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  1. Thailand's adult literacy rate is over 90%. Incidentally, can you read the sign? Rooster
  2. As the translator I explained who he was in the story because I suspected many of the Thaivisa clientele would not know him. Had it been Vera Lynn I wouldn't have needed to.... Rooster
  3. Oh, I don't know. Sitting in a karaoke lounge and having to listen to crooners is up there. Rooster
  4. I was a bit confused by your post. In your second paragraph are you referring to Thailand or the UK? Rooster
  5. I am glad you enjoy my writing. I usually don't need spellcheck but I favor American spellings. Glad to see that the Arabs use bum guns too. Like burping after meals that is very civilized. Rooster
  6. I thought it was very exciting and very fair. COYS!! Rooster
  7. I suggest that Big Joke is reassigned to Big C to make sure that Colin does not get up to too much motorized mischief. Rooster
  8. If we ever meet would you mind wai-ing rather than shaking hands? Thanks. Rooster
  9. I bought one for my sister in England. She uses it for cleansing the bowl but I put it to great use on my visits especially after a vindaloo from the local Indian. The cold water does wonders for the inherent "ring heat". Rooster
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