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  1. I think the reason is that even though Thais pay 30 baht the revenue collected does not meet the overall cost of health care and has to be supported from general revenue. Its the same with the compulsory Medicare Levy in Australia and I suspect whatever people pay in the UK towards the National Health System. I cannot imagine the Government here providing unlimited health care for aging expats at little or no cost. Thats why private health cover is more expensive as you age.
  2. Thanks for your responses I am interested as to why there has been such an “ outbreak” only seen a few in previous years there are just masses of them, maybe cyclical or weather.
  3. Ourselves and local residents have been inundated, fortunately outside by what I would describe as sort of centipede, millipede, caterpillar they seem to appear out of the soil on mass,) I don’t recall seeing them or in these numbers in previous years. They have a hard skin and believe that they can give a nasty bite, perhaps why nothing seems interested in eating them. Any ideas please and apart from spraying how to control ?
  4. Something in that advice didn’t make sense to me. I don’t subscribe to the views of some on this site that all Thai Lawyers are incompetent, I have a good lawyer, unfortunately as in my own country some are lazy and don’t want difficult cases. Every Province has a Family Law Court why not visit yours and depending on your Thai language skills take an educated Thai person with you. You should be able to ascertain your options and probably the name of a lawyer who specializes in these matters Good luck
  5. Ever heard of a taxi driver being charged with fraud and jailed for overcharging in any Western country, how about your country of origin ?
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