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  1. The international world must be looking in on Thailand thinking just what the hell are they doing. Myanmar, Cambodia & now Thailand... other Asean members must be wondering who they've got next door !
  2. My my my, if it wasn't for the fact that i stepped outside this morning & everyone was still speaking Thai i'd swear I woke up in Cambodia with Hun Sen as leader. Same goes with the fabricated election in Myanmar... military still have the power ! Thailand is slipping backwards into martial law!
  3. So he'll be back out on the road again after paying thee fine then !!
  4. I'm sure all riders/drivers are "tooled up these days" is it actually safe to be out in public anymore?
  5. Yep blame the innocent bike rider for not avoiding a stupid idiot in a truck doing another death defying U turn !!
  6. Two reasons why nothing will ever change... Thais don't think they have to have licences or obey road regulations! Police who just take a road-side tip and allow offenders to carry-on !
  7. Viagra only helps with what's down below... it can't cure what's missing upstairs !! The guys a sex pest end of story...
  8. but she said he was an alcoholic and a chronic gambler, just two of many social issues that lead to tragedy
  9. Generally speaking foreigners don't do as they please on the roads, but follow/copy what they see on a daily basis by Thai road users. The answer is simple: it's not how do we deal with foreigners on Thai roads, it should be how do we implement the ample traffic laws in place now to anyone offending on the road !!
  10. Neither was the Win taxi rider who was videoed standing on his motorcycle going down the road just a fine !! Not condoning what they did was right but lets keep a level playing field !
  11. The reason why Thailand has so many generals is simple - Thai generals are promoted in bunch, those who graduated from the same class and service in similar post from the same period are always promoted together (like Japanese officers in WWII). That’s why there are always a bunch of generals, most of them are not in command of any unit and served an advisory role to their senior. The reason they have been using this practice of over employing generals is due from the Cold War era. When the threats of the communist invasion was highest and the CPT (Communist Party of Thailand) was still active, it was expected that the general who took command of the troops would be among the casualties when a large scale operation was conducted. And so a lot of officers were recruited at once from the same class, if the commanding general got killed, another quickly took his place and keep the fight going on. Even now, the military academy class is still very important. Political factions between the green-men is usually determined by the ‘class’ they belong in. Some are more influential than another and some are know to support one or another politicians. They are more loyal to their classmate than most other allegiance. So it is very reasonable that they are promoted in batch even though most of them don’t hold any true power. And that’s likely why Thai military command structure looks very top heavy with so many generals without any division or fleet to command.
  12. Moral of the story being: "don't look down the pipe when the fuse is lit" !!!
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