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  1. Keep it up, you're doing well, if you need support just PM me for a chat mate, support is the most important thing
  2. Now, where did I leave my heart pumping purple p!ss since the last lot of lazy scrounging Thai wasters declared they were in crisis and needed the government to bail them out because of their stupidity ? Zero sympathy for these morons
  3. As far as tourism goes this country is cattle trucked, is that good ? Is that bad ? Who really cares.
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone they have given me some food for thought. I'll mull it over for a day or 2 then decide. Thanks
  5. I read both reports, I can't see in either of them where it said he overtook on a blind bend ? Can you enlighten us, I know that the translate function isn't very good so I could be wrong.
  6. It's bad enough that Thais report people, surely we don't dob our own whatever country they are from. I only read page one, I could not be ar$$ed to read all 13, so apologies if this sentiment has been given already.
  7. I am looking to get a Concertina door fitted, I don't wan't anything pricey as I only rent, for some unknown reason the house has no door between the main lounge and the kitchen, why the landlord would want this I have no idea. Anyhow, the situation is as follows, we have A/C in the lounge but never use it because of the gaping hole into the kitchen, sure we can shut the kitchen door (to the outside world) but we have single glazed louvre windows in the kitchen that are a total waste of space and any cool air would just leak out of them, besides, that means that the A/C in the lounge is trying to cool an area larger than it was designed for. So in effect I am looking for a cheap way to stop expensive cold air being wasted into the kitchen and thought a Concertina door would do the trick, I have had a quick look via google but would value any thoughts of alternatives that might do the job, I might add that they need to be easy to fit as I have no DIY skills whatsoever. Thanks in advance
  8. Glad you are able to tell us about it, very happy that your family & friends are all okay.
  9. I did pose this question in a logical & practical way at the beginning of the month and was accused of being hysterical ? I'm sorry that it has been cancelled but the way things are going it is highly likely that other events attracting large crowds could also be affected, they really need to get this under control and keep the Chinese in China. And NO, I'm not being hysterical I am being practical.
  10. Pretty typical Thai mentality really, how much can I earn for the least amount of effort..........
  11. With this Corona virus doing the rounds at the moment does anyone foresee the Honda LPGA being cancelled ? There are obviously a lot of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and European players and of course all the golf fans from around the world, could be a recipe for disaster or will the authorities allow it to go ahead. Your thoughts ?
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