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  1. Closing in on Finland which is no.97 on worldometer. Tomorrow or the day after will see Thailand take this spot.
  2. A shout out to all those who think the boarders should be open soon. Same ones who say everything is looking ok 'cause it's stabalized. UNBELIEVABLE.
  3. Testing is also low for a global pandemic. Maybe it the test numbers that have stabalized. Australia with very very few cases is talking about openning it's borders.......maybe mid next year.
  4. Very sad. After the 1st so called wave I asked my students who was happy to be back at school. 50% was not close. A lot less. Kids are kids. We would not be talking about this if the whatever would be would be idiot was not in charge.
  5. It seems to read, at least for me, that they think this is somehow very good. x10 or even x5 and then I would give the final sentence some substance.
  6. Saw that 'mass testing' is really taking off in BKK. 3000 a day. This is dismal. NSW govt. is disappointed that in Sydney where they are searching for a missing link and possible super spreader only 11,000 got themselves tested yesterday. They want numbers above 20,000 p/d. Sydney's population is about 1/2 of that of BKK. 3000 p/d in BKK is just not good enough.
  7. If 1820 are from hospital presentations and 220 from what Thailand calls mass testing then it's a fair assumption that there isn't a lot of mass testing going on. Absolutely zero asymptomatic people would present to hospital. Asymptomatic people are positive and are part of the virul spread. Sore throat and sniffles maybe maybe not. For well over a year now it has been obvious and supported by charts like worldometer and even admissions from the govt that mass testing is not great in this country. 220 positives from 'mass testing' I argue shows a very low daily test rate in a population of alm
  8. 220 of today's total found through mass testing. Says a lot.
  9. 10 soon becomes 100 which soon becomes 1000 which soon becomes 2000. If mass testing catches the original ten, quarantines, contact tracing and targeted lockdowns can slow or stop the spread. This is what mass testing can achieve not waiting for people to present at hospital when it's too late. They more than likely have already spread the disease.
  10. About 3 yrs but that's not the point. The point is the more you test the more you find and by doing this you try to cut down transmission rate. The hard medicine is that without this, along with lockdowns this will continue and as such continue to harm the economy. Should really have had a hard lockdown as soon as the Thong Lor cluster and spread was discovered.
  11. Get >2000 with low mass testing (argue against this if you will) and the infections rate MUST be higher. BKK alone should be doing 10,000+ tests a day. Test more, find more. This is one way to stop clusters early.
  12. You are kidding. Have you looked. 117 to 98 is a big jump for the worse in a short period of time. Are you really denying this?
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