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  1. I honestly wouldn’t know, if I had to make a choice, whether I’d live in mainland China or America.
  2. If there weren’t so many deaths in Sweden, it would be laughable that all the anti lockdown people were hailing it as being the way to go.
  3. Sorry I can’t provide a link, but I read somewhere that the British were going to introduce full democracy long before 1997, but for some reason got a lot of pushback from big business therefore they didn’t go ahead. I bet those big business are regretting that pushback now.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed here (other than Eric). however... the mainland is not going to bow to the pressures of anyone and will never give up in any respects of what they want to do with Hong Kong. The protestors could raze Hong Kong to the ground and the mainland would not even blink. The mainland could replace every single person in Hong Kong 188 times over. even if the proposals are not accepted - the mainland is going to continue to do whatever it wants. They will say one thing and do another. the British should have done more when they were running the place. the Americans acted too slowly to the threat of the South China Sea.
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