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  1. I visited the company where our bottles are filled and is legitimate. At least the backyard wasn't Flint, Michigan USA.
  2. Just went and bought us a dispenser somewhat like you have. The USB chargeable pump I ordered from Lazada was good for me but not a hit with the kids. Appreciate all the input on the topic. Wife was sold on the fact the salesman said the hot water was hot enough to make a cup of instant Nescafe coffee, yet to be seen but its all good.
  3. Just purchased a Sharp Hot & Cold Water Dispenser model SB-29S and was going through the instructions. Didn't come with a 3 prong plug, just a green wire to run to ground. Bought a prong, crimped well and taped so that should be good. All the outlets in the house have three prong ports and I watched the electrician run every outlet ground wire. Letting the Dispenser set for a day or so before operating and I am one of those folks that actually read instruction manuals. My question is about the statement in the instructions "To equip with electrical leakage protection devic
  4. My neighbor got caught out in his field during a severe storm and had a strike near him. He was in the hospital for a few weeks and nearly died, still lingering ill effects. Lightning has kicked my main breaker a few times, no damage except a ceiling fan which we lost when lightning struck about 30 meters from the house. Not sure why the fan died, mains kicked and nothing else was affected. Maybe due being bolted to a steel beam? No idea? I get the same thing about turning off the cell phone during storms which I don't. Think just use common sense plus stay out of the field
  5. Always took it for granted that the water truck that comes by our village delivers "safe" water in the big green or blue jugs. Asked the wife to stop buying the the 350ml bottles and just drink from the big jug to a glass, save from all the plastic. She was not keen on that. Said it was ok to cook with but not ok to drink. Wonder what the delivered water quality is vs small bottles? Friends say they have drank for years so think it is safe. Maybe it is just convenience not to have to tip the big jug?
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