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  1. Why was it denied? again foreigners hopping over to elsewhere meanwhile they now want pubs to be longer open. for me it doesn’t add up anymore
  2. Hua hin used to be full with farang golf players i guess they have already left a while ago.
  3. Ask any Hua hin taxi ,restaurant, hotel, condo developer owner how their business is compared with 3 years ago! Its dead and hardly anyone profits these Chinese group tours
  4. Ask taxidrivers ask developers ask restaurant staff ask hotel staff.. Ask how their business is and overall happiness!
  5. Easy the chinese have a guide walking infront with a flagpole in hand. Anyway most aren’t Chinese just ordinary Thais.
  6. No this place has lost its momentum. Even the bar girls went back to isarn.
  7. Charging unaware foreigner tourists 900 Euros fine for smoking an E cigarette in a street under the treat of 2 years jail seem an interesting business model to me. But as always there is a flip side to that coin.
  8. Recently there was a comparison tread about Sihanoukville and so why not we do another one but now between Pattaya versus NaDang in vietnam both are coastal cities. I like Pattaya as for me its a compact city with lots to do but since visa procedures becoming much of a nuisance therefore i am starting to shop around for other destinations to spend my time at. Each time i google about Vietnam than NaDang frequently comes up so i getting more curious about this city. All input welcome..Here is a nice Vlog about prices in NaDang.
  9. Honestly its been more then 10 years ago since i visited Sihanoukeville but already i liked the relaxed atmosphere back then. Good beaches, night life, beach clubs, umbrellas, sun beds, foods. people were able speak ok English but all together the place was really behind with Pattaya. Now 10 years later lots has changed with Sihanoukeville plenty of foreign investments , improved infrastructure, many new condominiums coming up, shopping malls, lots of casinos etc. Visa procedures i assume less complicated as presented in Thailand. Here some things i found on google about Sihanoukeville : Can foreigners buy condos in Sihanoukville? Foreigners can buy units from condominiums via strata titles. It’s a type of ownership designed for multi-level apartment blocks with shared areas. A foreigner can buy up to 70% of the units, provided that the units aren’t located on the ground floor. This provision on not owning property on the ground floor might change soon though as there have been talks of giving Sihanoukville a special status that would allow foreigners to buy land. Whether this only applies to land or includes grounded units or properties remains to be seen. https://buildangkor.com/ Have a look at this link its all about new Condominiums coming up in Sihanoukeville. Has anyone recently moved to Sihanoukeville? What is the experience? How is that town nowadays? I understand that it has a controversial image but so has Pattaya. All input welcome.
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