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  1. Slightly drifting away but I know where you are going . Needs a topic just on this . pic a ture , saba gheti , At alanta cigaletes .
  2. Not too sure ' bottom feeders ' was the best analogy to use here.
  3. Surely it must be far too early for smog , north of Chiang Rai right now and beautiful clear blue skies ...however , this was 3 pm on a Feb. day earlier this year . It will be here again no doubt whatever a Gov. official might say.
  4. So the famous Pattaya happy ending for him eh ? Not a bad way to go really.
  5. Teacher required to teach 18 month old children , would that be economics or IT skills ?
  6. What bothers me most in this topic is not how pretty the 2 girls are but the fact that another moron is driving around out there with a gun in his vehicle. Daily News suggests they were fired on as they may of had their lights on high beam. Yep that is a valid reason NOT !
  7. Photo taken this afternoon , young chap out in the rice fields has about 10 of these , they are free to fly away if the want but all very tame , yesterday 2 followed me on my bicycle and both landed on my shoulders. Chap hat to get them or they would of come home with me.
  8. I was talking to Vern a couple of weeks ago and he was saying how Musk is still digging when he should of stopped. He accused Vern of going after 12 yo girls in Pattaya and Vern has never even been there. He did his job of organising the rescue mission , he knew the divers in the UK who would be the best to help . If you are good at a certain job and know exactly what you are doing would you want someone to come along , look over your shoulder and say ' Here try doing it this way '.
  9. I wonder if the driver had refused to take the bus out would the boss have taken it out.
  10. A lady I knew in the '60s used to say ' Better late then pregnant '. She also said ' If you can't be good be good at it '. Lovely lady , Iris was her name .
  11. Sad but true , happens in every country , in some countries though young girls get pregnant , free health care , accomodation etc. Luck of the drawer I guess.
  12. Hey I do , not that I can recall any.
  13. Those pesky power poles again , is it 3 of these that have claimed innocent lives this week ? They should all be placed by the roadside with amulets around them to protect drivers who have trouble seeing them. ...................he said mysterious old folk had appeared surrounding his hospital bed then they disappeared. Conferance outside to see who was paying for the treatment.
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