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  1. 1k sounds too high, not sure where you got that from but regardless remember the US has 320+ million people. These are incredibly small numbers. It's like 0.25 deaths per county or 0.000003% of the population.
  2. How does 60k infections nationally get us to overwhelmed hospitals in any state? For the entire pandemic there were 7k hospitalizations in Colorado, most at the peak during the 1-2 month period. We're not anywhere near that point now and even then it couldn't overwhelm hospitals. This is so over but the media won't let it go away. All we get is fear mongering from them.
  3. Thanks. maybe this will finally push me over the top towards marriage.
  4. Here's excess deaths in the US. Considering 70% of deaths were people over 70 it's not *that* bad in terms of years of life lost. It only looks like a catastrophe when you start tallying together all deaths on aggregate and repeating the number over and over again to the public.
  5. Interesting, I didn't know this category of visa (non-o) would allow you entry during the COVID 19 situation. I've heard so many stories of married guys that can't get back in to Thailand right now but I must be missing something or they're perhaps misinformed.
  6. If only it worked like that. The US has been bankrupt for decades now but none of that matters when you can print money and tax citizens.
  7. I have been dancing around the idea of getting married for some time now and I did ask the consulate in the US which told me they give a 1 entry (non-O was it?) but I need to actually acquire the annual extension in Thailand. Does that mean you could get the visa in the US and still be admitted so that you could complete the process in Thailand?
  8. if you're married to a Thai national with no currently valid visa is there anyway to apply for a visa while outside of Thailand? Usually this is done in-country but given the C19 situation that is now impossible.
  9. I know two people who got in the USA. They got sick.... and then they got better. Life goes on, remember people?
  10. I thought the new special tourist visa was not happening yet and the first group was coming from China. How did she get in with your family? Sounds like she was on vacation but these are odd times to travel to Thailand.
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