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  1. I think you have the answers here as I do not look at ANYTHING on sit on my face book . But what are 9 yo boys doing working at 7-eleven ?
  2. When I first came out here on a motorcycle trip in 2004 I spent 3 days in Hua- Hin. I was staying at a lively hotel called City Beach, I met a girl in a little restaurant/bar nearby and took her to City Beach hotel. I was charged 600B ' Extra lady ' two times that is . Now we are married I think I should get my 1200B back. The few times I have been to Chiang Mai in the past I have not been charged anything by the hotel for bringing back a lady of the night. Not for discussion with my TW obviously.
  3. Jesus also said ' Forgive them for they know not what they do '. I think this applies to minibus drivers more than bar girls.
  4. Ah , Kelly Bundy . ' Only two things are guaranteed in life , death and Texas '
  5. I thought I felt a tremor in the early hours last night. Sometimes it is the TW scratching at a depth of half a metre but she was still this time.
  6. I know just what you are saying TER , a few weeks ago I was turning left into Makro , off of the main highway , an old pick up had overshot the turning so it started to reverse , I blew the horn in order to tell the driver I was turning and didn't need to be run in to. All the way round Makro I was getting the evil eye from the driver , my TW thought a problem was coming. Ok Tesco 2 days ago , I stopped for a coffee at the Donut place near the entrance , a women was in there having a drink . someone she knew was a about to go through the doors saw her friend LEFT her cart in the middle of the exit to come over for a chat , folk were using the other door or steering their cart round the abandoned one !
  7. A couple of days ago I was watching a documentary about a particular person and the American doing the commentary said .............he came from a small town in Scotland which is part of England. I wondered if the other 'part of England ' was Wales.
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