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  1. I was wondering about that too. Maybe Daily report desk , but what English reading person needs a Daily report desk , doesn't look like immigration.
  2. An old song comes to mind for some reason. ' Ay ay ay ay , si si seniora , my sister Berlinda she peed out the window and ruined my brand new sombrero ' ' I siad why you do that you ruined my new hat she said I don't give a phukero .'
  3. Dish washing is much the same as clothes washing. The liquid that come out of the bottle is very powerful but I still find it odd to wash dishes with cold water. If 'er indoors is out and I decide to do the dishes I put in the plug and use hot water.
  4. As someone above said , Thai detergents are designed for cold water use. If the water from the tap is very cold at certain times of the year I add a kettle of hot water.
  5. I remember about 70 years ago hearing my father in the toilet saying ' Oh god are you still there ' followed by the toilet flushing again . Yet we were sent to church every Sunday morning.
  6. Don't know what battery I am going to get but just yesterday I ordered a new battery for my 5 yo Forza. I took the lower quote for a new battery , 3950 B. Far too much I thought.
  7. Far too many large brown envelopes have changed hands to see him returning .
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