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  1. They were cheap about five or six years ago, but not now. Everyone is either 'panic-buying' their once 'dream' car or, reliving their mis-spent youth. However, you can't drive fast anymore in Oz - cops and speed cameras are everywhere. Fines are astronomical. That being said, I'd prefer to drive in Oz, or anywhere else really, than ever drive again in LOS.
  2. I agree - when I came back to OZ with my Thai family 8 years ago my then 90 y.o. dad gave us one of these, assuming that this is a Mitsubishi Magna V6 - we drive it every day. Most reliable car I have ever owned and, it has 225K kms on it !
  3. Lastly, since the demise of Ford and Holden, who closed their Australian factories about two years ago, prices of older model Australian icon cars have simply skyrocketed. They are better than any investment I have ever made. It is not unusual for someone to pay AUD $15K or more, for just a rusting body with original but worn-out running gear, that is sitting in a paddock. A friend just paid $70K for a nice 1964 EH Holden - and it is not a super-car, just a sedan.
  4. In 1971, at the age of 19 & during the Vietnam War, I bought a brand new 4 door Ford Falcon XW GTHO Phase 2 sedan for cash - it was about AUD $4,800 on the road. A group of my army friends all bought the same sort of vehicle - a few bought Holden V8s, but most of us bought the Ford GT or GTHO (grand touring, handling option). Mine came with the 351 cubic inch 'Cleveland' engine and four speed gearbox. For those naysayers on here who will never get to experience such an awesome beast, try these stats. It came with a 36 imperial gallon fuel tank (about 45 US gallons ?) and when hard thumped/
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