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  1. Tourist bars and restaurants have to comply with Thai law , as do islands . Do you think that Thai islands and tourists shouldnt have to abide by Thai law ? Alcohol restrictions should just be for Thais ? I live in CM and we went through the same situation a few years ago , they began by enforcing the 2 AM bar closures , that then moved to midnight . The 24 hour mom&pop shops selling alcohol were also forced to comply , as were hotels selling alcohol after hours .
  2. Go ahead, point those factual errors in the history books
  3. You make it sound like Tories want Brexit and Labour want to remain
  4. I have a friend who was in there and I went to visit . From what I could gather , it seemed professional and well run
  5. The "extremely primitive negotiations" were carried out previously in private meetings between representatives . Both heads of state would be required to sign the vague agreements , otherwise they would be worthless .
  6. We are trying to have a serious discussion , do try to stop laughing , its making me feel uncomfortable . Are you actually sitting there laughing , or are you just pretending to laugh ? It is rather rude , so, do try and stop laughing during a serious discussion
  7. The previous agreements were made and broken during the Cold war , when there were clear divisions between the East and West , with the Iron curtain and the Berlin wall and NK had allies in Russia and China . The whole World has changed since then and NK can no longer rely on Russia and China for full support , NK faced World isolation and coming out from the cold was their only option . All previous agreements were made by other parties , Kims dad . This is a different generation . Some people seem to want it to fail , for the sole purpose that they dont want Trump to be successful
  8. No, what I meant was the bit about Trump asking Abe to nominate him was made up , Abe would neither confirm or deny that he had nominated Trump . The bit about Trump making the request seems to have been made up , as it was stated as such in an article in the Huffington post by an unnamed person
  9. You are mistaken , USA and NK are tot technically at war , you must be thinking of North & South Korea . NK & SK are taking steps to end their hostilities , slowly but surely . NK were just doing what they had always done , now that USA and NK are on friendly terms , they have now stopped doing what they had always done . The framework for a peaceful solution to the hostilities has been set and further agreements are in the pipeline , Donald is just waiting for the next USA elections , before things progress further .
  10. A solution to stop NK firing rockets in the direction of Japan , would be to get all parties , USA , Japan , South Korea , North Korea to all sit around a table , give North Korea assurances and guarantees that no Country will attack them and thus they do not need any missiles and no need to carry out any tests . And that is what Donald did
  11. Seems like it was made up , Abe wouldnt even confirm whether he had or had not nominated Trump for the prize .
  12. North Korea have indeed stopped the missile launches , the development of nuclear weapons , the threats of war . That is the peace that I was referring too . NK had previously been a hostile rogue state , they have changed to a more open and friendly nation . The hostilities have ceased and the talks are on-going , I believe that Trump is delaying the talks , so that he can sign any further agreements to coincide with the next U.S elections . NK were developing nuclear weapons that could reach U.S soil and NK also stated they were going to use them against the USA. That is a threat of war and the USA would have engaged NK in a war , had they further developed their nukes . Both China and Russia , Japan ans south Korea were uncomfortable with NK's behavior , but neither of them did anything about it . Donald steps up and resolves the problem, by befriending Kim . Donald deserves credit for resolving the issue diplomatically , rather than by force
  13. This is the UK media take on the situation . They do not even confirm that Japan had nominated Trump for the award . Japan hasnt confirmed that they nominated Trump for the award .
  14. It was North Korea who caused an escalation , by firing rockets in the direction of Japan and also NK threatening to bomb Hawaii and other acts of conflict and the building of nuclear weapons . Those are the issues that caused the escalation and Trump responding to that by making peace with NK
  15. Those are the laws of Thailand and they are being enforced in other parts of Thailand as well , as they have been for a number of years . What makes you think that KPG should be exempt from the laws of Thailand ?
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