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  1. A GPU supplies electrical power only. If an aircraft needs Air conditioning and either doesn't have an engine running or an unserviceable APU, it will require separate dedicated external tubes connected to the packs. The smaller black cables are the electrical power, the big yellow / orange ones are for aircon.
  2. IATA is a global lobbying arm of the airlines. The claim of 1.2B travellers with no infections also forgets to mention that 1.2B weren't all tested. So they don't actually know. I want air travel to get back to normal more than anyone - but this all sounds like bs to me.
  3. Banks and developers are going to be doing everything in their power to keep prices from falling. the government also knows that a property collapse could be catastrophic to the economy. Some banks could fail. Massive domino effect. So there's many powerful entities behind the scenes doing their utmost to keep the price inflated. I'm sure there are many with very sharp pencils working out the break even point on all of that.
  4. They have an auxiliary power unit giving A/C and power to the aircraft. (small turbine you see at the back end of the aircraft) Over the years I believe it will be inevitable for many of the asian airlines to merge, similar to what happened in the Americas
  5. The point is she is rising to the challenges that have presented and done so incredibly well and the vast majority of New Zealanders obviously agree. I didn't say they were unusual or that she had made them issue. Whilst you lot are arguing "whataboutism" and what could have happened. "Well if things were all normal she would have done a terrible job" [sic] is the implication. Well they aren't and she didn't and you're still bad southing her. For what? Oh - and let's not forget a terrorist attack to add to the mix. ongoing earthquake threat: https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programme
  6. Right. So when you type in "New Zealand earthquakes" in google - literally nothing comes up.
  7. "So... apart from expertly dealing with volcanoes and an International pandemic virtually locking down the planet and an ongoing earthquake threat - she's just rubbish" [sic] you guys are off your meds.
  8. This is the way it should be. Rather than complaining that "Hollywood" doesn't do it the way they want - it's better they go and do it themselves. the amount of uneducated drivel from people complaining that Gal Gadot is culturally appropriating "Cleopatra" (new movie she will be starring in) - is pathetic. It's not incumbent on any one, anywhere to make a movie based on any thing.
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