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  1. Can I ask what this is referring to? SWMBO is a TV poster? Or it’s a company that builds?
  2. Yes this may be the easiest thing to do. I have sent an email to the punpun people posted by MAF666, but highly doubt there will be anyone or group where the property is that can do a similar thing. I wouldn’t even know where to start looking. So I think the knockdown may be the best. Thanks for the picture and idea.
  3. I’m not too sure to be honest. I’ll try and attach the only picture I have. Apparently the roof leaks a lot so my girlfriends brother is going to buy some replacement (looks like corrugated iron to me for a few hundred baht and try and fix it). It has no electricity (they use candles for lighting and no fans), no water (walk to the nearest damn somewhere). The brother said the 6 year old is covered in mosquito bites (which totally freaked him out as his wife nearly died from dengue fever just a month ago), and generally speaking it’s all sounding a bit grim. He brought them some rice that shou
  4. This is very interesting - I’d be happy to pay to have them build say two of these. That would be lore than enough I think. Thanks for posting. I’ll check out their website.
  5. Thanks. I bought the land, but it’s in my girlfriends name. I have no interest in any of it, other than to try and ensure the younger 6 year old has a better life than what she’s been having since the older sister is no longer providing any income for them. The plan would be to freely give the entire lot to the 6 year old when she’s older. What it all looks like is not that important to me. I certainly won’t be living there. It’s literally just to give them a better shelter than what they have at the moment. It sounds as though the mother isn’t all “there”. The land they are on was o
  6. I have done a TV forum search and it came up with zero results. Not sure I’m doing it right. I did a main google search and found this guys build. I don’t need anything even as extravagant as this - but seems ok to me. (I searched “dome” in the forum with zero results - but on page 3 of the threads, there is a post with “dome” in the title, so not sure what I’m doing wrong…) anyway. Appreciate this was built a while ago, but Any thoughts on this or similar? Basically I’ve bought some extremely cheap land (via Thai girlfriend) and I want to replace the existing
  7. I don’t agree or disagree, but the article doesn’t make it clear if 14 day quarantine is replacing the rapid test on arrival for those not vaccinated / show a negative test - or if it’s regardless of those.
  8. Does it only mean if you can’t prove vaccinated or negative test you have to do 14 days quarantine? (Replacing the rapid antigen test only with 14 days quarantine?) or is it 14 days quarantine for everyone regardless?
  9. Nothing on the Pfizer website about this and I couldn’t find anywhere on that NNT website that Pfizer has made such a statement.
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