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  1. Any photos? I might have sone free-time to help you with this problem.
  2. In the rest of the world they starting with the elderly aged folks downwards. I understand from this guy that a 20 year old thai person gets vaccinated before a 75 year old farang.. Very glad that I’m living elsewhere!!
  3. Better throw in some straight forward and simply pay and stay long-term visa plans with it.
  4. To resolve the issue, the agencies suggested delaying the launch of the Phuket mass transit system until 2030. “If we work on the construction of the public transport project and the Patong tunnel project, which are currently planned to open in 2026 and 2028 respectively, at the same time, the construction will affect the traffic on the island very much,” he said. How about the elevated mono rail in Pattaya still going on
  5. Yeah it changed for the worse, and nowadays not even any vaccine for these foreigners jobless retirees. Luckily most left already long time ago. The writing was on the wall.
  6. No fences against these dangerous dirty stray dogs? Benches, tables, shades?
  7. So not much hope then for these jobless foreigners or maybe they think that the extra vitamin D is going to protect them from Corona?
  8. Outdoor mask wearing will do more harm then good especially if its super hot temperature. Just stay on 1,5 meters from others.
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