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  1. Mr. Papung 297 Moo 4, Sasalin Wiang Papao Chiang Rai, Thailand 57170 I would write it like this, very simple & easy.
  2. It is, it's a video ad, it opens a small window bottom right of the screen, only happens on Thai Visa Forum, the only way to get rid of it is to open another page on TVF. I have Pop Up blocker active on Windows 10 & I think I have it on Malwarebites as well. I think it has been added by the owners of TVF.
  3. I'm getting them on my Samsung Laptop, most annoying as sometimes there is no X to click on and close
  4. At least my ex (1st one) only ever brought my dinner to the pub, and very nice it was too...................
  5. We have a similar setup at the house I am renting, I took the filter out and found this, the landlord has since installed another filter that can be back flushed every couple of months with a saline solution and clean water.
  6. And if I'm not mistaken from your previous posts you are one of us lol
  7. Did you leave your sense of humour in bed this morning ? You must be a real hoot at parties Chill sir, it's all just a bit of fun.
  8. I wonder which one of their kids made the model ?
  9. I don't know where you are located but there is a Facebook group here called snakes of Pattaya, if you take a pic and post it on there they will usually identify it in a few minutes, one or two of the members will also come and relocate any dangerous ones for free of charge, I believe they have groups located in other parts of Thailand, I recommend that you or anyone else check them out for future reference.
  10. I'm glad I took the time to watch the video, a lot of salient points were made by those members and guests of the FCCT, the 4 representatives of the Immigration Police were not all that well prepared and the usual mantra of we want to keep you safe & other BS were dragged up time and time again, they have no excuse for the overlap of TM6, 90 Day reporting and now the TM30 !! All in the name of National security. Whether they take the concerns back to the higher ups remains to be seen but the idea from the Australian Chamber of Commerce about a Pink ID card for long time stayers was a good idea, if you haven't watched the video yet have a look from minute 33 onwards, the immigration people were (I think) out of their depth.
  11. Immigration make the hard work for themselves by requiring a stupid amount of photocopies all duly signed by the applicant and then filed away in file B1N, I have zero sympathy for them, this is the 21st century, computers do all that now and keep zillions of records on something the size of a thumbnail. Immigration made their own bed, up to them if they continue to lie in it, I remember when microfiche came out, what a game changer that was, the Thais haven't even caught onto that yet, there's a money making idea for some up & coming sales person
  12. He was probably busy organising the next coup, these things don't organise themselves you know
  13. Fair point My £ has already collapsed compared to 8 years ago, I reckon I am down about 20 k Baht a month at the moment and probably about to get worse due to the kerfuffle over BREXIT. If (and that's a big IF) we get away with a relatively clean break from the EU it may recover slightly and if we avoid a recession it could claw back a few more % points. Not holding my breath though, Blue doesn't suit me
  14. So, in plain English for us that don't understand, is this good or bad for expats and our exchange rates ? TIA.
  15. What the brand spanking new bio-metrics machines never twigged him ?? Unforgivable, send the useless junk back to whoever sold it to you........ It wasn't China was it ? Just having a giggle guys, don't get serious about where it came from
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