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  1. Awesome, thanks! And just to confirm, this 60 days extension isn't subject to the 40,000/mth or 400,000/bank baht financial requirements like the marriage visa, right? It's gonna take some time to sort the financial stuff out.
  2. I posted before about extending a non-O visa based on marriage (without a work permit) but I just realized I was wrong. My visa is a non-B visa. I'm going to immigration tomorrow so this is pretty urgent. Is it possible to extend this non-B visa based on marriage, or any other way to extend it? I don't have a work permit, just a non-B visa that's expiring tomorrow and a wife and baby at home. Anything I can do aside from doing a border run? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Another person at this company who is in the same situation isn’t married, but has a child from a Thai mother. Do you know what is required for him to get the extension? I’m trying to finding it online but can’t get a concise list. Thank you
  4. Oh really? I’m the husband of a Thai and new parent of a Thai baby. Thank you! I’ll search for the requirements.
  5. I have a non-o Visa from Hong Kong so I could get a work permit and business visa. The company is taking too long and the visa is almost expired. Can I extend this visa at the immigration office like you can with tourist visas for 1,900 baht?
  6. I went to the office and one thing they told me which isn't clear in this post is that only 1 parent can get this benefit, not both, even if you both have social insurance.
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