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  1. Your last comment couldn’t happen because the government has said repeatedly that there aren’t any in Thailand.
  2. The area Maybole suggests behind Tesco Lotus located on the “Super Highway” in Chiang Mai has many outlets, whether they meet your needs re grafted etc is another matter. The other issue is identifying the type, I managed to locate some I used to grow in Australia such “Double Delight” only because I know the type. Don’t know where you are from but they can be prone to black spot due to the humidity something we used to have to deal with in Sydney. Plenty of stuff here to treat them with
  3. If you read the announcement today the Thai government has confirmed that all foreigners will be vaccinated. Re the Australian government the reality as with most other countries is that once you leave they are not interested in you. I knew before I decided to move here that I would be responsible for my own medical and hospital costs. I knew that every year I would have to renew the retirement extension and do the ninety day reporting. It I didn’t want to do the above I wouldn’t have come here but I am not constantly complaining about it. If you think you are badly tr
  4. No mention that it will not be available for expats either. I have been obtaining my vaccines from my private hospital for years plus have had two Covid tests, so why wouldn’t this be available ?
  5. Are you seriously suggesting that the Embassies of every country represented in Thailand should provide vaccinations for any citizens of their country residing here.? Also by default should they do the same in other countries where their citizens don't get free health care.?
  6. I didn’t see that report I will certainly wait, I don’t see myself in a high risk category, I will speak to the private hospital we use in Chiang Mai everything they use is top quality and they are overseas accredited. Thanks for the information.
  7. Unfortunately that is a question I cannot answer. Although I have nothing to substantiate my opinion I believe that when the supply of the Covid vaccine Improves they will be available from private hospitals, considering they have been supplying most of the other vaccines for years there is no logic not to supply this one. I am not interested in receiving the Chinese vaccine so I will wait and follow the steps recommended by not only this government but others around the world to try and protect myself.
  8. Did you miss what was contained in the second last paragraph of the above article ?
  9. They were in a special zone of the cargo area that is kept heated both on the International and Domestic flights. They flew unaccompanied from Australia to Bangkok then with us up to Chiang Mai
  10. Our two businesses here have been hit by Covid but so have many worldwide and not every business in Australia gets support. I decided years ago it’s no use relying on governments for support I paid both personal and company taxes in Australia for years then like a number of friends was denied the aged pension which is means tested. One of the reasons we decided to retire here.
  11. Thai have always transported animals they seem to be, or were operating some of the repatriation flights from Europe. I was happy with them when they brought my dogs from Australia years ago.
  12. In the province where I live you can have ten guests unlike a restaurant you know who they are, the masseur is only taking selected clients and unfortunately doesn’t provide the service you mention
  13. Why ? There have and continue to be more restrictions in Australia than I have faced here. Perhaps you need to look at what has been happening in other countries particularly the UK s far as I am concerned life has been pretty normal the last year.
  14. It’s easier to get in or out of Thailand than Australia and you don’t need permission from the Government to leave and don’t need to be a citizen or permanent resident to enter, there is quarantine in Australia, $3000.00 last time I looked. Fortunately we don’t have the equivalent of State Governments particularly like where you live, closing borders at the drop of a hat and stranding people, or did you miss that as well ?
  15. Have you never heard of having friends around for a dinner party or drinks? ( Not sure how you can call Thai bars Pubs) The two women who massage me come to my house (on separate occasions) Cannot help you with the beach doesn’t interest me.
  16. If you are doing all the things you have listed above in your car then yes !!!!
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