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  1. You've got it in a nutshell.... Thai airline is not alone in the "I've got a masters degree" mentality as if it's something credible in the "no-fail" University system!
  2. I'll have to stop breathing in while I apply said powder to myself....
  3. Something real airlines do on a daily basis to stay competitive.. Thailand does it only when the mire has hit the fan !
  4. With no change in peoples daily habits, or changes made to polluters of all kinds why would we expect anything else than pollution to remain or even escalate?
  5. I would take offence at that statement.. it should read: ALL DIRECTORS.
  6. How in gods name do people like this attain a position of responsibility? [rhetorical question]
  7. I would stay well away from your neighbours bush.... the outcome could be worse than immigration visiting you.
  8. Chinese built for the Chinese tourist, all food/beverages/supplies will be shipped in from China as apposed to being locally sourced [unless from a Chinese supplier] all the revenue earned by the hotel will stay in Chinese pockets adding nothing to the local peoples benefit!
  9. Kindly go find a USA/Trump forum to spout your message.... leave me out of it. I'm in Thailand posting about Thailand on a Thai subject.... Stop hijacking my post so you can have a rant about another entirely different issue !
  10. Correction, the driver was trying to execute all the passengers in the back of the pick-up.
  11. Thailand has an even longer "culture of euthanasia" on Thai roads... good luck with changing millions of mind-sets !
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