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  1. TAT will probably do a thai dance performance at the hospital bed of the foreigner all together with a Central Department store 500 bht gift voucher.
  2. Fyi i lost 22 kilograms in 12 months time just by eating from 13:00-19:30. Nowadays I basically eat 2 meals a day barely any alchohol and or unhealthy snacks. I still doing it till this day but in last few months my weight stayed the same which is fine. Its 82 kg and length is 186 cm as before i was 102 kg. I been intermittent fasting since about 15 months now.
  3. What year will the rest of the thais get their vaccine?
  4. The cop will likely Wai his way out of this misunderstanding maybe he throws in some 500 Bht gift vouchers from Central department store.
  5. Its big money for just chasing out some stray dogs who enjoy the shade.
  6. Seems vaccines are declared safe once there is a stock.
  7. The poll doesn’t mention if local stray dogs should also get vaccinated before foreigners?
  8. Tm30 submitting remains still very important for security I guess? foreigners with proof of vaccine still need it? Why Locals don't need this app?
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