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  1. I drove in excess of 400 km yesterday, we witnessed 6 accidents, all down to the fact that Thai drivers are clueless, it's peeing down with rain so what do they do ? Drive at maximum warp, no lights on and can only just see the end of the bonnet ( Hood, for the septics) then they wonder why they end up rear ending someone, or the big trucks using route 2 don't know how to select a low gear and wonder why they jackknife !! Oh then theres the clown that does a right turn across 2 lanes and wonders why the traffic on that carriageway T bones his truck-trailer, complete and utter Jodrell bankers
  2. Okay, I'll give you one point for that, meanwhile I firmly believe that there are (percentage wise) more bad monks than bad ferang Lets call it quits now
  3. I get what you are saying, but my beef with these guys is that they are supposed to have taken some kind of oath, about celibacy, worldly goods and possessions etc etc, your average Joe public farang has not has he ?
  4. Real or fake, I wouldn't cross the road to wee on one if it was on fire, bunch of thieving, drunk, drug taking, woman / child abusing wasters, and before a Mod takes this off, just remember that similar stories have been posted in the Nation for all to see, so it's not as if I'm telling tales out of school is it ??
  5. Last time I was there was early 2011, just before I retired and moved here, there is a half decent hotel right on the river with a floating restaurant attached, I was looked after as I had a couple of local girls ( friends only) showed me around the ruins the elephant rides and other attractions, the hotel I stayed in was 5 mins from the railway station with great views from the upper floors all over the river and town.
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