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  1. Yup, I finally gave up on EVA and requested a refund for ticket into Chiang Mai. Between crazy current admission requirements and flight restrictions through Taipei with a 5/31 deadline to change ticket to a different date that is a total <deleted> shoot. I have been away from my family since Jan 12th...
  2. I am lucky that what I do for work is a 3 month deal in the US to support us for the entire year in Chiang Mai. We moved there from the US to give our teens their other culture at a time they would remember before all of us heading back to the US for college. I don't spend another day more than I have to away from my family. But now I'm stuck here in the US just as my work ended with no clear idea of when I am able to return home. Our 3rd child together is 2.5 yrs old. I need to be there on so very many levels. If there is somewhere to register our particular problem, I'd like to know.
  3. Welcome to the Club, what petition do I have to sign to make going home possible! Two teens, 16 and 18, and our 2yr old all by the same love of my life. Video 2x/day is not enough. I need to hear, smell, touch them, teach them, be an example for them.
  4. Home to Chiang Mai. My family (wife and 3 kids) is there while I'm stuck in the US. Have not been with them since Jan 12th. Thank goodness for Skype.
  5. Add a sweet young thing next to ya who actually does love you and no money or health worries... Heaven
  6. Kaspersky Total Security and Malwarebytes.
  7. I completely feel for you. Have the wife, my 16, 18, and 2 yr old (all by the same love of my life) sitting in our house in Chiang Mai while I am locked out sitting here in California. Have been in the US since 1/12/20 and was finished with work on 4/15. Have had to cancel my flight back and face the possibility of not being with my family for 16 months if this stretches into later 2020 when my next work cycle begins. I would have had them pull up stakes and come to the US weeks ago if it were not for my teens entering the last of their High School years. They are doing VERY well with school and outside activities and I can not bring myself to upset their development at a time when it really counts for their college prospects (in the US). Saving grace is living at a time when video conferencing (2x per day) is available. I have imprinted on my teens over the years that you don't get to pick the times you live in and that you just have to adapt and persevere.
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