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  1. Yeah that looks really nice, was that in rainy season? Its so lush and green. I'm also interested in the name of the condo... also, how bad was the noise of planes taking off? Because every time I''m in that area it seems quite loud! Maybe Id get used to it
  2. Sorry yeah I mixed up some road names. I hadn't been there at night yet, but I didn't realise there were bars playing really loud music. Its the same issue in some of the other areas I looked. I've been living in between two villages 30 mins outside of Chiang Rai for a while, and even there I hear loud Karaoke every night from across the huge lake! But I imagine what you describe would be more close and disturbing I sleep before 12 every night, often before 11!
  3. Yes I just wanted it for Chiang Mai really, I also would be interested to see Chiang Rais data too. Its weird even today, I see two readings from the old city, one is 127, and then one a few hundred metres down the road is164. Is this just some direct fumes going into the sensor at the time of the reading do you think?
  4. Ah I didn't see that, so I'm sorry if I misled anyone. I've used it for various European countries free of charge, so when I saw they did Thai Baht I assumed the same Still, theres a possibility it may be useful to some if you want a card you can use anywhere. But 1% still adds up quite quickly. I forgot to say dont change on revolution at the weekends because the exchange is closed and so they charge extra to cover themselves
  5. Thanks thats exactly what I was looking. So it has improved over time, I'm surprised. It seems from my visits only to get more busy. But maybe its de to more government bans on burning?
  6. It uses Interbank rates, and you can choose at any time to exchange to Baht to lock in a rate, or it will just do it automatically when you use your card somewhere or at an ATM. Or for a bank transfer I imagine. Other than that there are no fees I've used it a lot when I travel anywhere, and I've used transerfwise in various situations. Obviously its best to check both and see what works out cheaper, but it seems to be Revolut would certainly be cheaper with no fees and interbank rates. But its worth having Revolut if you are from a qualifying country and you move around a lot.
  7. Thanks, yeah these places were actually off various side roads from Santhitam, and some of them were relatively quiet. But the main road wasn't, and there was a lot of loud music at night next to one of the apartments One of the cheapest places, Huay Keaw Residence which is basically on Nimann and fairly popular although with mixed reviews. This place funnily enough felt quieter to me than most of the ones further from Nimann. I think because on the other side away from Nimann theres not really anything behind it, and its made up of variious big buildings which creates a quite quiet central space, with a pool. So this is definitely on the short list
  8. Thanks yeah its busier than I remember it! I first came 14 or so years ago, and the traffic was bad then! But still I've found certain routes are ok on a motorbike, but I'd hate to be getting around in a car. As you say there will be no nipping from those outer areas! I think I'd feel reluctant to even attempt to get into the city from far out for any reason!
  9. Thanks yeah I checked Doi Mansion, its nice but you have to book months in advance because its small. I will have to check out Emporium, I didn't see that. I did go to Empress apartments. Thanks
  10. Hi I would like to look back over some air quality readings from the past months/years in Thailand but I dont see any way to do this on the AQICN website. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Better than Transferwise if you are an EU/UK citizen is Revolut. Its free to get a card, and you can do bank transfers completely free to many countries including Thailand. You just get the app on your phone, deposit money using your debit card. Then you can convert it to any other currency. You then have multiple 'accounts' in your revolt app for different currencies I recently transferred some money to my girlfriends Thai Bank account, completely free and arrived in a few days. I should really make a thread about Revolut so people know. It's also free to use the Revolut card anywhere, so I use it at Tops, at the mall etc, 7/11. And you get £200 free ATM withdrawal per month on the free account Hope that helps
  12. Thanks for all the advice everyone I've been in Chiang Mai for 5 days exploring on my motorbike. I feel like I have a much better grasp of the city now. I do find the traffic and fumes a bit overwhelming. But it probably also because of the air quality and heat currently. Its probably nicer when the smog clears in rainy season. I've found so many condos/apartments all over the place, ranging from 3500 baht per month to well over 10000. But I was hoping to spend about 5 to 8k per month. I dont need anything fancy. I dont really see what everyone loves about Nimman although there are some good apartments around there. I preferred just north near Santhitham road, where it feels a bit more Thai and lots of street vendors etc. I imagine I will end up somewhere around this area, just north or north west of the old city. Where I'm staying in the north east of the old city is actually really quiet and chilled, and lots of nice places to eat including cheap Thai places. Thanks again for the help
  13. Thanks, could you explain more why the last two visits left you disappointed, do yo know if he is a good surgeon? Also would you be able to recommend anyone else for a second opinion here in CM? Im certain he said 3000, as I asked twice. But as you mention 40,000 it cant be that cheap. I might have to go back to ask him again Sorry, I saw him referred to as Dr Rat on this forum. Dr Rak
  14. Hi I've had a 3 years chronic voice/throat issue. I have had 2 laser tonsillectomies in the UK which cost £3300 overall! The second was to remove some left over tissue. It helped my issue but not completely. Today I saw Dr Rat at his Clinic in Chiang Mai thanks to peoples advice here. He couldnt understand why there is still tonsil tissue left after two operations! He said I should get the remaining tissue removed, and he could do it. He said it would be 3000 baht, which shocked me, but now from looking online, I'm guessing he meant 30,000 baht? What do you think, it cant be 3000 baht! He said it would be day surgery and I would recover in a week. I dont believe that because it took about 3 weeks to fully recover last time and the laser is meant to be far less 'brutal'. I have to say I'm nervous about having a proper operation done here. Should I be worried? Do you think it will be on a par with one done in the UK. People have spoken highly of Dr Rat but I also noticed a few people saying they dont think he's that great anymore, but I cant find the thread. His clinic did seem a bit shabby and he wasn't that sensitive when sticking metal objects in my mouth to look. If anyone has personal experience with him, operations or tonsillectomies here in CM it would be great. I cant afford another one in the UK, and they have failed to get all the tissue out anyway. But I have to make a quick decision as he said we could do it on Saturday! I'm dreading the pain, and also it seems ridiculous to spend so much on multiple laser operations only to finish it all off with a knife which is what I wanted to avoid!! Thanks for listening
  15. I'm a bit confused, is it only considered one of the most 'polluted' cities during burning season? Because I thought outside of those few months the air quality was ok? Can someone explain As opposed to many Indian cities which are constantly polluted
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