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  1. Exactly the same has happened at out our local hospital further North. Due for the AstraZeneca this Thursday now it’s Sinovac. No thanks.
  2. I am in Northern Chiang Mai Province. My self and several non Thai friends registered at the local hospital a few weeks ago. They got the 8 June and myself and two others a week later All dates were then pushed back a week or more. Three of them received the AstraZeneca earlier this week. I was due for my shot this Thursday but then the announcement it’s now only Sinovac. At this stage I don’t think I will bother.
  3. We used them about two months ago to renew our young daughters passport found them very helpful. If you have any questions regarding requirements you can email the UK Passports office. Again very helpful and prompt reply
  4. Covid has nothing to do with it it’s called planning ahead. Anyway on a more practical note there are agents who will do it for you if traveling is the issue. A good one who advertises on this site You have to pay but despite what many in this world think nothing is free. Good luck.
  5. The latter, but still a six hour round trip. Before the Embassy started using the agency we would have had to travel to Bangkok involving airfares and overnight stay both to lodge and collect. We used an agent instead, I appreciate that you shouldn’t have to pay but if you choose to live outside your home country you cannot expect the same services, costs us more to renew our Australian passports as well. They could all learn from the Thai “ passport office” very efficient and helpful no copies of documents required, originals scanned, photographs taken at the office, delivered to ou
  6. Thanks for replying and the suggestion your idea seems to be the consensus Although I have no experience in this area seems very logical.
  7. Somehow I think your prediction is wrong, unless they get get rid of Albanese then maybe a slight chance
  8. Your spot on no good waiting for the Australian government to do anything myself and other Aussie expat friends arranged to get the AstraZeneca at the local hospital. Started yesterday and no cost.
  9. Thanks to all for your responses and advice much appreciated.
  10. The simple answer then is to plan ahead and renew your passport in time it’s not hard they last for ten years. Or are you one of the many on this site who what the rules written to suit your circumstances ? My daughter holds a UK passport and we renewed it recently which wasn’t hard and hers only lasts for five years.
  11. Three of my non Thai friends had their AstraZeneca vaccine today
  12. I am very fortunate that my Thai wife is an excellent and innovative cook not only of Thai meals but European as well. If I want meals that don’t contain meat she will cook them, I certainly will not be buying them from 7/ 11.
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply and advice which seems logical to me I don’t have any technical details as the bore was put in about ten years ago. I will have the depth to the bottom measured and go from there Thanks again
  14. For about the past ten years we have pumped water from a 22 meter deep bore using a Hitachi DT P300 GK Deep Well pump. The water has always been very clear and without sediment and used primarily for irrigation but also as back up when needed if the local water is switched off. About 6 months ago we started experiencing problems with the “ foot valve” clogging We were advised to switch to a submersible pump, we already had a GS brand pump which had never been used. This was installed and although the volume of water has increased it now contains fine sediment sand/ grit
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