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  1. Divining rods will be made available at a reasonable price.
  2. Sing, dance, have a beer, blow someones brains out... go home to mothers. Normal night out.
  3. The slogan should read... "drink & drive get 6 months in the pokey". Cause an accident get one year.. Injure someone get 2 years... Kill someone it's a manslaughter charge.
  4. A Thai doctor representing the health ministry... blah blah blah...
  5. They can't be kicked out if the receiving country has closed borders. Thailand should be thankful they have some that are still here and are spending money.
  6. So did she pass through a check point or not. Why was she not quarantined as all returning Thais are supposed to do? Someone ate that border check-point is about to get 6-lace holes. But I'll wager my last satang that everyone she came into contact with will test negative, and in the near future no other positives will emerge from CM
  7. A bit like the CP strategy, saturate the market with your own facilities, fill the shelves with your products. Become a cooperate giant and monopolise the market.
  8. My neighbours son works as a salesman for MG dealership, he say's they're rubbish. Cheaply made, everything is plastic, life expectancy is low. Even the service engineers hate them, the only good thing is you can buy cheap... but cheap is what you get. Better to buy a mid-ranged Honda.
  9. Do a history check to verify usage. Check dealership records for servicing. If the oil/filter has not been changed twice a year every 6mths regardless of mileage... don't buy it. Check all fluids not just water. Only a personal view... small engine with turbo is a recipe for disaster. [it strains the engine] Better to buy a larger CC non turbo engine. Other than that lift all the carpets, check under to see wear & tear, door handles, rubber on pedals, door seals, anything that will give-away signs of excessive use. Checks all the engine belts, timing belts/chains etc.
  10. I think the student movement should focus on core issues now, not to cloud everything and split views. Uniforms are way down the priority list of things that really matter. This just fragments peoples views.
  11. So four people who know what to do... all the others are in for a free ride.
  12. So a nice little arrangement for China, but if you wanted a Tesla... what price?
  13. So if you're working/resident in Phuket but have to travel the entire length of the country just to vote why not have an online/postal system?
  14. I never seemed to need to get a buzz out of a bottle of anything...
  15. You beat me to it... he'll be bending over more than he thinks soon.
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