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  1. I thought I read the other day that c19 doesn't like smoke. Or was it smokers are safer from C19 ?
  2. Many on here must remember Dixon of D. Green. The number I remember as ours at the time was Dorking 4325. Trying to think what was on TV the same night.
  3. Firework , wonderful . I wish I had lived in a place called Steam boat springs , sounds idylic .
  4. ' Are you in Thailand and feeling low ? Need someone to talk to ? Help is at hand '.
  5. Agree , in England every year there came the flu. Did we go and get an anti flu jab every year , no we waited until it passed . I think the wuflu is virulent and gets passed around by the media. No cases here , none there but lets panic.
  6. Put down G. Dixon , pnone number Dock Green 4321. Evening all.
  7. It was all too easy at Lotus today, well going in was . My wife gave me a piece of paper with my name in Thai and phone number on. I didn't touch any forms or pick up a pen. gave the slip to a nice maid at the door , she wrote down the details said thank you in english , big smile. Same on leaving. The misery was trying to shop with all the one way systems , the red squares and red arrows on the floor. Even the checkout lady on looking at my bottle of wine nearly had a break down , it was 12.55 . Chap on the next till shouted song , gawd it was getting like a Thai soap. Followed the red arrows to the exit ............and that form.
  8. Yes , many years ago my mum lived near to the biggest vineyards in England , when visiting I would buy the wine and she the lunch. On a board above in the restaurant was written ' For those that like their veg cooked a little longer just ask '. My mum always asked. Soggy sprouts yuk.
  9. Ha ha , Tess Tickle , might use that next time , D. Trump is getting over used now.
  10. For several years up here I have been seeing the same lady every 2 weeks for a 90 minute oil massage. This has worked in my favour as I saw her door a little bit open 3 weeks ago , stopped to say hello and she told me to come back next day. She said only regular cutomers that already have her phone number. Visited again 3 days ago , park under cover and keep quiet. I need the massage she needs the money after 7 weeks.
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