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  1. Yup, since discovering him, I'm ordering about every other day and have yet to be disappointed on anything. Close enough that the food is too hot to touch when delivered. An oasis in a desert.
  2. The deadline for the October 15th extension for expat overseas is June 15th,
  3. Government announced that a chunk of the just arrived vaccines is headed to Samui. Anyone know much about when and where? Thanks in advance.
  4. So, when I booked a place (for months) at the beach in north Lamai I Googled restaurants and such that were near the place and found a few closed but most showed open. When I arrived, all of the open ones near me were closed. I'm near Manathai, realize now there is no food Grab (big in Chiang Mai) and the nearest restaurant open is a10 min walk and another 10 min after that to the next one. Any locals familiar with this area and can recommend where to go? Did find Benny's Place (20 min walk each way) and was good. Thanks in advance.
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