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  1. Pity January wasn't zero tourism and that CCP suck up of a PM closed the borders. Then we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  2. I want a second opinion. Tourism is only 12% of GDP. Seems a lot. Military spending in USA as a percentage of GDP is around 3% and that's a lot. 12% loss you're saying isn't much.
  3. Basically the Thai baht is strengthening because the economy is shot, the economy relies on tourism and there is no tourism, there's massive unemployment, exports are down, negative GDP and I think there's a lot more. How can this be a safe haven? How can the baht remain strong? Never did quite understand economics. Maybe someone can help me.
  4. You have hit the nail on the head. All Thais I know think the same.
  5. Restaurants? Alcohol. Sit down at a noodle shop and have a beer? Go to a bar? You're saying you have not been stopped from doing this?
  6. Still don't understand. Last wk it was 123, 125 cases tested positive out of those repatriated can't remember how many who tested positive. Are they just dribbling out the numbers at their own convenience? An aside. Let's see what happens in the USA in the nxt 14 days or so. Then we should have a good idea if this virus is petering out.
  7. So it's ok to stab someone if they don't make a complaint. A logical extension is to kill them so they can't make a complaint. Utter nonsence to once again protect privilage.
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