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  1. A nice change from everything covid on here.
  2. Yes. I remember about 60 years ago a teacher telling me to ' Curb my exubarance with a modicum of restraint '. Can't recall why.
  3. My son in law about 4 years ago had some friends round for dinner. He told them all to put their phones in the middle of the table , anyone who just had to pick thier phone up had to wash up after. Oh I have a Nokia that is about a dozen years old , if I am out having a coffee and switch it on it does get a few larfs. But it does all I want . Takes calls , makes calls ,tells me who has rung and has a memory. If I am driving and it rings I say to the wife " Ask who it is , I will ring back later ".
  4. About 5/6 times a week I go out for a Phukin Coffee , yes that place. A well surficed road and no dust unless I meet a truck carrying dust. I don't wear a mask while riding there but have to put one on before going in. Surely it is unhealthy breathing your own exhaled air through a mask . I take my mask off at every oportunity. 16k ride out for a Phukin Coffee.
  5. While on the subject of Ollie. About 40 years ago I lived in the same town as Ollie. I took my then wife out for a meal at a restaurant and Mr Reed was in there with a few of his mates. I think there was about 2 tables left , Mr Reed and his mates had all the other tables put together , as we walked in he said ' Shush , we have company '. The noise continued with his mob then he sent a bottle of wine to our table as an appology . Another story for another day was a charity football match , his side had ' Reed's raiders ' football shirts on. They all came out carrying pints.
  6. Why doesn't this come as a surprise ? Building sites here and expect anything to happen.
  7. Your third paragraph. I get a lot of that but it can be fun. ' Where you flom ?' " That house over there through the trees " ' No no where you flom before ?' " Oh before ...I lived in Hua Hin " and so on. I did get once " I am from England " then came ' Is that the UK or GB ?'
  8. Looking at the first pic. he has his mask round his eyes not lower , not a good start. Bottom pic shows 3 Dark Lords. Why am I looking anyway ? Anything away from sinovac/pfizer/moderna and astra la visa baby gets a look.
  9. ' Isn't it great when you've been out on a date brushing your teeth with a comb '.
  10. I went to Maesai Imm. today for my visa ext. No one else there , all sorted in about 20 mins. My 90 day report was due in 2 weeks , they said no plobrem , stamped to go back for 90 day in August. On leaving M/S there is a Makro shortly and this makes a change from my local Lotus. OK it would be better not to have to do the 90 day but it bothers me not.
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