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  1. Why? Your home country was definitely better off thanks to British rule.
  2. Yes we all knew this. Just what does TV hope to achieve by pestering his place of work?
  3. The reason there is an alcohol ban on election days is to prevent canvassers getting voters drunk and making them vote accordingly. Nothing to do with fighting or bad behaviour. The elephant in the room is vote buying though.
  4. The Starbucks where I live and work is chockers full of Thais every day. Must make a fortune. If these clowns will pay it, Starbucks is going to charge it.
  5. They can't manage to make a cup of coffee properly... Take a look around you, almost everything is done poorly, flawed, rushed or somehow ridiculous or defective. The only time it is ever done properly is with foreign oversight.
  6. You make the mistake of thinking that they are a proper Police force as in the West. They are not. They are a criminal gang for the most part. They would not be interested in giving that up if you quadrupled their salaries.
  7. All the illegal Indian touts were absent from Beach Rd. for a couple of days, maybe they were tipped off. They were all back yesterday unfortunately.
  8. A couple of them even got a jolly over here. Probably too much in awe of their smiling hosts to have a clue what was really going on.
  9. Folk have been saying the same things since 2001. Rapidly growing tourist numbers suggest booze bans and closing times don't have any noticeable, negative effect on people coming here whatsoever. Clubs closing early only affect a very small minority of tourists anyway. Indeed, closing laws for all entertainment venues affects only a small minority, so it won't have any affect. Enforcement has been varied since 2001. When the laws came into effect the enforcement was very strict, then literally the day after the coup in 2006, all the bars were open until 4-5am again, just like the good old days of the 90's. Gradually, the enforcement began again, and around and around we go. As usual, enforcement comes down to who is in control and stands to gain.
  10. Again, total nonsense. These laws have been in place since 2001 and tourism has not been affected.
  11. The 1am closing laws came in around 2001 during Thaksin's first tenure. Hasn't affected tourism in the slightest. Nor will booze bans on election days and Buddha days.
  12. Quite a few of them act as enforcers or paid thugs. Many are part of 'Police teams' that can be hired to intimidate, recover debts, beat people up, frame them for crimes and even murder. Most are just part of the corruption tree that bullies and extorts those without protection higher up and then kick up to their superiors. Their ill-gotten gains are funneled into other businesses, quite a large amount of which are illegal. Nothing illegal in Thailand happens without their knowledge, consent or involvement, unfortunately.
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