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  1. I worked in West Africa for 10 years before covid hit, and before served under the UN for 2 years in Central Africa. Women has started to outnumber expat men in Africa. When I went to West Africa a long time ago I would rarely see a European woman. Now that has changed dramatically. I met numerous NGO's and UN servicewomen, musicians and artists, divers, photographers, students, teachers ... too many to mention, who were there for anything but "fun". I will add that expat women are much more adaptable and open minded in Africa than men.
  2. Unless you have dropped it in the ocean or from a skyscraper, any laptop is worth repairing if you can find the parts. If you not a DIY guy, there are techs that will get the job done for less money. Jeez 1000 Baht is madness, are they using golden screwdrivers?! Try finding a second hand computer shop, those fancy ones will charge the hell out of you. You might have to assist buying a part online or use a second hand one if they can find it locally. If you choose to DIY, I would suggest you back up all your files externally and attempt a clean re-install of your o
  3. Yet in prison he will be labeled a 'cop killer', he will be treated like a god by the other inmates.
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