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  1. If liberating means sending the opposition to jail then I guess he deserves it.
  2. Fairly sure the top cop in the area and the judge with their new Mercs had something to do with reducing the sentence.
  3. Wow! Good comment. What does it mean? Maybe you could elaborate (that would be the verb not the adjective).
  4. Don't know you're situation but it doesn't sound good. Your doing, her doing or both of you who knows but it doesn't sound good.
  5. Bt80,000 p/m and you're asking this. Are you pulling the piss or just rubbing in the salt. Do you have a Masters in Education? If you do have a M.Ed then why come here? This country is f#####d to teach in. Way too many hoops to jump through set up by a ministry of education with the collective IQ of a newt. Where's the job. I'll apply.
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