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  1. The delta variant will not be that last it will go on to others sadly making vaccines dormant
  2. There will always be restrictions even if covid had magically disappeared .they would make up others
  3. The concoction of these posts is amazing as is it all complete hogwash. So again according to to this there was loads of vaccine but only for Phuket. where as the capital of the country claims to have run out shutting down over 25 vaccine sites. Sinovac has been in the news as pretty useless where a very large percent of fully vaccinated people are getting infected in most countries where its used. Do they really think people/ family's will come with all the requirements including wearing tracking bracelets. I don't think so those who do come will use it for a back door to get bac
  4. Have lovely holidays oh by the way you cannot go in the water with the wrist band not waterproof
  5. They look too easy to cut off .why don't they put the prison locking ankle thingy that you cant cut off made of hardened steel and why not add the ball that goes with it .
  6. Another point is if you live in Thailand as a guest in the country we should have no say how the place is run . So yes accept it and enjoy the fact that you chose the life you wanted
  7. So if you don't accept it what can you do about government should be changed to gangster. world wide . And i never steal do you ?
  8. Doses are distributed thereafter rests with each province. There are more eggs handed out than doses of vaccine
  9. No government anywhere in the world tell the truth. Thailand is no exception or worst
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