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  1. So, why would I travel 1/2 way around the world to stay in a hotel to hang out at the water park when that kind of thing is in every country?
  2. Better read your insurance policy. My large US insurance company, Anthem, only covers 6 months out of the country in a calendar year and only for life threatening treatment for my policy (good coverage in the US, not cheap). Already had to use it once here in Thailand 3 yrs ago for hospitalization due to severe dehydration and it was a bitch to get them to settle.
  3. Oh, it's a country. I was trying to find the bible we had boxed up around here somewhere to look up the passage!
  4. At least we have some fresh craft beer here in CM. There is a single craft beer producer (CM German Microbrewery) here in CM and my once a week trek for real beer is satisfied. About as good as it gets here in the North for fresh beer. Coming from Fort Collins, CO and all the micros there. This is at least some fresh air.
  5. Yup, was down on Niemannheiman last Sat. with the wife on our rare downtown Sat date nite and it was at least 30:1 Asian vs white guys/gals. It was somewhat vibrant near Maya (their rooftop entertainment is pretty good for the youngn's) but as we got down some of the side streets is was pretty dead.
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