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  1. With all the new visa regulations ect it has probably restricted their money making scams so they just enforce one of their hundreds of laws that has been gathering dust for many
  2. Visited many times but I think I would need a lobotomy to live there
  3. 8 things to do. He forget a couple of things there. Glare at you like, you have a proper tourist visa and you have the audacity to visit our country. What are you? A criminal.
  4. Is this the famous Thai hospitality the PM has been spouting on about. Hospitable my ar$e. One of the most inconsiderate ,selfish races out there
  5. I for one have stopped travelling because of it. I used to travel every couple of months but fed up with all the BS regs in this paranoid place
  6. Being greeted by sour faced immigration officers who seem to be treating every legitimate tourist like a criminal these days isn't helping either.
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