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  1. Just another well thought through policy from the complete and utter imbiciles that run this country. Songkran is four days this year. The 13th being the 1st day. So what about the other three days? In reality (a relm non-existent in the tiny, vacuous brains of these morons) every day here is just about as bad as the other throghout the year. If I didn't know better I'd clasify this article as a troll.
  2. Unfortunately they teach them to be spoilt little brats (especially the boys) that many don't grow past. Justice system fair to all. Well it's a third world justice system here. Can't see it changing.
  3. There's a glaring contradiction here. If they added 'get drunk to' before celebrate it would ring true.
  4. .....asthma, glaucoma, nausea unrelated to chemo, passive rather than violent behaviour, less damaging to the user than ice, yaba, alcohol, tobacco etc., etc. The list goes on. p.s. you have 90 days to tell the BIB you're a drug user.
  5. Google Thai Baht manipulation. I'm no economist but I would like to know how a developing nation which is still third world in many respects has arguably the strongest currency in the world.
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