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  1. If he has the gall and audacity to do it, then he must have the guts to have it come back into his face. I am not that relaxed or forgiving and will confront anything face and head on. And yes he would be spoken to in his own language.
  2. It is stealing and he should not get away scot-free. Total disrespect and feel for entitlement. If it was my position he would have to pay for it because he probably sold it as a land fill. Nothing more than a thief who needs to be taught a lesson. What is t quality of the top layer of the dirt opposed to what's left? It may even have been prime top soil.
  3. Yes and it was my friends girlfriend with big ta ta's. But it still looked silly but the Thai gals loved it. Don't figure.
  4. Depends on how much you spent and how much inferior work they did is how you need to weight going further. FYI. Every new home the workers have many ways to cut corners that puts a lot of money into their pockets. Example: Should be all concrete but they line it with dirt then rock and then pour concrete. <deleted> doors where it should be mid quality and so on and so on. I have issues with my home but at this point I will just replace tile and minor repairs on my own. Defamation to prove it is more costly of an oh-oh.
  5. Re-read your post back to me and then had to look up where Carlos's street was. Mullen street near Army near 101. Also remember years back down there having the projects on Army. I know exactly where it is and the park near it. Cheers.
  6. BTW. I also once remember seeing Carlos get out of his car over in the Mission area.
  7. One of my friends mom still has a 100 +/- year old house and lives near that area but in Visitacion, so was up there for that reason traversing around. Would use Cortland to cut through from 101 to the Mission or visa versa too many times, or sometimes drive the side road Alemany which goes into the weird area used as a Farmers Market or was something to do with the Muni before. Also had the nice open area there which was fun a few times to go to. Spent a lot of time all over SF, and work back then took me everywhere, and I was also always gigging in different clubs up there as well. So as eve
  8. Me, my family and all of their friends already thought the 120kph was already in effect up here in CM. For some reason while driving on our super highway I will always slow down to the before speed limit for where the well known radar is at. Guess I was right. 80kph for motorcycles under 400cc is BS. So many CC tv camera, other live feed camera in CM now it is sickening. Latest addition was an onslaught of live feed camera all over specifically for helmets, and now I would presume 10,000 radar camera will be added to ever street or road. In a sense it feels like they are emulating China and z
  9. Yeah, great wonderful beautiful city. My original birth area as well, and it is nice to visit Terminal 21 and see what they did representing SF. Not an inch of the city I don't know by heart, and that is no exaggeration. .
  10. I am sure the bike taxi guy would love to throw an expensive basket being whole durian at the kid. This bike taxi has to be from Phuket.
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