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  1. So just to be pedantic it would seem that a samlor & a saleng are one and the same sort of thing, a samlor = a 3 wheeled vehicle, a saleng is a motor bike with side cart eg: the same. Why do you persist in stupidity ? And yeah I had a mistype , no big deal, and you can stick with you 50 baht Thai meal, I'll pass and eat better than that thanks.
  2. Sorry about the typo, samlor is what I meant, and I'm very sorry but anyone who can be proud of a 50 baht 5h!t on a stick as a main meal for the day is in need of help, mentally & financially, do you also live in one room, no A/C, no lift, top floor 2k baht a month ?
  3. Great link, thanks for posting it, I've just watched the first session. I checked a lot of these cams out 2 or 3 years ago, mainly to see the difference between brightside/Darkside weather and this wasn't working (frozen pic) good to see it up and running
  4. I used to call it 5h!t on a stick, I wouldn't eat it even if you paid me, no idea what meat it may be, no idea how it has been kept before cooking & some of the vendors are hardly paragons of cleanliness. Look at those guys on the Samloi's (3 wheel carts) with the strings of different types of meat balls, getting covered in exhaust fumes, flies & god knows what else , running around in the hot sun all day. No thank you very much.
  5. This was a point I made when it was mooted to reduce quarantine from 14 to 10 days and then rejected, no doubt the Thai Hoteliers Association had a chat with the government that the lucky few would be losing a substantial amount of money if it was reduced to 10 days, hence the government ditched the idea, money, money, money............ Hey that would make a good record
  6. All the schools I went to had nit nurses with nit combs & and if I remember correctly free nit shampoo, nits don't care if your is clean or dirty long or short, this guy to a certain extent is talking out of his rusty sheriffs badge, as most of them do.
  7. Thank you sir, I don't need it for nefarious reasons, just like to stay a little anonymous at the moment, thanks Rimmer
  8. Thanks for that, I had used similar on my phone, is there a way that a friend or family member in another country check to see what location I am supposed to be at ?
  9. I have recently signed up to a VPN service, Windscribe, to be exact, a couple of questions for those that know, I presume it will still post with my real name and current avatar but with the IP address showing as somewhere other than Thailand, and is it possible to somehow get a friend to look at the IP address and confirm that it corresponds with the info I am seeing, in this case my IP is somewhere in London, how can they do that ? Do I need to send an email, a message or what to achieve this, thanks in advance
  10. I am a tad naive about tablets, android, iOS, mac, windows etc etc, I think you are saying in a polite way that it's not needed ?? I appreciate your help & advice
  11. I'm using a Samsung tablet with pen I think it's the A6 with 10.5 in screen, so don't know if it's an SSD, $34.99 seems reasonable or do you advise using the 3 month trial first. Thanks
  12. Hi, I currently have an offer for Avira Prime at $34.99, unlimited VPN, Password manager, Software update pro and more. Is anyone using this package and can give a qualified answer ie: good, bad or indifferent, I have about 8 hours to make a decision, thanks in advance.
  13. Can he come to Pattaya, preferably the darkside and sort out some of the mangy mutts we have here.
  14. How can he have the gall to say this ??? Civil freaking Servants get paid no matter what, and they have more holidays than me & I'm <deleted> retired, jeez is there no end to these peoples Stuuuupidity ???
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