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  1. Talking about not being the brightest spark......
    I  know I'll have met many more Thai young men than you. I've worked here for 31 years and some of that time was working in technical colleges, universities and correctional facilities. 
    You couldn't be farther from the truth. Most Thais avoid confrontation and use violence as the last resort.
    Where do you live, out of interest?

    Thats cuz they cowards?

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  2. 35 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    A multiple entry non-o visa allow unlimited 90 day entries for a year.

    You have to balance the 60 day extensions since you will want to do an entry on or before the enter before date on the visa to get another 90 days. For example first 90 day entry plus a 60 day extension them 90 days from a new entry and a 60 extension gives you about 10 months. Then a new entry for 90 days but you would only have about 2 months to go out for a new 90 day entry to get the most from your visa.



    Thats orite better then single.


    All clear thanks

  3. 11 hours ago, elviajero said:

    You can extend any 90 day permission to stay from either a single or multiple entry non immigrant visa. That said, as you are not married, you will only be allowed to extend for 1 year if your are the legal father. If you are not the legal father you can only extend by 60 days.


    okay, so my situation is, im not married, but i am on birth cert. I know im not "legal father", in this situation I be never able to extend it for 12 months? I mean even future visas?



  4. 1 hour ago, elviajero said:

    If you entered using a single entry non immigrant visa you are eligible to apply for a 1 year extension.

    Here is a list of what is likely to be asked for if applying for a 60 day extension to visit your child:-

    • Your child will need to go with you.
    • Form TM.7
    • Original birth certificate plus signed copy.
    • Signed copy of your child's Tabien Baan (if available).
    • Signed copies of your passport pages: ID page, visa, entry stamp, departure card.
    • 1 x photo 6 x 4.
    • Maybe they will want form TM.30. This is the form used by the Owner/House-master to report that you are staying with them.
    • 1,900 baht.

    thats confusing now

    cuz i got this visa from penang


    its single entry and initial entry was for 3 months and i was told i can extend it by 2 months / 60 days not 1 year


    i think multiple entry you can extend for 1 year



  5. i remember seeing A LOT of these "visa services" and always wondered about them. they seemed too good to be true, BUT, now that I think about it.....I used one in Vietnam and it worked fine. I scared the guy by taking his picture, smiling as I said, "Just in case I never see you again." But I know the visa runs to Laos and Myanmar so I wouldn't use one...

    There are thousands of scams...it's funny, I left my glasses at an agent's place and hours later I went back and the 150 USD sunglasses were there. so i used them for cambodia and i got scammed at the border for about 50 bucks (on cambodia border, but i blame everyone). actually, i only blame myself. idiot. it was money exchange. looked so fake and i fell for it....idiot, again.

    There are a lot of Visa services -- that are OK to use, they have operated for years....I have used them in the past for different reasons----I dot have to now. There was a thread on here, that was stopped---because although many of these places are not issuing fake visa's its still not 100% legal to go through them & not the IM-office.

    Many people use them for the 1 year extension as they don't have the required funds in the bank, & also a pension (from some countries doesn't cover the amount)....

    I can not quite get a grip on the OPs story--some of it is a little odd--but he wont be in the BKK Hilton.

    56 days ? what embassy is he with?. Has a charge been brought.? Has he made any appearance in court ?

    yeh he said to me bkk hilton but he mean some sort of prison, so i guess IDC, but 56 days is true, wherever he was.

    he is busy now running to lawyers so hard to get hold of him to get any info

    but story is geniue

  6. Man got visa from agents in Thailand, and after 2 weeks got arrested outside his condo, locked in police cell and then did 56 days in Bangkok Hilton, now on bail waiting court case.

    Just out of the blue, he was arrested in front of his condo?


    Was acting suspicious because he knew he had a fake stamp?


    The police were specifically looking for this guy with a fake visa?

    they came to arrest him, they knew it

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