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  1. I can't believe that an Army officer sold 'a' gun to a 'friend', presumably it was an Army issued gun ? ... and he just reported it missing ? That in itself should a 'charge' even in Thailand shouldn't it ?
  2. As I live in Laos, 'some' medical procedures performed on my aging body are best performed in Thailand such as a recent operation on the 'back' of my eyeball (I went from 95% couldn't see out of my left eye to 90% vision at the moment ... they say it will continue to improve over the next month or so), I always go to the Khon Kaen University, great staff and looked after by Professors. Their charges are more than reasonable, silly <deleted> me at 66 has no health insurance, but $4500 for 2 weeks in a VIP 2 room with all facilities including 3 external ops on my kidneys was great for me. And now $2000, for eye Op and same VIP room and service. No joking, I went to a Hospital in Udon once, I had to have injections into my eye ball, somehow, on the patient card they brought to me with the bill, (which near gave me a heart attack at 45,000 Baht for a 3 hour procedure and no overnight), they asked the name of my insurance company, I reiterated and said I am 100% private and I'm paying cash .... they went away and came back with a bill for 15,000 baht which was closer to what we were quoted the week before, so as long as you have the time ask, (before they treat you) I'm sure all these new charges are negotiable .... I hope so anyway !!!
  3. Why don't they hit the sources of these copies, I thought it was general knowledge that the pirate software originated from the Thai Universities, where the Thai Govt. (Min. of Education) has an obligation to supply original software for engineering students and alike to study with, in turn, some of this software requires the skills of a Uni. IT boffin to create the crack file etc. .... having said that, as a user of over 50 different types of software for our Survey and Mapping company, as high as 80& of all original software, is available 'somewhere' (Mainly Europe) as Freeware. All our laptops that travel abroad have freeware on them except for the operating system. Sounds like a money raising scam to me raiding companies and then fining them etc. ... this is South East Asia where competition is fierce, some smaller companies wouldn't be able to operate if they where forced into buying legit software (and they weren't aware of alternative freeware)
  4. God help them if the judge was an old bat of a woman, the judge may throw them in Jail for a year for looking 'Pretty' in Public .... ?
  5. Ha ! Silly <deleted>, I've had diabetes for 9 years, also on insulin, it works the other way, not enough sugar can make you feel and do strange things although they'd be no way you could ride a motor bike if your sugar was low ... injecting himself with insulin when having more than a few beers, not a bad idea, I do it with an over indulgence on wine ... it also limits the level of the hangover, but rob an ATM/Bank ... never ! (For you non Diabetics "Don't try this at home" ... or anywhere else for that matter)
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