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  1. Conversely I actually think the tough love may have worked in the end with Shaw. I don't think he would have flourished under Jose, but he certainly seems to be one of our most solid and tactially aware players these days, and I think Jose drummed that into him.
  2. No, they are probably the locals who had nothing to do with it. Not every Ko Samui resident is involved in real estate.
  3. No problem with that but I think Mason deserves to start over Cavani after his goal.
  4. Well we know Rashford + Bruno will if they were rested. We know Telles has COVID so Shaw is in. I would say it'll be same team as Wednesday with Martial Matic and Pogba out. Rash, Bruno, McT in.
  5. You could say that about 90 per cent of the teams with anti United fans. It's funny, it looks like that 6-1 has turned into a major positive for us, and could be their undoing. It showed us the way to a much more effective formation, while they seem to think they are a lot better than they actually are. Having said that, I think Arsenal will be a really tough game at the weekend, while they have a nice run out against Brighton at home. Spurs are actually looking a lot better than we all thought, but take Kane out of that side and they look an entirely different proposit
  6. Yet he's so focused on United... if he can't find any bad points in our play, he comes on here to castigate the media for saying nice things about us.
  7. Sure, but why go public with it? Is that going to improve the player's mindset? Give them a bollocking behind the scenes but back them to the hilt in public. It's one of Mourinho's trade marks... snowballing negativity.
  8. Time to get your own house in order. Mourinho can't resist laying into the players after a bad result can he? It's a weakness. Strength is backing the players come what may, and not being afraid to take the rap. It might be the players fault, but having a go at them to the media is completely counter productive.
  9. What did you think of the formation. Looked like a 4-3-1-2 to me and worked pretty well.
  10. Who said it was an epic result? Resounding victory maybe. Epic is pushing it.
  11. Care to name a few which would? I guess the sportier the bike the less comfortable for longer distances?
  12. Thanks for all the responses. Seems a lot comes down to personal preference. FYI this is a big rucksack for travelling (for obvious reasons the trip wouldn't happen soon). So is the consensus that this type of rucksack should go over your shoulders and sit on the back seat (that's how I've done it over short distances), or between your legs on the floor? I am considering buying a Yamaha R15 ... would have a few weeks getting used to it first before the trip. As non-bike guy I would like to ask.... is this a completely unsuitable bike for travelling long dist
  13. Hi guys, I'm just doing some pondering for a future trip .... Is riding a motorbike long distances with a heavy and full backpack on dangerous? Or are there certain types of bike that it is ok with? I've done it before but just short distances on familiar roads. Cheers
  14. To be honest I completely agree. Nice to see us taking the initiative, but how can all those fans getting on public transport, going into pubs and going into the ground not lead to a cluster?
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