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  1. 9 minutes ago, sas_cars said:


    1, Substantially short and cheap if you are married to a thai. Total 3 years on WP and pay taxes on 40K/month salary

    2, Substantially long and expensive if not married to thai. First step is 3 years on WP and pay taxes on 80k/month salary to get eligible for PR. After applying PR, may take any where from 3-6 years to receive PR status. Once receiving PR status, wait 5 more years to be eligible for applying thai citizenship. All this period still have to be employed on WP and keep paying taxes on 80K/month salary. Add up all above years and altogether it will be within 15-20 years to get your thai citizenship after starting your 80k/month job in thailand.





    not that bad for a married person


    So if you married and pay tax, got WP, its around 3 years to get thai passport?



  2. 22 hours ago, maoro2013 said:

    Lived there  for 27 years until two years ago.


    The World Bank rates Port Moresby as one the most dangerous cities in the world.


    Do not venture out at night unless you know exactly where you are going, and never on foot. Choose venues with security and where you can park your vehicle in a compound.


    wow 27 years, what u been doing there?



  3. I would strongly advise against visiting Papua New Guinea its very uncivillised your wife would be a rape target and you maybe be forced to watch. Yes thats how uncivillised they are, its like going back in time to the Planet of the Apes and it has nothing to offer a tourist.

    Yeh got that figured already.
    Shame I thought they got civilized a bit with time, looks like not so much.

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  4. Been a long time since I was there for a week to visit a mine up in the mountains. Stayed several days in Port Moresby hotel (forgot the name, it was very forgettable). Advised not to go outside at night but took a very wild taxi ride to another hotel a bit up in the hills. Vehicle was a small pickup with a truly wild and reckless driver, apparently just out of the bush. Had the good fortune to be there for the indepencence day celebration which had a huge gathering of groups from the various tribes. Very colorful and happy crowd with abundance of grass skirts, tattoos, ritual body paints. Yes, the mud men were there, just like in the brochures.


    Cannot recommend the place unless you really want something extremely different.



    Need to research more on safety


    Looks like no go


  5. I have been there ,but it was 40 years ago,like stepping back in time,
    natives queuing at the bank,arse grass,stone axes,and all the paraphernalia, 
    bird of paradise feathers,that was Mount Hagen,it was reputed to be quite
    dangerous then, most houses in Port Moresby had high fences topped with  
    barbed wire,to protect them from the "Rascals", as criminals were called.
    But we never experienced any problems,you had to report to the police
    whenever you went out of the main towns,but i suppose like most places
    in the World things have gone down hill,just pleased I visited when I did,
    like so many other places,would not like to return as they will have changed
    so much,and not for the better.
    regards Worgeordie

    Google tells me its bit touristic place now but still pretty much authentic deal

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  6. Hi, I am in process of planing holiday for next year, I want to take gf to some western country, as we visited few asian places already, so something for a change and want she see something different.


    Now I am from EU so I am good with visas.


    My gf is 28, own company, house, 2 condos, commercial bulding (mortgages), car and my bike in her name. She employs people.


    She got few mil in her bank acc, so she can show statements and that.


    Would that be enough to get visa? I know its tough, but with all that she should be orite right?


    Do she need flight booked before apply for visa? (which is no good if she get refused)


    How to sort it out?, never been to AUS myself.



    I also think multi country flight and visit New Zeland, or Papua New Guinea (need more research on that one)


    Any info welcome, thank you




  7. Hi
    What I needed to show
    DNA report that I am the biological father
    (Bangkok Police hospital take 2 months actually got it back in one month
    you have to attend with the child, mother and yourself all at the same time
    5000 THB per person makes 15000 THB
    the take pictures and mouth swap of all 3 three)
    birth certificate
    the id card of the child (is an A4 your girlfriend know which one that is)
    visa pages
    departure card
    house address proof of report 
    90 day report slip
    bankbook of the account you claim to have 400.000 TBH on going back at least 3 months if short to be sure take the old bankbook one too
    letter of the bank for the statement of the 400.00 THB 
    All copies you provide have to be signed by you.
    pictures of you and the child  doing things in natural action and show you have interaction
    pictures of the house outside around and the house inside
    pictures of you and the child with the house number
    pictures of you the child and the family members
    pictures of you the child and people in the street. (just be smart to make this one too it is not needed but they like too see)
    copies of the house book I needed to show all pages.
    if you have the court order that is it our legitimate child (in thai)
    if you have the registration of the court order that it is your legitimate child and registered at the registration of the Ampure
    copy of the Id of the mother(girl friend)
    you have to show in person and the child as well the mother in my case
    not forget to take with you the originals of the copies you have provided they can ask about it
    they checked the account and the saving book for the period of the 400.000 THB it was on the account
    and if you really have  400 000k THB on the bank you not have to worry at all 400 million they will even provide the special Investor Visa. ;-) I think you refer to 400 K THB

    Are u on birth cert.
    Last time I didn't have to show any DNA tests for a single visa.

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