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  1. Absolutely, he seemed to be the antidote to the bad atmosphere and disconnect in the squad under Jose. But it appears we are now seeing that there is only so far "Remember, you're playing for Man United lads" can take us. Forget the injuries and letting too many strikers go, the players at Newcastle were playing way below their capabilities, looked afraid of receiving the ball because they didn't want to make a mistake, and didn't look like they were fighting for each other. I am interested to know if you have a cut off point Sparkles? If we lose to Liverpool, most people would give Ole a pass I think. But then a draw or loss to Norwich away? A battering against Chelsea? Dropped more points against Bournemouth?......what is your cut off point? You don't just give an inexperienced manager three seasons in the hope it will turn out OK. Rest assured, despite the 'Ole is safe' mantra, the club will be making contingency plans. This is the real world. There is a very good chance another manager could do a better job, because there are better and more experienced managers.
  2. Yes but there becomes a point, when a manager in incapable of getting a team out of a rut, that his motivational ability needs to be questioned. Don't forget Sparkles, Ole has hung his hat on being able to get the boys playing for the badge and playing with confidence. He isn't exactly known as Pep or Jose in the tactical stakes. So when he even fails to be able to do that, he needs to go. There are plenty of managers around the world who could take the job until the end of the season.
  3. Good post. His signings have been good but the problem is now many other players have regressed under his watch. We were playing really well at the start of the season but didn't get the results we deserved. Now we are playing badly with a complete lack of confidence imo. We are still waiting to see if Ole can pick these players up off the floor. It's hard to think that we won't be up for it on Sunday. Maybe it could be a turning point.
  4. I changed the setting on a number of friends to make them 'close friends', so I would be notified when they post. These seemed to have stopped over the past few weeks... anyone else experienced this? I have about 20 friends as 'close friends' now, do I need to reduce the number of them to get notifications again? Cheers
  5. Just curious.... is there no footage anywhere of these chants taking place? And if it was a small minority, what is the cut off point for walking off. If 5 fans chant is that OK? What about if it is one guy shouting racist abuse? Can the team still walk off?
  6. Yes. Plenty of players in that 11 performed way way below what they are capable of.
  7. Yeah I think it's a no go. Still if I lived there I'd be tempted to go.
  8. What crisis?! .... I'm in the Ole out camp now, provided the right replacement can be found. We could wait for Southgate after the Euros. Or I wonder if Pochettino could jump ship in Jan if he doesn't get what he wants.
  9. Sorry I take it back.. You're providing an invaluable service to the online community. It's also a cretinous thing to point out, because it was a very good goal which could have won regardless of how many we scored.
  10. Only sad people with no life post on international break. Fact. .... Unless replying to point out the sadness.
  11. Can anyone offer an explanation for the slight resurgence of the pound against the baht in recent days?
  12. Hi chaps, any advice on this? Can it be easily repaired by a garage? Or am I looking at a whole new cover? Cheers
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