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  1. One day in the Distant future they will come to a conclusion as for now every day is a different thought. and just a thought . why bother putting this subject on the site until its definite
  2. Its horrible to be somewhere you not happy with and having assets in Thailand the heart yearns to return to the place that makes you feel at home . The one big problem is the Thai authorities just don't care. I hope they can prove me wrong
  3. They didn't tell them they have to deposit 1 billion baht into a thai bank account each
  4. I know 2 people who have returned to thailand 1 16 days ago and 1 yesterday they do not have big money but have family here .1 has finished quarantine 1 is in a hotel in BKK doing quarantine. both from the Uk and had no big problems getting back how they did it im not sure but i do know they did not have the STV .both came from london heathrow via Dubai to BKK so it is possible. i cannot state names on here but i can assure its true
  5. just a few days ago it was stating not one single STV was applied for Now they say 120 chinese are coming. This site should be run by Donald Trump It's full of B.Ss
  6. Have no idea what's going on with all this visa stuff. My friend has just arrived from Uk via Dubai. and is staying at the royal suite hotel in bangkok. he has wife and a son here he now just told me he has 2 weeks quarantine then can join his love ones has a non o b visa . If he can do it why can't the others who are stranded in the Uk?
  7. For sure if they have the money to have private jets. and loads of dosh in the bank why would they come to Thailand. There are much better place for the rich
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