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  1. Wow. If I can get half that speed I'll be very happy.
  2. So you need to register, but don't need to use it for anything?
  3. I remember watching Rashford play in the reserves or youth team before his fairytale under LVG. He obviously had something about him, but wasn't amazingly impressive. Certainly wasn't hyped up to the level Greenwood or many other youngsters before him had been. That makes the Rashford story even better for me.... he is the story of someone who got given a chance and took it. If it hadn't been for that injury crisis under LVG, and if he hadn't of made such an impact, he might not have had a career at the top level. Or at least in a United shirt.
  4. Is there any chance of you slipping up though... playing against teams with nowt to play for?
  5. Thanks - the cheaper ones don't look too bad, they are just lacking space... which I imagine is important when cooped up in quarantine!
  6. Thanks for this. Are the cheap quarantine hotels available for foreigners? I can only see ones around 40k THB for 14 days on the official link I was given.
  7. Can anyone recommend an ASQ hotel which has fast (preferably fibre) internet?
  8. Only just overtaken???.... but what about the famous myth... that there are more City fans than United fans in Manchester? Success breeds fans. If the status quo continues you will attract more fans for sure. Nothing to see here.
  9. ^^^ And seeing as he is chummy with Poch, should he have turned his mate down at such a request on the eve of a massive game? His loyalty to Poch is far greater than his loyalty to City!!!
  10. I'm pretty sure he was invited and didn't volunteer. And on that basis, should he have refused and sat at home twiddling his thumbs? Many sports teams bring in inspirational speakers on big occasions. On this occasion it seems like Neymar and co were beyond saving. Or they couldn't understand a word he was saying!
  11. Would be nice to see Bailly before he gets injured again!
  12. Exactly, that's why any attempts to romanticise it are completely ridiculous.
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