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  1. Hopefully no Tourists will be electrocuted in the shower..
  2. The only thing i estimate to get realized within 5 years of time is: Infrastructure improvements for IT. Cost 500 million baht.
  3. I dont know this bunch but i see a group of males and females and in various ages and with various hairstyles. Looks already very refreshing
  4. Set a maximum of one rai of land per foreigner. That would boost their housing market. But these folks had 6 years to change update their property laws and did do nothing at all except killing the property market further
  5. To estimate something isn’t something that thai people in general are very good at imho.
  6. In last years visa procedures have only become more complicated and so the majority of foreigners have already left to more welcoming places. Instead of easing visas just stop to build condos .
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