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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated as always mate... But personally I don't get the transfer chat when there is over a month til Jan and end of the season is long way away. If there is any solid news on Pogba that's of interest though! If we get a good price for him in Jan we should use that money for Sancho or another big money signing.
  2. I think Maradona was probably the first football player I was ever aware of, him or Bryan Robson. I heard somebody mention the sense of expectancy when he was on the ball, and this is something I definately remember. Like Bob said the treatment the defenders used to dish out to him was unbelievable if put in the context of today. Just a few months ago during lockdown I was watching some of his old games for Napoli, and it seemed like almost everything he did was sublime. I also watched a documentary on him (very good one about his time in Naples). What came across was
  3. Not bothered reading it but what is the general reason for the bitterness?
  4. Been wrestling with this all morning. When I try and add my Hotmail account to Google in order to view Google Docs when people invite me via Hotmail, it says that the Hotmail account is already in use on Google, but it won't let me sign in. Can anybody help?
  5. It's picking up momentum... Maybe get an online petition going and send to FIFA... So no city player has ever stuttered during a penalty run up then?
  6. I think you're right... and Vidic looked well off the pace when he first joined too. I remember he came back after the summer and seemed to be a different player... lean mean wrecking machine!!!
  7. ^^^ I can see why Evra gets on your nerves, he does his best to be as partizan as possible by sniping at our rivals and cement his 'legend' status with the fans... to be honest it works! Whereas Keane is over-critical of United if anything. To digress, just seeing Telles make a pretty average league debut reminded how good Evra was. At the time he came in Heinze had been voted player of the year and looked like he'd made LB his own. But Evra was truly a box to box player along the left hand side. Amazing work rate and pace.
  8. Chippy tits you always get me with that one. What did you think of Evra's point? Can the Klopp crop be compared with your teams of old until they win three on the spin?
  9. Sure, but non United fans who never even once post about there own team, and only post negatively about United.. in my book that's strange. I do discuss United with non United fans who I respect the opinion of on this thread. It is also my perogative not to discuss my club with random bike dudes.
  10. I've read and posted on Red Cafe for years. I'd say in general the knowledge of posters has gone down. Seems to be a lot more 'Ahmeds from India' who are influenced by excitable YouTubers and expect nothing less than instant success. Of course we were all concerned about the performance vs West Brom. But I'm more concerned why it seems your second hobby is to talk exclusively about a team other than your own. Actually I am more fascinated than concerned... I think this phenomenon isn't exclusive to you. It can often be linked to midlife crisis, but I think
  11. I think if VDB plays, Bruno will be rested and we might see Pogba. Not sure Greenwood will come straight back in, I think he has a niggle or illness? I think Tunezabe deserves another go and it might be time for Rashford to sit out as he has been average to say the least recently. On paper this was the easiest game in the group. We shouldn't have to play Bruno to beat them. Having said that I expect us to concentrate on not making any silly mistakes after what happened in the away game. I expect a solid, slow and possibly frustrating start. Once we get the f
  12. Good research. But pulling out 4 comments on RC isn't representative of all United fans I'm afraid. I'd say the fan base is about 50 / 50 Ole in / out right now. You seem to enjoy the theme of United in a relegation battle. You did notice that City are below us in the table right? I wonder why you don't talk about them..... Simple... They aren't a big enough club to trouble the thoughts of a random bike dude.
  13. It's intended to be both inspirational and thought provoking.... Do you agree with the five-time title winning Evra? Can any City side be considered great unless they win three times in a row?
  14. I understood Champers' post to mean that he enjoyed it because Bruno has been missing them lately.
  15. Well this is a rare sighting of the Snow Leopard... So your point is Ole is rubbish and so is the manager who's team is top of the league and is arguably the greatest manager in modern history.
  16. So write to FIFA. Don't make this a United issue. As for this "I wouldn't expect a United fan to understand sportsmanship" we have had our fair share of divers like any other team, but I don't think we are known as an unsporting side. Either now or in the past. Can't remember many biters, spitters or racists wearing our shirt.
  17. It's not that simple, there is still a gap between us and City / Liverpool in terms of quality. And we were one of the teams which had no pre-season. When it comes to top level sport that does make a difference. Our first few games were essentially run outs to get match fitness. Try and take the emotion or any entitlement out of it and view it as how any organisation should be run. Do you really think getting rid of Ole at this stage would be beneficial? He has put some positive things in place so let's let him build on them.
  18. That's true but common lads, if we were top of the table people would be saying that's a great type of win i.e. grinding out a result when not playing well. Look at the table... it is so close and we are not far from getting back into the mix. Slaughter him when we don't win, but let's be happy we got away with one and onwards and upwards. Question is will we see Cavani and VDB in midweek....
  19. 'unsporting'? ... when you have the chance, pay a visit to planet Earth every now and then. The fact is there is nothing in the rules against it, so you expect the penalty taker to take pity on the goalie.
  20. Oh yeah absolutely... While we're at it, let's give a shout out to those dudes who used to kick around an inflated pigs bladder in the 17th century. I'd be all for a managerial team of Champers and Peter Kay. It's obvious all Harry Maguire is missing is a couple of pints of bitter to calm his nerves before kick off.
  21. You almost make it sound as if you have something vaguely to do with Premier League.
  22. Nice ride today Jonny? Good to see you found time to glance at the table. Serious football fan.
  23. The point is stylistic snobbery is the wrong way to approach this, and a bit deluded. Don't forget, Arsenal fans took great pride in playing 'the best football in the Premier League' long after they stopped winning anything.
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