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  1. They do this with monotonous regularity in LOS, - I'm convinced it is to upset all the farang's who shop there. Don't worry - they do it here in Australia too. I went to a Woolworths this week & the entire place had been re-shuffled. After 5 minutes, I just gave up and complained to a supervisor - she said "we have a new boss from South Africa, take it up with him - we hate it too". That bloke won't last long, as Aussies HATE change. I stick to Coles here - they are too lazy to change anything.
  2. Backhand ad forehand. According to the Thai missus' friends in LOS, who once ran a good business in Kaosarn Road (we are in Oz, but she chats with them daily) - LOS is "stuffed" without tourists and will remain so, perhaps for years. They are barely surviving, selling basic foodstuffs in front of their house in BKK & are also 'sh*t scared of getting any dodgy vax for covid, as they "don't trust the current administration". Hmm. Neither does the wife either it seems - she says "Oz is MY home now - forget that other place, 'cos we aren't taking MY daughter there ever, whilst covid is still a
  3. Am I right in assuming that our illustrious Oz govt doesn't give a rats' rectum about those living in LOS ? Am I even surprised ?
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