburi many times but only from the Pattaya area so we will rely on Google maps, it is miles better than the heap of crap GPS that Toyota puts in the Fortuna And it is also very good at suggesting alternative routes in real time to avoid delays.
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