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  1. I agree. He's demonstrated again that he's an absolute legend.
  2. You're not allowed to say anything tongue in cheek mate. Could get you in hot water on here.
  3. Don't forget mate... Der Spiegal could soon reveal lots of other PL clubs with serious financial irregularities. It's just at the moment only Man City are being investigated by the FA, UEFA, FIFA, and the Premier League. But I'm sure other clubs will be soon won't they?
  4. Let's see... I feel pretty sure him or Mike Phelan gave them an almighty kick up the arse. We've been on fire for pretty much 3 months so were always going to hit a bump in the road.
  5. Wolves are a great side, and if you offered me Jimenez for Lukaku right now I'd be tempted. But we put out close to what I think is our best side, and if all match fit should be dealing with them. One missing player who doesn't get much love from some united fans, let alone anyone else, is Ashley Young. You just can't put a price on the leadership and fight he brings to the table.
  6. Nev hit the nail on the head with his explanation. I think we rushed too many players back too soon.
  7. Maybe a bit of The Cure... Discovered JD at a later date. The stuff I got passed down to me at an early age was Stone Roses, Charlatans and basically the good Manchester indie before Britpop.
  8. I've got you down as a Boyzone man. Luckily I reaped the benefits of having a brother nearly 10 years older, so was listening to quality material.
  9. Well France had just won euro 2000, so that explains it I guess.
  10. Actually quite like the music I listened to in my adolescence, at the right moment
  11. Some great names on that list. Amazing that Buffon won it 14 years apart. But the one that stands out the most is: José Luis CHILAVERT Paraguay Vélez Sarsfield (Arg)
  12. = midlife crisis. You wander around the house muttering to yourself. Listen to the same music you did in your adolescence. And when you can't take it anymore you change your avatar.
  13. But why do you think that would be anything other than more dirt on Man City?
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