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  1. Thailand was cheap a long time ago,pre 1997 it was less than B40 to £1 the way it's going now but things were cheaper but every country has inflation,but thailand isn't chap anymore,especially with everybody wants to rip you off,if you complain about them ripping you off they threaten YOU with the police,also with the changing of the visa requirements,a 12 month visa was easy to renew in penang or elsewhere but not for a few years now,now 6 month multiple entry visa's obsolete so you have to get the setv visa & extend at immigration then repeat, extortion comes to mind with the government, with the retirees on a worse note surviving on a meagre pension the government wants them to put all their money in thai banks knowing they're gonna be dead soon,makes you wonder where the bar girls got the idea to rip off farangs
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