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  1. F F S ... I'm sure Wilai looks these up
  2. This is a very hard question champers... I'll go Razor Ruddock. Think we'll need clues
  3. There's a Leeds thread here: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1109877-the-official-leeds-utd-thread-2019/ Hope you do get promoted so we can give you a stuffing.
  4. Who holds the record for Premier League appearances by a Frenchman?
  5. Surely it should be easy to find a candidate to defeat Trump... but this guy keeps putting his foot in it. This US election looks like it's going to be fought between 2 old men not fit for office.
  6. Out of interest what kind of trade is there between the two countries?
  7. Is that because they were taking something they thought was those things, or because the fent was stronger than they realised?
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