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  1. They can leave all they want, but just don't replace them with Chinese as life in CM is happy without the oodles of them crawling and gawking about everywhere. For me CM is my home until the government kicks me out of I pass away.
  2. He sounds like a regime quack. Wonder how much his brown envelope contained for saying such garbage. So what does he suggest, pour gasoline on himself and set his body on fire? It is only going to get worse as this government creates a bigger hatred and divide.
  3. I believe there are some police who got canned for openly supporting the students and protests. They are not aloud to want real honest people in government and a change to the other thing we can't talk about. Prayut and his regime clowns and puppets are just evil.
  4. She should be in jail for land encroachment. That snake also did not why the young girl Pasarawalee where the mediator and Pasarawalee both having class gave a wai to all. How they can just sit there and out and out lie that the government is legitimate and honest is just a disgrace.
  5. Sorry but these people are just big Muslim turds. Pack them all up out of every Western country and send em back to Muslim la la land where they kill each other.
  6. Only a large orange not completely rounded like squash resembling but not exactly to the real deal. I get them every year. A bit harder to cut into but serves the Halloween fun purpose.
  7. Hog wash. How about completely eliminate the 250 hand picked regime members as this in itself is underhanded and corrupt.. The regime can push any agenda they like on a party that is backing them or make their ideology pushed as they also seem to control the courts and EC. He needs to get out with all his bozos. The more he stays the more the hatred for him and his groups and who they support and protect grows and festers. He and they are creating a potential civil war and a huge divide that will never be repaired between the generations.
  8. Nothing good will ever come from laying in China's dirty trap door commie bed. This regime is taking Thailand into the China abyss of being owned.
  9. So Turkey needs to blow the big French banana flute and shut the h up. Nobody gives a rats rse about Mohamed except brainwashed Muslims. If you can call it a religion, it is based on hatred and killing and rape and condones pedophilia. Yuck!
  10. How so? So you can carry freight and containers on these high speed trains? Bunch of wasted money totally unnecessary spending that lines pockets of the few.
  11. They should include common sense for riding bicycles as well. Had 2 yesterday come barreling around corners going out into the traffic lane. Hard to teach inbred idiocy to have common sense.
  12. This was a huge discussion at my dinner table with the kids and wife last night when watching the news. My kids hope she loses everything and the general thought is she will lose the 1 million baht she is requested to pay for compensation, and she will lose her business, and she will be labelled a Thai Karen forever. And the divide continues.
  13. Been happening in CM for 4+ months now. Nothing new. Just us foreigners cannot afford to be caught on camera and then persecuted as ran up the old Thai flag pole for it. But if I had a choice, my days of standing went away with the passing away of a certain beloved man. But I have no choice if I want to preserve my integrity of staying here. I am all for what the young generation sees for their future and respects. It is their life!
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