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  1. You can’t stop anyone from eventually accessing the internet, games and everything that comes with the world these days. They will find a way regardless of what you do. Age appropriate preparedness is far better than trying to protect them from it. Parents should know their kids better than anyone and if they are capable of dealing with the content that is out there. If you’re not creating an environment in which your child feels comfortable talking to you - then you need to change your parenting techniques. If your children can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality or don’t know how to deal with people telling them to kill themselves, I would seek professional help.
  2. Probably taking it too far, but wouldn’t it technically be considered assault?
  3. Shouldn't Trump be declaring an International Emergency since the wall money was supposed to come from Mexico?
  4. Sounds as though he has gotten his way all his career and now that there is the suggestion he shouldn’t get what he wants he spits the dummy and reacts like a 7 year old. How these people get through the system to any high rank is beyond me.
  5. You posted the 4th post and then quoted yourself with post 5 and disagreed with yourself. I’ve seen people use sock puppets to troll - but never troll themselves.
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