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  1. Not to mention crazy low interest rates to finance said projects.
  2. Once you start a multi-year project you can't quit unless your broke. You can only hope that by the time your done buyers will be available.
  3. Ya, I'll be going about 1.5 weeks before I can submit paperwork (seasoning money) for the "latest" set of paperwork requirements. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. The last good example of that kind of deception tactics was the use of ADM-141A/B TALD vehicles dropped from planes at the beginning of Desert Storm (over 100 in the 1st 3 days of the war). They were cheap gliding almost cruise missile looking things that had planned flight paths programmed in and electronics that made them look like real planes to radar. The idea was for IRAQ to turn on their high res ground-to-air missile radar units which then would be destroyed by Coalition anti-radar missiles and to waste ground-to-air missiles and munitions. Was very successful.
  5. Sorry for being a bit ignorant on this topic so our marriage certificate from the US with the stamped Thai translation stapled to it is what you use instead of Kor Ror 2 for a marriage extension? We are getting different signals from TV and the company that occasionally helps us (no, not a fixer) with this stuff. Thanks in advance.
  6. Has been translated and stamped, just can't find where a Kor Ror 3 or 2 have been done. Thanks!
  7. Thanks ttkeric, am going in for my 1st extension based on marriage ever around the 16th of Nov. I have a multiple entry non-O based on marriage which is all I have ever used while living here in CM the last 4 yrs since I normally go back to the US for a couple of months each year (not this year!). A few Q's to the list if you don't mind. Were the items on the list just single copies of the originals or did you have to have multiple copies of some items (aside from passport pic)? - Application forms and the usual assortment of forms the helpful volunteers at the front
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