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  1. No sympathy needed alcohol always available if you know where to go, plus not everyone who lives in Thailand is a bar fly.
  2. Thai post won’t accept mail to Australia but I had a parcel sent here from Sydney about a month ago the label said International EMS took about two weeks to arrive
  3. According to a chart posted on this site a few days ago for a 66 - 70 year old person that could cost about 93 000 baht depending whether you co pay
  4. That’s strange as I sent an item to the U.K. just over two weeks ago in an envelope the size just below A4 weighed just under 50 gm cost about 45 baht standard airmail it arrived earlier this week Sent a similar item on Thursday about the same weight similar cost.
  5. If your view is correct, which I doubt, it would suggest that the governments of most western countries including my own, Australia, which have consumer legislation dealing with the provision of goods and services are also control freaks and wish to extort money. The alternative and which used to apply before the provision of such legislation was for the aggrieved consumer to attempt to seek redress through the commercial courts, a costly exercise usually out of reach of most people. If you were one of such people I would imagine your post criticizing such lack of service would soon appear on this site.
  6. The tourism industry is only one sector of the economy there are those who work in various levels of government, police, hospitals, schools, shops, businesses, agriculture is etc who have confined to be employed or paid the list is endless.
  7. Leaving aside the fact that neither of them would want to serve time in a Thai jail and who would blame them, it probably suits the government for them never to return. Due to the support they received in the past it probably wouldn’t be too long for them to be back in power. If you read about how the sister “escaped” it was obvious that it was orchestrated at a pretty high level.
  8. It’s the same with people or companies who become bankrupt after x years they are “ discharged” and presumably can start again even though what they owe hasn’t been repaid. I seem to recall that the period you have to wait in Australia has been reduced.
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