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  1. But this is Thailand, profit comes before Elephants welfare !!
  2. Obviously not, he found the money on the 17th (Sunday) He was apprehended on Thursday... no intention of handing it back.
  3. Seems to be trending, this the real face of Thailand and social behaviour in meltdown, the divide in wealth means some have billions while others struggle to put rice on the table. The illustrious leader swans around looking like a tin pot god, he doesn't even care one bit ! I hope all the poor of this country come election time take their frustrations, anger & poverty to the voting box and get these morons back into the barracks where they belong and out of politics for good !!
  4. And Thailand quoting 50 ug/m3 as being safe !!!! THERE IS NO SAFE LIMIT !!! In fact W.H.O quote 50 ug/m3 as the upper limit for PM 10
  5. Too many words no-one will bother to read it. An image of a funeral pyre would have done better.
  6. Religion along with politics has probably killed more people in history than anything else! I gave up on both years ago.
  7. Not so sure about that in this case, why would the neighbour cough up 100,000 baht if they could say it was Soi dogs outside? Time for common sense to prevail & start to round-up strays & do something about these attacks.
  8. If the powers to be should be so stupid as to put him in jail for speaking openly then I think many voters who see the Junta as a manipulating power hungry mob will vote against them. Many of the young people are sick and tired of the monopoly that keeps them suppressed and Thailand in the third world, while the ruling elite enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Times are changing!
  9. If I was the father this is exactly what I would have said... after closing the door to keep them from stampeding out! Thank you all for coming to see my child who was almost mauled to death whilst innocently playing in a public place. While it's very considerate of you to offer to pay for costs that may go above the insurance cover I will be taking names of all officials who are here or responsible for public safety to see which or all of you will be the recipients of a claim for compensation or even those who could be sued personally for neglect of duty resulting in personal injuries to my child!! I think the "jolly" mood in the room would have gone sour somehow, as for the show of "thumbs" you know just where you can stick them !!!
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