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  1. I no way agree with this Thai stupidity, I can relate it though to the £10.00 charge levied on all tourists back a long time ago in Bali, pay cash at the special window, get a nice postage stamp in your passport then proceed to immigration then the baggage carousel if I remember rightly, that was the year before that God awful bombing, do they still charge on arrival ?
  2. I wouldn't eat that if it was the last meal in Thailand, not really into Thai food at all, and I've been living here 10 years. So your comment doesn't wash with me. Have a nice evening
  3. And in Phuket they are crying out for tourists, they are so poor, they used to make 1000s of Baht a month from farangs, as soon as some turn up to visit they charge them 500 Baht for a test, of course Thais are free, sod em, let them starve.
  4. The RTP must have the same motto as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, "we always get our man". Eventually, before the warrant expires, when we're bored, if we fancy a change of scenery etc etc.
  5. As it now appears that he was arrested and on overstay as well I hope he is now in a whole world of hurt. Sorry if that comes across as vindictive but we really do not need that sort of attitude at the moment.
  6. I have a Samsung tablet, I was prompted to update security and now have a very strange setup on my thaivisa account, I went from controlled to severe and now the screen on thaivisa is black background, with yellow & green script, how do I get back to normal ?
  7. Looks like this retired Army Major had a similar intelligence level to the retired Generals supposedly in charge of running this asylum.
  8. I hope the 2 guys are members or readers of this fine forum, they will have learnt by now that they are as close to being hated as is possible without actually knowing them in person (although one poster claims to know the guy in the black shorts) And the guy in the matching shorts & flip flops nearly nailed it, if he'd made more effort I have no doubt he could have found a colour coded mask
  9. As Victor Meldrew would say " I don't bloody believe it !! " but we all knew this was gonna be the decision, justice here stinks.
  10. Quoted by AlexRich Will the drunk idiot’s defence be that he was forced into it against his will by dark forces connected to the house? Probably. don't know what happened, hit the copy button but didn't give you the quote, sorry.
  11. Looks to me like some very important & Influential people have had enough of the khaki clad dinosaurs. Good.
  12. So you still didn't read the OP so you ask a stupid question, then after much Googling you come up with those others, don't be lazy read before asking silly questions.
  13. I would like to thank the all generous Czar for allowing his worshippers to go home at Songkran and spread the virus near and far & for the truly outstanding vaccine rollout. Caution statement may contain traces of sarcasm.
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