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  1. I would have thought that the majority of genuine tourists who come from Australia or other countries, that can come here Visa Exempt or whatever the term is, would have no need to “buy” a visa. I never bought one when I used to visit as a tourist and non of my many visitors over the past ten years have bought one.
  2. I am not a regular beer drinker but years ago used to occasionally drink the one you describe and enjoyed. When they made the change could not enjoy and gave it away. Now prefer Singha.
  3. Not sure if your last sentence was a serious comment, but I think you will find your entitlements under the NHS ceased when you boarded the plane for Thailand, the same way that my entitlements under Medicare ceased when I left Australia.
  4. I appreciate that every office can be different and it’s not only Immigration, I have had issues in the past with the local DLT office who will not accept the pink ID card as proof of residence but the Head Office in Chiang Mai will accept the card but then they give me the Driving Licenses for six years. The point I was trying to make was that I think many on this site want to blow up every issue out of proportion and really it’s not that hard. I put it down as the cost of living here and I think the final paragraph of my post sums it up. If you really want a breath of fresh air go
  5. Thousands of tests have been carried out unfortunately you are uniformed and like many others on this site post before you think.
  6. It’s better than Australia where even if you are lucky enough to find a flight, you cannot enter unless you are a citizen, resident, or linked to someone who is. Then you will be required to quarantine for ten days at a cost of $A 3000.00. As far as the UK is concerned I thought there were restrictions on leaving the country?
  7. Most of the expats I know don’t consider it particularly onerous to deal with the Immigration here in Thailand. I have lived here ten years and renewing the retirement extension is no big deal. I turn up at the appointed time on the appointed date and leave in a very short space of time. I recently timed how long it took to carry out the ninety day reporting, a total of four minutes from leaving the car to returning. I cannot think of too many countries apart from perhaps some neighboring countries, where I wouldn’t want to live anyway, where you can literally turn up and
  8. Neither of our two cars or motorbike have road tax that expire in April so your “someone” is wrong. As far as police road checks are concerned they can have as many as possible as long as it catches the offenders. My only cricism is that after issuing the infringement notice they allow the offenders to drive away, rather than impounding the vehicle as happens in a couple of countries I know.
  9. If you actually have a Thai Drivers Licence I would suggest that you have another look at both the front and back All the relevant information is in both Thai and English On the back mine shows a picture of a car, pickup and mini bus. It is pretty much the same as my Australia Licence which apart from being in English defines the vehicles I can drive rather than showing a picture.
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