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  1. I think that a line from my all-time favourite movie, "The Magnificent Seven" covers this situation quite well. Calvera (the Mexican thief and outlaw) says to Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen "we have a saying here" (in Mexico) - "a thief who steals from a thief, is banned for a thousand years". Could be a bit of a worry in LOS, especially if you believe in reincarnation. Certainly, back in 1995 when I was dating a C Mai lass and her younger brother had just become a cop in Lamphun, she asked me if I could help him 'to get kitted out' as his first salary was only about 6 thousand baht a month. Od
  2. My post on this topic was deleted by the mods and perhaps rightly so, but for the record, I never had any intention to suggest any conspiracy about C-19 reporting in LOS. Quite the opposite. I speak to folks there very day - I think it is a non-event in LOS. My post was more about how safe the system here in Oz is going at the moment, but I do accept the mods decision, as my post could have been misconstrued. I was talking about the MIL being ill at age 70 in CM and having 5 vials of blood taken today. I have since managed to get Mrs P off the 'games on her mobile' and, she called her mum in C
  3. As lujanit has said, I can assure you all on TV that (apart from Victoria which is run by an idiot) Oz has its sh*t together pretty much re C -19. I am in a small country town in Nthn NSW, about a hundred miles south of Brisbane. No virus here - but our friend's half Thai daughter age 8 got sent home from our daughters' school yesterday with a fever and a runny nose (not been out of town for 9 months) and has to get a Covid test and 'safe' result before being allowed to return to school. There has not been a case within hundreds of kms from here. No masks - no social distancing. Like another p
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