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  1. If this is the case then the other thread I saw claiming 4%+ growth next year for Thailand has to be completely false. They are essentially saying that, depending on which source you believe, absent 10% to 20% of their economic activity, tourism, the country will still grow? NOT. If tourism doesn't completely recover for most of next year, Thailand GDP should be negative for the entire year. There is no way a country can lose the majority of 10% to 20% of their economy, domestic tourism is estimated at 30% of total tourism, and still grow. So in other words, Thailand is gong the be in a recess
  2. It will be interesting to see if this relationship changes any if the student protests succeed.
  3. The experts have already stated that you only need 65% to 70% of the population to be vaccinated to get the desired effect. While it would be better if 100% of the population gets vaccinated, it is not necessary. You also need to look at the reasoning of those folks who won't take the vaccine. A very tiny percentage of those people are actual anti-vaccers, most of them would just like to see it rolled out to some folks to make them feel more confident there are no bad side effects. Another large groups of folks don't want to take the mRNA vaccines but there are plenty of traditional vaccines o
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