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  1. The thousands who are here legally no shortage to fill the gaps 300 baht a day still more than they earn at home. Some in the North here only getting 200 baht a day.
  2. If they continue to land on the wrong runway which from memory hadn’t been completed the situation regarding no accidents may change.
  3. Your comment about the treatment in Australia is correct, I live in the North and the treatment I have received here is as good as anything received in Australia only substantially cheaper.
  4. Yes and have a look at how many misdiagnosed cases happen elsewhere and in particular how many preventable deaths occur in UK hospitals each year
  5. Totally agree it is the Doctor’s responsibility to tell the truth false truth is no truth. However to be fair it may have been in an era when different standards were applied. I accept that one day I am going to die as does every living thing when it happens it’s my time. As far as the Thai people are concerned I have attended many funerals and they seem to accept death better than Westerners perhaps all part of being a Buddhist.
  6. I think to be fair the people to blame are not the staff in the local branch but the people who write the policies, We visit our local branch regularly often a few times a week as we have a business. The staff know us well and I have had discussions about the vast amounts of paperwork and the procedures they follow. They have told us that they have no discretion but to follow the procedures and face dismissal if found out breaching them. I accepted years ago that it’s no good trying to compare things here with your own country and getting upset. All it does is raise your blood pressure, go with the flow, it’s easier
  7. In the past I have transferred my pension quarterly ( I can transfer it monthly if needed) the Immigration officer at Chiang Mai who has processed my retirement extension in recent years stated that’s ok as long as the annual amount is correct and I can show the amounts in the bank book This is the problem different provinces different interpretations.
  8. You can buy them in any of the supermarkets
  9. Thanks for all of the comments and information suspect I am going to become a crumpet cook or maybe my wife is.
  10. You are obviously not talking about Sydney the only thing cheaper is the wine. As for pies, Coca Cola Burger King and pizza not part of my daily diet
  11. I have to ask the question if it’s so good why are you not living there? I have never visited Panama but have an American expat friend living here who paints a different picture of the place than you.
  12. Strange that I never come across those mentioned in the first paragraph. Perhaps I live a boring or sheltered life, but very happy.
  13. Thanks will contact them
  14. Not the same item but thanks for your response
  15. Has anyone seen crumpets for sale ( not the two legged variety) in Chiang Mai have checked the main supermarkets without success. I was wondering if there is a bakery that makes them
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