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  1. Other news agencies are reporting the knife-wielding attacker shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest).
  2. That's what all the guys think, "she's not that type of gal". But when her friends, work mates, Southeast women's association, and the lawyers tell her how much richer and happier she'll be separating from you and hooking-up with a man her age, richer, with a great job, day after day, she just might reconsider her position with you. Too late and difficult for a prenuptial or marriage contract. Transferring traceable assets, prior to arrival in Canada, may not avoid dividing assets in a separation. By family law, she's entitled to half of your net assets obt
  3. Where can I buy government motorcycle insurance in central Pattaya? The shop I use to buy it from is out of business.
  4. BOT continues to increase international reserves. In January 2020 they had USD$265 billion, and in September 2020, they have USD$273 billion. Thailand continues to export more than they import. Tourism is classified as an import. If tourism increases, THB will continue to increase against western currencies making it even more expensive to live or vacation in Thailand. EC_XT_030.xlsx
  5. One guy took his wife to Canada. She had a good job and was making good money in the country of her birth. She couldn't get a decent job in Canada. Just over 2 years in Canada, she wanted a divorce. Case went to court. Judge decide husband must pay her big money because he took her out of her country, therefore responsible for loosing her great job and income. She had new boyfriend well before the case settled. Since you are married, after spending one night in your Canadian house with your wife, it will be deemed the martial home. She will be entitled to 50% of its value upon sepa
  6. To get PR in Canada for your wife can take at least 6 months. I have had friends wait a year to get their wife to Canada. Your relationship with your wife may change for the worse when she gets to Canada. Some of the significant issues are: 1. Food. It's practically impossible to replicate genuine authentic Thai food in Canada, at a reasonable price. Many spices are not available. Fresh fruit and vegetables taste different, even with popular things like bananas. Does she love western food? 2. Weather. The radically different seasons can test her. Even in southwestern Onta
  7. There is a company that has trained hawks, falcons and owls that will come to your building and get rid of the pigeons forever, guaranteed. The company is called Bird Harris Hawk Control Co. Ltd.. They come daily for about 2 weeks. Price can be determined after they visit your location. My rough estimate is 15K-30k depending on the location, building size, adjacent or nearby buildings, and other factors.
  8. Pattaya will be very busy for Loy Krathong and this coming weekend. This past long weekend, Pattaya was super busy with lots of Thais and some foreigners. Pattaya has the Bikini Run this coming weekend, lots of gorgeous half naked women. Some of the bars will have Halloween activities. There are several thousand expats in Pattaya and more will come from Bangkok and the surrounding cities. It's not doom and gloom in Pattaya this coming weekend. Come to Pattaya this coming weekend for lots of sights and fun!
  9. Here is a list of financing organizations that maybe looking to sell non-performing assets, loans or leases. Shop around, you may find a bargain of a lifetime! Banks Thanachart Bank Ayudhya Bank Siam Commercial Bank TISCO Bank Kiatnakin Bank Kasikorn Bank ICBC Bank Krungthai Bank NBFCs Muangthai Capital Asia Sermkij Leasing Nakhon Luang Capital Limited Thitikorn Summit Capital Group Lease Aeon Thana Sinsap G Capital Public Limited Thai Ace Capital SGF Capital JMT Network Phatra Leasing
  10. And those SM loans at the end of June 2020 (Q2), as reported by BOT in August 2020, were 1.22 trillion baht. For your convenience, SML metadata/definition from BOT is attached. See my early post (5th or6th) in this thread for SML data from BOT. FI_SM_001_ENG(1).PDF
  11. I see the 24 hour Burger Deleted (BK) on Beach Road near Soi 8 has the door locked and curtains drawn. I guess another one bites the dust. Also BK in the basement of Central Festival mall has disappeared. Only one BK on Beach Road remains at Royal Garden mall.
  12. There was no mention of "special mention loans" which were 1.2 trillion baht at the end of Q2 2020 as reported by the Bank of Thailand on 20 August. These are loans yet to be classified as NPL, but are not up to date on their payments. If all of these SMLs become NPLs, banks need to substantially increase their reserves, or maybe start limiting withdrawals or reduce operating expenses. If they want to increase reserves, they will most likely issue bonds. Kasikorn, SCB and the Bank of Thailand all issued bonds, denominated in USD, in 2020, over USD$2 Billion in total, th
  13. Are there any planned Halloween parties in Pattaya this year, on October 31? Is Loy Krathong on Oct. 31 this year?
  14. Today, the Bank of Thailand (BOT) Assistant Governor stated the BOT broad-based debt moratorium ended on Thursday October 15, 2020. She said that the broad based scheme will not be extended. They plan to introduce schemes to help financial institutions to help their debtors. BOT wants the banks to avoid classifying loans as NPLs. BOT has not reported NPLs in 2020 on their website but are reporting "special mention loans" as at August 2020 as 1.2 trillion baht. It seems NPLs are enormous, else they would be reporting the numbers. Sounds like the banks are in worse shape than the pub
  15. Numerous banks and asset manager BAM have a large display of properties, condos, houses, buildings, and vacant land, for sale in Central Festival Mall in central Pattaya. Attached are a few photos of several of the advertisements. Lots of bargains! Buyers beware!
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