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  1. Sweden no Lockdown, no face masks, no closing of anything schools , restaurants etc all stayed normally open.. Why Spain with their full Super tight lockdown and mandatory Face-masks has been hit much more badly then sweden?
  2. The face shield Is the better choice but many countries are without any masks and they are still doing ok if keep a distance and stay home if feel sick.
  3. Smoking bad for virus so 5000 bht fine. How about inhaling polluted burned air from farmer land clearings and toxic fumes from old diesel vehicle engines ?
  4. Exactly what’s the difference between a closed and an open beach ? I wasn’t aware krabhi has also an Hilton hotel and a viewtalay 6 condominium just like in Pattaya ?
  5. Maybe it was bail 100k anyway she was in jail some days.. this situation looks way worse.
  6. Seems they hired the wrong architect for this job. If these pipes were 2 meters lower then nobody would have ever noticed. Last year a Russian woman got 100 k fine and 2 nights police station at phuket for feeding fishes bread crumbs in the sea how does that relate to this picture?
  7. Hi so how does that food look after taking out of the slow cooker ? Any photos?
  8. Would you like me go to your fiancee and give her a fruit basket out of ur name ?
  9. At least Shihanoukville has a masterplan and real estate prices went up in recent years. While Pattaya went further down hill
  10. since some years there was a downtrend and especially this corona thing has nearly extinct all farang long staying expats in Pattaya !!
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