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  1. Yes, up here in Laos, we only had 19 cases no deaths and currently all but 3 have recovered and gone home, the final 3 are expected to leave Hospital next week .... OK, we only have just over 7 Million people however, proportionally and by %, we did much better than most Countries and we 'had' a huge influx of Chinese coming and going due the huge amount of Chinese projects going in here (The railway line for one and more than several Hydro Power Projects). One can only assume that the action taken by our Government to close the borders quickly and prevent inter provincial travel, must have worked ! We are now free to travel anywhere except Internationally. We are all asking the same question up here ... why ? ... How come ? ... perhaps the reason lies in those Countries that didn't fully lock down e.g. USA, UK, and 'other' European Countries and alike ? It would be great to know the 'real' answer from 'real' experts !
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