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  1. And its very difficult to work out whether the letters are in capitals or not and getting one letter wrong will make the login fail . That seem to deliberately put letters in Capitals and then make them small in size to fool you
  2. The online visa application is sent straight to Bangkok and nothing to do with the Embassy
  3. Oh really . And there was me thinking that you were lying about looking for a place to live in CM . I should have known that you were looking for a mate and not for yourself and I mistakenly thought that you were making it all up because you hate CM .
  4. Terrible, those poor people should freeze to death, wont have to give them blankets next year then
  5. Odd that you would be looking for condo to live in CM , considering that you hate the place and are always stating how good Pattaya is and how bad CM is . Odd that you would be looking to live in CM
  6. As far as I know, being a member of the EU requires all member states to allow other member states citizens free movement to live and work in any EU Country that they want . Millions of EU citizens have come to work in the UK, forcing wages down, of course UK citizens can go and work in Bulgaria, if we want
  7. LOL, the first and only think that you think about , sex with a teenager .
  8. Get back on topic, get your haircut and put that bong down
  9. As long as you declare it to the tax man , its not illegal to accept a cash payment for work carried out
  10. Its not illegal to work for cash and what was the posters name who was working for cash ?
  11. More discriminatory anti British attacks . Are you really sure that you arent a racist ? You sound like a racist , much worse than Tommys remarks about Muslims
  12. You keep doing hashtags # We are not on twitter and no need for hashtags
  13. Its a well established fact that the Greeks not paying their taxes was a cause of their Gov going bankrupt and the cause of Greeces bad economy and the reason why the UK has to bail them out with our EU contributions
  14. Couse not, wouldnt be you going off-topic, must have been that horrible Tommy Robinson that went off-topic . He deserves to be attacked again for that
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