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  1. Approaching forty years in Thailand I think never shown my passport except doing normal admin. I carry a tiny laminated face page bit in my wallet but generally use Thai driver's license for all admin purposes. Rooster
  2. What sort of insurance do the clubs have for any of their players? Rooster
  3. I taught English to housekeeping staff at the Regent around 1985/86. The use of the staff canteen and "yesterday's" pastries meant it was unnecessary to eat elsewhere! Rooster
  4. I stand corrected. Can't remember if I have ever eaten in that one. I've probably had an average of one Mc a week for the last 30 years. Never once upset my stomach unlike some places I could mention. Rooster
  5. I wouldn't put them in the army. That might lead to a political career. Rooster
  6. To stop these charlatans I think it is time for a new approach. I suggest GrabMonk. Rooster
  7. Perhaps you haven't heard of the new letters for the police in Thailand BJP Rooster
  8. Calling someone fat in Thailand is not an insult really. In fact it is often a compliment. Why else would so many people have the nickname (Uan) (fat). Rooster
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