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  1. Korat immigration is probably a place not crowded with foreigners so a bank statement and account movement on same day would probably be possible. In CM that is a no way as the que is substantial on most days.
  2. It may or may not be a good answer to turn on your mobile phone and start recording, or recording at certain times like show the cash or whatever is needed. Or bate them with questions and cash in hand recording it and their name tag. What could they possible do to you? Blacklist you?
  3. Watch out. 2 of them look to be a potential could be ball breaker here being intertwined with each other for how they could abuse it. Come back from a trip, stay at a hotel and they get you for not staying at your registered address. Or if weekend, then over the 24 hours. Yikes on this report.
  4. Hopefully it isn't over being ordered or threatened to vote for specific person and group in control.
  5. Yes but there are some moronic laws like no rear foot pegs out on the motorcycle. How many points would something like that be? Or they would probably also rack u up if no license on you as forgot at home. If they really did enforce with points, there is going to be half or more of the country with no licenses. This is guaranteed. As I said before on the forum regarding this, a normal Thai driver on motorcycle and car would rack up probably 5 -10 each day and that are the ones they got caught doing.
  6. Maybe so, but on reported incidents they went an took it the extra foot and a half and started counting tourist visas on some people. I too had an experience. I was running on 90 in and hit the border back then to Mae Sai and had my days counted at Mae Sai. They were counting 20k back then as well. That is exactly when I decided to go for the extension of 1 yr at end of 2006 after my new Non O single entry in Sept from Penang. Just too risky up to their judgement.
  7. This must all come from 90 day in 180 days out back in 2006 - 2008 and the immigration still falsely use it at their desire. I can remember back then as that was when I decided to do proper a visa..
  8. I also thought it was still current as I saw immigration counting off 180 days a couple years back on a foreigner they were harrasing.
  9. Old rule from long time ago that no longer exists. But you would have had to be around in 2006 - 2008 to know it.
  10. Guess so. Stand corrected. Must have been the 90 days in on 180 period from eons before which would be 180 days total in 1 year. But I guess that was rescinded in 2008 as just looked up. Boy how the time flies..
  11. I do believe it is official and stated 180 days in a calendar year.
  12. 1/2 the country wants him? More like 1/2 of the country who care who is in power want him, but they want him out.
  13. All I know from years here and looking is that Thai in automobiles are constantly on the phone while driving. It is like a sickness with them. More times than not and I really notice my surroundings, you will see a Thai get into their vehicle, just start to drive and for some reason have to look at their phone. I just don't get it.
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