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  1. Can't imagine having a ball booted in your face that hard would be pleasant.
  2. Behind closed doors... So no solid proof it was 3-0.
  3. RickG16

    Taco Bell

    Time for the outer Taco Bell world.
  4. Agree. Replays around March or April play havoc with the fixtures and aren't needed really.
  5. The best tactical analysis of the game I've seen yet, from someone who knows a thing or two about football.
  6. RickG16

    Taco Bell

    far too much time on your hands.
  7. How do I see if it is an official store?
  8. How to spot these? I noticed with some very cheap Nike football boots (they had the 'swoosh), but they weren't listed as Nike. Is this the way to spot them? I ask because I've just seen this JanSport bag: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/backpack-jansport-superbreak-high-forge-grey-i213188-s208720.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.1.33b5286f5xwaeX&search=1 Reasonably priced, but no manufacturer's warranty. JanSport have been known to offer a lifetime warranty on backpacks, so not sure what to make of it......
  9. Still not exactly clear... but I admire your work.
  10. Looks like Arsenal have the easiest run in, but then I think they're the worst team.
  11. Am I missing something?.... Do I need to be drunk on a Friday afternoon in Pattaya to understand that question?
  12. RickG16

    Thai avocados

    Nice, how can you tell if these ones are ripe without slicing open? Can you push them with a finger and check for some indentation as with the smaller ones?
  13. ^^ Anyone got a question which makes sense...?
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