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  1. Greetings members. I went Pattaya for first time few weeks ago, and wrote down few newbie impressions. For years I've lived in Thailand, always avoided the place because of its seedy reputation, and have to say it did live "up" to my expectations. But don't mean this as a rant against it, although this probably becomes bit ranty. My first impression was positive, "omg is this place for real?" - type of. All the phenomenons in Pattaya can be found everywhere in Thailand, its just concentrated and intensified to such an extent I wasn't prepared. So many beautiful girls in their twenties and thirties that could easily marry any guy (of their age) in West, this is a paradise why did I stay away so long, so I thought. As one might guess, the reality also started to sink in gradually, after seeing Pattaya few more days. I had a motorbike and could freely drive around, some night time impressions such as songthaw fully loaded with Indian sex tourists going to get "service" somewhere, 60+yo whale sized Western sexpats, and general feeling of seediness of the whole business, made the place feeling repulsive and disgusting. I know two Thai woman, one thirty and having a normal office job in Pattaya. The other mid-thirty is teacher from Korat and was recently in a conference in Pattaya. Both dress normally and yet both said the same, they get the "how much?" questions from men when going for dinner at evening for example. Anyhow, I soldered on for few weeks, had a day job to worry about, but came also into contact with some working girls. All were single moms in their early thirties, supporting not only parents and saving for a house for them (or similar large expense), but also their kids expenses. They also earn well, even to level of my amazement. Good looking girl in early thirties, on a low season, makes same as I (my engineer salary after Western taxes) from dancing, tips and "freelancing". I don't even venture to guess what the best twenty somethings can make on a high season. All the girls said they would not be in Pattaya unless their dire financial situation, which is probably true but also tailored as standard answer for sugar daddy candidates. Besides high representation of Indians, also number of Russian became as a surprise, shop signs are often both Thai and Russian. All in all, am not ranting against those who like going or live there, but I've probably preferred to live without my Pattaya experience.
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