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  1. Yes, please help us expat! Well, l'll tell you what, let us return to Thailand, the tens of thousands of us locked out, and we'll come back and spend money. Let us all fly back into Phuket and we'll kick start your high season for you. 14 days quarantine in Phuket, where I used to live, is great for me, and for many others I believe. On the other hand don't let back in and I'll bring my wife and son to the UK to live. And at the same time, the house that we're starting to build (last week) -- employing 7 Thai people for 3 months or so can stop. Go on the 'back burner' so to speak. That's circa 3 million into the Thai local economy down the drain. I will reinvest that money in the UK. The time to apply a little intelligence here is quickly dissipating. Visas for my wife and son have been applied for. And while you're at it open the skies for other airlines to fly the stranded back to Thailand instead of propping up that dead duck Thai Airways in order to rip us all off by making sure that we fly back to Thailand in business class at £2,800! Disgusting con. And you want us to help you? Sure, but helping is a "two way street," what are you going to give in return????
  2. Beautifully put, not a point missed. I do hope that that gets translated and presented to Uncle Tu and his cohorts. As we're all aware though, to get any form of a high season this year, the aforementioned needs to be put into place ASAP as the tourists, not forgetting the snowbirds, are already planning, and the inability to book flights at this time is a rather large barrier to spending time (and for many that means 3 to 4 months winter) in Thailand. Thank you for putting that so eloquently. i'm currently one of those unfortunates that are stranded, so I have a real vested interest in what you have suggested.
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