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  1. If they're hiding numbers in SS where else are they hiding numbers. Absolutely never been open with what is going on in regards to informing the populace from the very beginning last year. Again I have asked for fanboy comments about this. No response. I saw the govt bragging about 100,000 tests since the so called second wave. That was over three months. Around 1000and a bit a day if true (a very small number) and mostly to those poor exploited people from Myanmar making huge profits for their Chinese bosses. Remember this is not a democratic country and the military rules the media and freed
  2. Schools in SS to open Monday. Hot off the press from dinsdale.
  3. I guess if you cut and paste the first paragraph with every article you may eventually get it (almost)right. Most were hospital presentations. 28 hospital presentations and 8 in communities which i'm guessing is the same as migrant worker quarantine facilities. The majority were from Myanmar. 23 out of the 36 cases. Keep up the good work guys. I'm guessing the 1st paragraph tomorrow will be the same as today and the last......any guesses? I've lost count. Did anyone notice elswhere that someone has said that 100 positives have been found in a plant [factory] in Samut Sakhon but hasn'
  4. Cut and paste. In fact there were 7 migrant workers and 5 Thais. 12 in total in SS. This is not most.
  5. Thailand Road Carnage: Targets announced for the reduction in road death toll Article from yestersday. Today Pg 1. Thailand reports 42 new COVID-19 infections, 1 more fatality Article from today. Pg 2. edit ....... very interesting. Now gone to pg 1.
  6. The majority again are hospital presentations. SS 12 Thais and 12 Myanmar. 42 cases in Thailand, 35 from hosital presentations. It really doesn't take much to see the reality. NO TESTING. Here they just cut and paste this the same opening paragraph. Pathetic. On page 2 again. Pathetic. Come on fan boys I've been asking for a response for a while. Have you seeeeeeeeeeeeeen the light? What we get here is the govt line. Question. Do you agree or disagree with the varacity of the reporting ('journalism') on this site regarding the Covid-19 situation. a) Yes. I agree information in the article
  7. I apologise for my ill infomed post. I am deeply regretful. I said "Most are hospital presentations." This is wrong. ALL were hospital presentations. I was wrong I admit but not as wrong as this.... "As has been consistent with cases during the new wave of infections in the country, most were discovered during testing of migrant workers at quarantine facilities and hospitals in Samut Sakhon."
  8. This is what you get with work at home. Get the kiddies to do it.
  9. Guess if you (Prayut) were democatically elected and were not the junta leader to take away democracy from Thailand and allowed free speech etc this would not have happened. I said many years ago when this guy did the coup d'etat he would never leave. I also said blood will be shed in a popular uprising to get rid of him and his military cronies. I will be intersted to see what happens across SEA and it's dictators in the future. Myanmar may well be a catalyst.
  10. "As has been consistent with cases during the new wave of infections in the country, most were discovered during testing of migrant workers at quarantine facilities and hospitals in Samut Sakhon." I believe this not to be the case. The wording suggests most positives are from quarantine facilities. Most are hospital presentations. Apart from this it would seem that Prathum Thani has the most positives reported from yesterday. Misinformation, poor journalism, a mistake who knows.
  11. Sounds like the migrant workers quarantine facilities are a literal breeding ground for Covid. I cant find rooster59 saying this to quote but most were hospital presentations. 39 out of 49.
  12. My thinking is that if testing is still happening on these for all intensive purposes jailed migrant workers it is not being reported or no testing is happening. Hospital presentations can obviously not come from the exploited, caged foreign workers.Thai people are going to hospital.
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