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  1. Actually it's you quoting me out of context. I know precisely what he said, and Thai demographics are readily available to make a comparison. I'm paraphrasing Charles Dilke (among others) that "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.". Chewit made up the figure and it's his own speculation. I'm saying I don't agree with it. While I was no angel before I got married, the suggestion that such a high proportion of Thai women are sex workers simply does not reflect my own experience of Thai women. These numbers are quoted, people pickup the quotes and run with them, even
  2. Have you actually considered his claim, at all? If what he says is the truth, then off the top of my head, the majority of women under 40 are sex workers, this is not factoring in the ugly fuglies that no one would pay to poke. It's nonsense. I've known it was nonsense after some christian missionary group decades ago claimed there were 500,000 sex workers in Thailand and I did the maths on that and quickly realised it didn't add up, unless of course, you can get your head around missionary groups are just fundraising back home. Is this what we colloquially call fake news?
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