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  1. How about giving away free eggs to the hungry?
  2. While I admit U-turns are not the best method of allowing cars to change directions... they don't actually kill anyone, idiots kill themselves !
  3. The government should sell any and all holdings within Thai airlines and let it run without the influence that killed it to start with !
  4. 20% you might be closer... good luck with domestic tourism, you won't rip off Thais so easily.
  5. And I'm sure the gates will be opened soon... touting the "amazing safe Thailand" we promise not to drown you, kill you on the roads, poison you with rotten food, rip you off on transport, or give you Corona 19 back. The only wave we want is the Chinese wave of tourists, never mind the quality we want quantity!
  6. I'm sure the top tier premma donnas can afford a cut, maybe flog off the odd Ferrari or Roller to off-set things! The lower end of the table I do feel sorry for.
  7. We hold your family silver for a while and you give us %%%%%?
  8. The people suffer while the fat cats cream off the money.
  9. Both at fault, pedestrian gives the bike no chance to stop, she raises her hand and steps right into them. Having said that the bike was not going to stop for her either which is normal.. Standing in the middle of the road to get halfway across is normal, but if you walk into the path of a vehicle then expect an accident to happen.
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