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  1. Then they will have to supply housing to all the 1000's of people who work in the capital now. I can see this costing 100's of billions and the corruption will be enormous
  2. Did tot ever about the way they treat foreigners, with their dual pricing, immigration regulations, and the exchange rate have anything to do with lower tourist numbers.. i think not, blame it on the global economy or anything else except there fumb regulations. What us???? It cant be us, must be something to blame
  3. It takes much work, special dieting, low carb, high protein, no alchol. It starts in your brain and works its way down to your abs. You need a lot of will power unless you are geneticly gifted and by the sound of your body tone you are not one of the chosen few. Good luck
  4. They always think they are so clever. The outside world must think the Thai government is playing in a sandbox with these stupid promotions
  5. Why not scrap the TM 30 and keep the TM 6. According to the article the TM 6 is rarely looked at once its stored in a warehouse. So why keep it if its never looked at ??????
  6. My question is why didn't the DSI start working on it 5 years ago when Billy first disappeared. Who ever told the authorities where the barrel was located knows more about the disappearance.
  7. If the inspectors got out from behind their desks and did more field inspections they could avoid these problems
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