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  1. Most of of last year and 6 months of the year before. She hasn't came to Australia once this year. I find it offensive that Australian Immigration is forcing me to marry her if I want her to come to Australia again! The bad thing about Australia just like Canada is that if you live with someone for two years, it's the same as marriage where she can clean me out!
  2. I apply for another travel visa (5th one) where they just called saying this will be the last one and to apply for a marriage visa next time. The thing is we are boyfriend and girlfriend and I don't plan to EVER get married in this life time.... Why would they say to apply for a marriage visa when we aren't married? Does that mean my girlfriend can't come back to Australia when I go back every year to Xmas anymore. What are my options?
  3. Hi, I have a 31 year old Thai girlfriend that I wish to come to Australia to visit me. I currently doing the application online for the first time (Visitor Visa subclass 600). What are some useful information that I need to put in? I don't want the application to be rejected.
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