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  1. 150baht for the pleasure of having a pad thai in a cramped little basement foodcourt is probably not the best value experience for most tourists. Many 5 star hotels in Phuket actually charge somewhere around that price for a pad thai. But alas, It is possible for them to get their pad thai fix in an actual restaurant with full service for only 60baht just around the corner from Central patong. As noted earlier, 30baht gets you a good pad thai(or choice of many other thai dishes) at the Terminal 21 foodhall, in one of the most expensive parts of Bangkok. It drives huge crowds of thais and tourists through that mall all day and night 7 days a week. Wonder why they haven’t figured out that type of business model here yet.
  2. I agree on that farang food place. I took a look at the foodcourt there on Wednesday night around 6pm and only thing that looked interesting/different & fairly priced were some of the farang foods at that one specific farang food vendor. The rest of the foodcourt vendors offered standard thai foodcourt items, but IMO their prices were at-least DOUBLE what could be considered a fair price for mall foodcourt food in Thailand. They also offered (unneeded) repeats of relatively pricey MK, Pizza Company, Zen Japanese, and Red Chopsticks Chinese in the basement area. The beef burger joint also seemed relatively expensive for beef burgers. Perhaps thats why there was not a soul to be seen eating there.
  3. Check facebook groups. there are several groups for Phuket that offer everything(cars, condos, houses, items etc) for rent/sale in Phuket. put your request on there and you will be inundated with offers.
  4. Ask the airport security to check the CCTV footage. If she believes she had been pickpocketed inside the airport there would liekly be cctv footage. perhaps the phone dropped out of her purse somewhere along the way, or placed it down somehere and forgot about it. did she call her number to see if someone answered? If it was an iphone, did she check “find my phone” online? Did she check the lost and found at the airport, or with the taxi company(if she took a taxi)?
  5. Thanks for the review. It sounds like the developer wasted an opportunity to make something significantly new/different/needed in Patong. i wonder what the pricing is like in the foodcourt? A big clean cheap airconditioned foodcourt could have been a winner in that mall, in the basement floor or top floor. As an example, the huge cheap & clean & air-conditioned foodcourt on the top floor of the Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok is considered by many as a Thai foodlovers paradise. It is packed with both Thais and locals all day and night. It draws in huge crowds to that mall and keeps it alive. Almost all thai dishes are only 30-40 baht each. Compare that to the 100-150 baht thai dishes in the jungceylon foodcourt. Also there is no international “fast fashion” brands in Patong. An H&M, Uniqlo, Forever 21 would draw in big crowds. Sounds like they didn’t include any of those either?
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