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  1. 555, much much better as in Thailand, there are very few countries where it is worse. But I know you are a bloody junta hugger, your postings are suspect and you should be ashamed. People that willingly support a military junta are not to be taken seriously. It is simply indefensible. I hope the NL does not stand for The Netherlands, if it does, go back to school, we failed miserably at education or so it seems. Disgraceful'.
  2. They had a good drink wasting tax payer money without a mandate. And... it won't work, unless of course they cheat counting votes..
  3. That were the good guys Sent from my SM-J730F using Tapatalk
  4. Hmmm as if the current government isn't criminal. One could say the evidence in the case of the junta is miles more convincing and credible than the evidence used to convict Thaksin. Probably why no country in the world will extradite him. Your credibility is zero in any case, a poor and feable attempt to shoot the messenger, even she is right a 100%, a useless defection attempt. Clearly showing you are nothing but a shameless junta apologist. Sent from my SM-J730F using Tapatalk
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