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  1. What’s the link between Indian males and Thai ladyboys?
  2. Yes most likely the assets will not become ur problem so don’t worry.
  3. Who says u have to retire in a country for the rest of ur life? Check out Panama Vietnam Phillipines etc much more interesting rotating Countries then staying 20 years in Kong Khaeng for example in some back street appartment.
  4. Race that might be an optimistic word. Anyway I rarely go to Rawai so yeah will seldom use that tunnel it should have had a Kata exit as well in mho.
  5. Know several guys staying there for years on a simple tourist visa with no border runs!
  6. Lets say i drive from central to chalong then at the tunnel i need to go to Kata do i take the tunnel then or?
  7. Where in Patong is that new central located ?
  8. My situation i got low T its been measured 3x in several clinics and besides that i recently found out that i have high prolactine level. soon i be back to clinic to find out what has caused my hormones to be out of balance. I been to several clinics and all said I should start with TRT but sofar I haven’t done anything..i still hope by lowering my prolactin level it will restore my T levels?.. Anyway here my question has TRT suplementation affected in anyway ur flaccid size? Smaller same bigger are the 3 options.
  9. Go to the building u prefer then look for an agent on site or if not there then ask some residents at the building about rental options..
  10. This is devastating. So no drunk ladyboys will surrounding me and smearing colorful paint kinda substances over my face? All folks will be sober in Soi Bukaw?
  11. Its confusing the people in the picture are the good guys or the bad guys?
  12. After living a while in Asia made me come up with this viewpoint: The nasty pedestrian can not afford a motorcycle himself therefore he has to walk and so since the motorcycle driver obviously has much more money then the poor pedestrian in this case the pedestrian is the one to blame here how dare the pedestrian fill up space on the pavement and intentionally blocking the innocent rich motorist?
  13. Nop often they serve a longer sentence in Europe.. Here they are out quicker even in some cases killers have been released within 3 years time.
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