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  1. This is a sign of things to come for China. Lots of dark days coming for China. Military conflict with India, Huawei going down the tube. Huawei CFO Meng lost her double jeopardy case in Canada, so the extradition to USA proceeds. Huawei 5G out of UK. USA removing financial privileges for Hong Kong. USA introducing electronic chip export permits requirement for chips to China.
  2. Argentina's currency is going in the tank. US $ are needed. 1 USD = 68.2569 ARS (argentine pesos). Argentina is defaulting on their debt. This may the best time in a decade to take a look at Argentina, especially if you like beef and wine!
  3. The beach should have never been closed. All that was required were social distancing rules. Like only family members or co-habitating partners can sit together. Non-related parties must be apart 4 meters or more. No alcohol.
  4. My American friend leaves BKK for SEA via South Korea May 27. Flights are booked through Delta. Doing the reverse, will probably be in July at the earliest.
  5. First step is to get the land into her name. Second step is to create a company, where you own 49% and she owns 49% and 2% by another Thai, recommended by your lawyer. Then have the shareholders appoint you, irrevocably, as the managing director and president. Next, transfer the land to the company, and all chattels, buildings, assets on the land to the company.
  6. If the aircraft are rented, then they are not Thai airline's assets, they are the owner's asset, whoever has legal title or ownership. It is just like when you rent a car. If the rent is not paid, the asset must returned or vacated - very simple. Normally, the rental contracts are written that if the rent payment is not paid when due, the owner can reclaim their asset and file claims for late payment, lose of use, repossession fees, legal fees, etc.etc.
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