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  1. Already companies are jumping on the bandwagon. No doubt they insure the uninsurable. and NOT pay out if needed by some small print again it's all to do with making money. I assume it will also be effective for extended stay retirement visas and not only tourist . so if you are well off and have loads of money you still have to have insurance . Not confusing assurance policies there is a difference. As i see now lots of adverts for life assurance (death only) policies
  2. you cannot get a retirement visa from a tourist visa has to from a non o
  3. The reason is not needed i think is the fact of the income or the 800.000 in the bank covers
  4. On appalation you have to show insurance policy with the required cover . i cant see this going ahead as many people are uninsurable . i can see lots of new companies shooting up to make a fast buck . The ones that don't pay out when needed
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