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  1. Many, many thanks to one-and-all. Sister-in-Law just ordered this for me. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/safety-bathroom-bath-shower-hand-grip-wall-grab-bar-support-towel-rail-tool-i268185588-s419708757.html?dsource=share&laz_share_info=181599632_100_100_5006485_171453969_null&laz_token=76baa0c6805effbf8f02c92ef889ce9e I know of a 'bar fly' here in Pattaya (from Leeds) who suffered a really bad accident when he slipped on wet bathroom tiles. I have also bought a pair of Crocs as extra insurance. Stay Safe Guys
  2. Thank you for your reply, Mr. B. I'll be off to Home Pro Pattaya Klang this a.m. Thanks for your input CharlieH – very much appreciated.
  3. Help needed, please — Does anyone out there know where in Pattaya a person can purchase a "Grab Bar"? This relates to a plastic covered/laminated bar that can be fixed to a tiled bathroom wall with screws and rawl plugs – (to be used as a steadying aid when showering). Thanks in advance.
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