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  1. Destiny1990

    Farang Lesbian Women in Chiang Mai

    Any ladyboys that don’t pay attention to you? If so how would u define them?
  2. Aren’t airbnb property owners in Thailand basically criminals?
  3. In this story the irresponsible dog owner is the scumbag.
  4. Weird no samurai swords involved.
  5. Destiny1990

    Farang Lesbian Women in Chiang Mai

    So all women that don’t pay attention to you are lesbians? Or more likely your just less hansum then what u are believing?
  6. His story is easy to check and get the real culprits but maybe not lol.
  7. Destiny1990

    New Nordic

    I think the only way to find this out is to buy in each project a 4 M bht unit and let us know in ten years how it has worked out for the achieved rental returns and the actual resale value of the 2 properties .
  8. I will tell you what to do with this matter but first i need to see a picture of the culprit.
  9. Seems a professional tourist Residence burglar. Destroying tourists their holidays. once he is out he will just continue.
  10. Destiny1990

    Video shows Middle Eastern man attacking Thai massage girl

    He doesn’t seems to like their flower vase pressure point massage.
  11. Destiny1990

    New Nordic

    Good post. yes only on their leasehold units they give 10% rental returns and a buy back option. It is a good way for them to get rid of these units for high sales prices. personally i never get an impression their buildings have an high occupancy rate at all very often it looks empty. Curious to read comments from folks who did bought therre.
  12. Sadly that school its directors and that nasty teacher are probably so poorly educated themselves that they cannot even read our opinions here in English. Everything that school did and stands for is wrong and immoral.
  13. 5 x a week boom boom with her to be honest i rather watch porn.
  14. He killed his stepfather got jail 3 years only. Maybe for raping his mother just a fine for this scumbag.