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  1. Living in a small village I give everyone a ride when they need it for free because most don't have vehicles, only motorcycles. Especially to the clinic/hospital or market. Going to the market, hop on. What I learned is the few people that have vehicles in the village charge, even family, for a ride. Got it put in a bit for fuel but if you are going anyway, especially for family. A few words were spoke about me helping others but so be it. Guess have to make ends meet.
  2. Wonder if the immigration servers/systems are getting overloaded with entering the amnesty applications for foreign workers that were never registered? Just got back today from the local immigration office today that usually never has a line more than 10 had over a 50 folks. Stacks of applications on the desks. Agents bringing in stacks of paperwork and passports. I have to say I was actually impressed about the organization of handling so many folks.
  3. Had to google a few words but is an accurate statement. Jimmy Page, one of the best guitarist ever. Led Zeppelin rock on!
  4. I don't see many folks other than Myanmar workers or student agents at Saraburi Immigration. What are your experiences dealing with Saraburi Immigration offices within the last 2 years? Positive or negative and why?
  5. The home visit went well. The officers did their business quickly and then we started talking about Toyota Thai Football and had a great conversation. Nice visit and only requested one witness. About 1730 I got a call that I have to report the immigration office tomorrow. The IO called my wife and said there was a mistake when stamps were transferred to my new passport?....another thread below. Noticed that there was corrections (write overs) in the new passport when I picked it up but was told not to worry. No more talking to my wife, they will talk to me so I understand. Have the old pa
  6. Used to be that way here you faced the neighborhood if you did something wrong. Now everyone fears to tell someone they are doing wrong. Times are a changing here I guess.
  7. Guess depends on where you live in Thailand. Never had anything stolen but a lot of "borrowed" tools forgotten to be returned. No worries. We have security cameras outdoors and our dogs are friendly if they know you. Security cameras are a deterrent, not a solution plus we can see the weather when we travel. Mitigate risks, nothing is for sure. Everything important is secure in a safe bolted/welded into cement. Usually it is someone close who takes things from a home. Feel a lot safer here than I did in the US for sure.
  8. Since I have had problems on my first two Non-O visa extensions (married to Thai) I decided to take my documents to Saraburi Immigration 2.5 months out to ensure no issues. My first two visa extensions problems were due to the IO not following rules that were current on the Thai Immigration Website and followed in most provinces but not Saraburi. Both you can read about on this forum and neither self inflicted. I learned that I needed 400k in the bank and no other method was possible in this province for an extension in case of marriage to Thai, got it. Keep double + now just in case. I ke
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