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  1. Bloody annoying reading about when everything goes smoothly and successfully . I'm off to go and read a moaning and complaining thread
  2. Its also not uncommon that when Thais get caught with drugs , the Police make a deal with them , *find some others that we can arrest and walk free* .
  3. Suggesting that the holocaust is a Jewish hoax and that Antisemitism is a Jewish invention , hhmmmmm
  4. Non staying unregistered , undocumented people can just walk in and stay the night . Had she been a thief , she could have robbed everyone one . Maybe just grabbed a few phones and computers laying around on the way out and she wouldnt be traceable because they didnt have her signing in PP details
  5. Although that wasnt a lie , and it wasnt a promise , it was a suggestion as to how the savings COULD be spent .
  6. Going out drinking all night , 100 Baht a beer , would have spent roughly 500 Baht on alcohol and staying in a 200 Baht dormitory . For an extra 100 Baht , he could have got himself a single room . For the price of one beer , he could have upgraded from a dorm to a single room
  7. 75 % of the aid is spent on buying U.S. arms (which keeps many American workers working) , Israel building up their army causes their neighbors like Iran to build up their army , and Saudi then builds up its army resulting in more military sales for the USA to a tune of over 100 Billion $ . Letting Israel have 3 Billion worth of US arms in aid and then selling 100 billions$ of arms to Saudi , good deal for the USA
  8. Its not just poor people that like a bit of sleaze
  9. Do you really think that the USA controls the Israeli Government and is thus a "puppet state"? Some have even suggested that its actually the other way around
  10. No one has stated that he was a "baddie" for having sex . Its is the fact that he did it in semi public and then refused to pay for her stay and then began hitting people , all over 200 Baht.................and no one has suggested that theres any scam going on
  11. When has anyone accused him of anti antisemitism , just for expressing sympathy for the Palestinians plight ? Also, why is he sympathetic to the Palestinian cause ? Does he also have sympathy for the Tibetans , Rohingya , and various other group of people in similar situations to Palestians , or does Corbyn have extra sympathy for Palestinians , because Jews are on the other side of the conflict ?
  12. Yes, highly unlikely to be a liberal lefty being promiscuous and begrudging paying his way and hitting people because he didnt get his own way , now is it
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