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  1. OP, what did your friend get arrested for to do 56 days in the Hilton?

    Usually if it is just an immigration issue he would be held in the IDC.

    And not released on bail.

    he was arrested for visa, that was issued 2 days before him to some canadian, spend 2 days in police station then 56 in prison

    it was tourist visa not extension of stay

  2. If he lost his passport he could, report the loss to the police, get an emergency travel document, leave the country asap paying any overstay fine, and get a new passport/visa before re-entering Thailand.

    He could report the agent to the police and take his chances with the legal system, but at the very least he's likely to be detained until deported.

    States he is on bail, so his name must ring some bells when he tries to leave.

    they kept passport

  3. Hi, will ask on behalf of someone.

    Man got visa from agents in Thailand, and after 2 weeks got arrested outside his condo, locked in police cell and then did 56 days in Bangkok Hilton, now on bail waiting court case.

    Visa was issued to someone else 2 days before, so it was some kind of copy.

    He didnt know what he was doing, he thought its all legit, and agents were recommended to him.

    Whats his chances? What he should do?

  4. Hi got an non O for a baby with thai.

    Its single entry so in august i go for 2 months extension.

    Whats the requirements in Jomtien?

    I was told I need bring gf and 1 year old baby with me to show we happy fam.

    Its long queues there will I be served without waiting due being with baby?

    I dont mind waiting but its torture for baby and she might cry and that.

    Do I need show bank book again?

    Take birth cert.?

    Thanks in advance

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