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  1. Moderna and Pfizer are free to all travelers after June 1, 2021 upon landing at any airport in Alaska USA. NO quarantine in Alaska, testing free too. See here: https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/
  2. Alaska USA offers free Pfizer or Moderna jab upon landing at any airport, to all travelers, on June 1, 2021 or later. No quarantine. Free testing and free 2nd jab if you stay 30 days or more. https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/
  3. Did you reboot the router after disconnecting VPN? Reboot your device after the router restarts.
  4. Come to Alaska USA June 1, 2021 or later land at at any airport and get a FREE jab of Moderna or pfizer. Free for all travelers! Get a second jab free if you stay 30 days. No quarantine into Alaska. see here: https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/
  5. Is Siam Bioscience a certified manufacturer of Astra Zeneca? Do you really want an experimental emergency vaccine from a laboratory that has never produced it?
  6. You can get Pfizer and Moderna for free in Alaska USA, upon landing starting June 1. All travelers qualify, no need to be a USA citizen. The issue is getting back into Thailand. Can also get the second dose free, if you stay 30 days.
  7. Here are all the documents from Canada for Moderna vaccine. Any vaccine you do get, make sure they administer it correctly! product-monograph.pdf patient-medication-information.pdf health-product-risk-communication.pdf storage-handling-dosage-admin.pdf
  8. I just received a yellow house book for my condo in Pattaya. It was a 3 week struggle but on the 4th visit, I obtained the yellow book and a pink ID card. Went to pay the property tax on the condo, 46 baht after a 90% discount for 2021. This year the billed amount had to be paid. However, next year no property tax since now the yellow book is registered in the property tax department at Pattaya City Hall. I highly recommend all foreigners who own a condo, obtain a yellow book. Property taxes in Pattaya went up 12% from 2020 to 2021. Property discounts can disappear overnight. If t
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