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  1. Well in case of a “retirement” there will always be the Legacy of that smartly engineered bicycle lane in Bangkok and that traditional style thai flower market.
  2. While first it was Thailand demanding from foreign visitors corvid insurances, vaccinations, quarantines, testings, etc but now other countries are demanding prior to their arrival the thais to be vaccinated. Guess they never saw that ball coming.
  3. Good news by the end of August the ... ....... .. ...... roll out..
  4. Around Bangla road and Walking-street and Nana-plaza some people around there will get a vaccine so nothing to worry about and the heat of the sun will do the rest.
  5. Well they have increased recently the speed on the highway’s, so they are very serious now about this problem.
  6. As I said before they probably choose to reduce visa requirements for us from going to submit 265 signed photocopies into submitting 264 signed photocopies.
  7. Nice post but you said you have lived in Bangkok but you can not live in Medellin because of the pollution?
  8. Try this : MED3000 is a topical gel applied directly to the head (glans) of the penis for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction ("ED"). MED3000 is a unique formulation of DermaSys® using volatile solvent components specifically tailored for the treatment of ED. MED3000 is a treatment applied directly to the head (glans) of the penis and massaged for 15 seconds. Patients or their partners can apply the gel directly to the man’s p
  9. @Jingthing personally i like to see that you just pack up, finalize a new country and regularly update us from ur new surroundings.
  10. Gosh could be because Vietnam Cambodia and Phillipines happily welcomed these dissatisfied long term staying foreigners in Thailand.
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