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  1. It is simple to find out the real name even address of anyone these days esp if they go online. Anyone with malice aforethought can have such information in minutes. Rooster
  2. Try as I might I am struggling with the problem in that picture. Do the trees need to be cut down or something? Rooster
  3. Nigerians in particular are brilliant at Scrabble but I wouldn't want to assign intelligence to the game. I am, after all, rather good at it..... Rooster
  4. On the contrary. They probably say the police and courts an awful lot of time and expense. I love 'em, a bit like the Thai version of public floggings, so much more civilized. Rooster
  5. Thanks very much for reading. Another 216 await you in the archive, done on the previous 216 Sundays since 2016 when I began working at Thaivisa as a translator. By the way I don't claim to be clever. And if you really read this week's offering and grasped its meaning you might have appreciated the number of times I professed my ignorance and put myself down. Try it! Rooster
  6. You misunderstood, probably due to my poor wording.When I said it was my word I meant that in the original story that I translated myself I decided to use that word. It is indeed a great Scrabble word though I am yet to get to play it. Thanx for reading. Rooster
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