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  1. Shouldn't Trump be declaring an International Emergency since the wall money was supposed to come from Mexico?
  2. Sounds as though he has gotten his way all his career and now that there is the suggestion he shouldn’t get what he wants he spits the dummy and reacts like a 7 year old. How these people get through the system to any high rank is beyond me.
  3. You posted the 4th post and then quoted yourself with post 5 and disagreed with yourself. I’ve seen people use sock puppets to troll - but never troll themselves.
  4. Passengers do like the a380. The problem is, as with the a340 before it, the airlines hate it. It didn’t come close to the efficiencies and lifting capability it was promised by airbus. I’m surprised it lasted this long.
  5. Requires user input. The more people do it, the more useful it will become. Did you add anything to it?
  6. Daredevil and the punisher were great. The rest pretty avaerage imo.
  7. There’s a few bike riding tours you can do. It was a nice day out. Safe and enough touristy things covered.
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