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  1. We are in lockdown here in Oz and after years as a teacher in C Mai, I am home-schooling our daughter. By comparison with LOS, we have it great with pure, clean, air. I am not a great fan of our PM, but he has shown himself to be well up to the task in leading Oz during a wartime situation. No alcohol ban here - that would only cause WW4. I am stocked up anyway - just came back from the supermarket in our little country town (I was one of very few wearing a mask) with 2 cartons of my favourite beer (Tooheys) - 30 cans to a box, cost about 1000 baht in total. It's actually on special ! The big surprise (still no toilet paper after six weeks) was they got a load of tins of mushy peas (from the UK) and are knocking them out at 30 baht ($1.50 Oz) a tin. Locals here don't know what they are ! Wifey was happy - only 5 Thais in this town so the asian food section was chockers and I got all the things she needed. They are talking here that this lockdown could go on longer than six months. Hope not ...
  2. You have my condolences also Dot. I lost a friend in a similar accident in Chiang Mai in the 1990's. Long-time CM expats may remember Aussie "Blue" (real name Lloyd) who died near Hang Dong, when the propellor failed on his paraglider. These paragliders seem popular in Thailand and I regularly saw a couple of them fly over our house when we lived in Saraphi. Sadly for your brother, there is an element of danger in adventure sports. RIP Dennis.
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