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  1. No and nothing in the real north . according to the above Nakhon Sawan is central and north is Phichit which is about 115k away. Both far far from the north. But hey , the north has gone off the map today , from Google earth it is 20 shades of grey.
  2. Trophy from me. Spot on unamazed , a couple of us go on our bikes every Weds. over the nearby mountains/hills.3 days ago one side of the mountain road had been torched only the road and an easterly breeze stopped the burning from going further. I think my TW has at last realised it is NOT smoke from Lao/Myanmar or every other country , it is the locals that just love to burn , it must be in their blood !
  3. Thanks for that , a touch of sarcasm but not your fault , I live halfway between the Chiang Rai 240 and the border 317. Today at 10 am the worst it has ever been.
  4. My ex wife some 30 years ago bought me a T and on the front was a pic of a drunk cat ; legs crossed , cross eyed and the caption read ' I like a tight pussy '.
  5. Not in the north ! Chiang Mai is 2 hours drive south from here. But I suppose if you live somewhere starting with P even Bangkok is north.
  6. There is a song colinneil from about 1973 by Capability Brown , it is called ' Keep death off the road , drive on the pavement '. Go on look it up .
  7. Yes, I had one of those at The Golden Egg , Reigate Surrey in about 1969 . After a few pints of proper beer it was always followed by an Indian , Chicken Madras , pillaw rice , Bombay pots and mushroom bhaji . Not hot enough one night, when the extra hot arrived in a sauce boat the staff were peering round the kitchen door. First my eye balls itched then pins and needles behind my finger nails . I still make hot curries here but nothing like THAT one.
  8. I so agree , all this speculation , Only thing for certain is 3 young ladies died horribly !.
  9. It would seem it is near Hua-Hin as that is where they climbed aboard , not that I recall any nearby snake infested island when I lived there.
  10. Yes indeed Cereal , if I come through my gate on my bike or in the car our cats if in the way move over they don't walk ahead , instinct surely . This lady has gone blonde though ...........oh dear !
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