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  1. OK , while us Brits are talking about going outside to suck on a fag , the first ones I bought and other lads at school were Dominoes. Came in a paper sleeve about the size of a domino with dominoes printed on , 4 for 6d possibly.
  2. I didn't know there was a Royal Anthem but then I have never bothered with going to a Thai cinema.
  3. I did , at a holiday camp in the mid '50s my dad bought us cream soda with a lump of vanilla ice cream in it. Must have been god as I still remember it after about 65 years.
  4. When I was a kid Corona came round on a truck in wooden crates , before this was Neptune i'm going back a bit now.
  5. ' They would also have to ask additional questions on a test '. For 'eavens sake don't ask 15 yo Somchai any questions on anything . You might not get the answer you are looking for. Yesterday while taking a roadside coffee about 6 large bikes went past , all Thais I would think as looked like a proper group , all kitted out in the proper gear , the bikes sounded good and nothing like a screaming Wave.
  6. Just what I thought , or just p.$$.d as that was his motocy.
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