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  1. Of course. First is talking but unfortunately THAI always are not guilty. I even took cc tv print out and one woman who said oh, that’s not my dog. Funny because the dog happened to be sitting directly behind her at the gate. I said really? Same as the picture, and BTW I watched it go back and in to your home. Funny, but I did not give them the poo, but when dark came 30 minutes later they were out cleaning it up. Another THAI man said not my dogs. So he got the gift they left in a bag and the picture. Now he is extra careful. BTW. I had confronted him a couple times prior and he did go back to his house got tissue, and put it down the storm water drain. I told him to not do that because it will just end up festering a horrendous dog shit shit smell bomb. No rain and just sits. No not overboard, just standing ground. Since then part of the community has spoken up about people’s dog crap and out of control
  2. Name an airport in the world that does? And the inconvenience of it and time spent on man power and hours would be far too much.
  3. Gonna buy a Buffalo now with autopilot. They are just taking and copy catting rules from other nations.
  4. Well, it is an easy guess from where and who is taking this counter measure. Dirty pool is life from the self imposed cesspool.
  5. Australia and Indonesia will be close to protect their own regions. Japan is adding more fleet, Vietnam will have a US Fleet in the North, Philippines is a total wash, and China still sitting obstinate and unfazed as they continue arms build up
  6. If it is all about new visa applications or passport checks and passport renewals or changes then who cares. BUT, how far can that be stretched by him as this is only the first suggested use. Thais in power love to stretch things to the next ridiculous level just to say or show they have done something to top the last something. There has to be some protectionism of ones details or personal details, but in this day and age not a chance since everything on everyone can be checked online for a fee. Let's just hope it doesn't go to a really ridiculous level to where your internet viewing is plumped into your file. Somethings some people do in spare time in research or reading or just viewing might qualify as undesirable.
  7. I tend to totally side with KP. It is not a petty thing but is a large irk and offense. I have taken dog poop back to their respective owners home with printed cc tv pic of the offending dog doing it in front of my house. I confront most all situations, except the occasional people having their outside boisterous get togethers as is their right to do so. On a daily event or ritual no way Jose, aint gonna happen! My wife wrote and printed and taped on our garbage can which is rather large, hands off no garbage dumping as it belongs to us. We fill it up pretty much to the brim each for the once a week, and honestly the garbage people only take fully bagged stuff and leave the un-bagged crap. If you let someone, anyone think they can encroach in your territory (even with noise), then your life is invaded and you are spineless. Stand up for your rights, but don't overstep your territory. Sometimes you must use proper channels as it is too dangerous to flap your trap to some Thai We didn't pay a large amount of $ for our final family house just to let selfish unthinking I can do what I want Thais to take advantage. Homey don't play that game! For KP, it is a big thing as this chick needs to pay her 20-40 pittance of a garbage bill and stop dumping on others.
  8. holy cow cm

    Defense ministry defends new lot of Chinese Tanks

    But, when China does decide to invade, they don't need to bring theirs all that way.
  9. holy cow cm

    Defense ministry defends new lot of Chinese Tanks

    Waste of money unless they use them with the UN.
  10. I'm sure most Thai people would love to tell him where he can stick that sticky rice.
  11. holy cow cm

    Time To Call It Quits.

    Having family is an advantage for me. wouldn't trade it for the world, best thing I ever did was have kids.. Fleet of foot is too general. I move on a minutes notice and react for fire control immediately. Now being dealt cards you cannot control is a double edge that works both ways which is the variable we have always had continually nd periodically coming over our heads. Enjoy your travel and new found place.
  12. holy cow cm

    Time To Call It Quits.

    No family no ties no responsibility of being here then other places can be fun. But, if you had a family or loved ones here you would probably not be so apt to jump entirely. I personally love living here and being with my family. I have done and still do enough travel every year for reasons of pleasure and outside business, but it is always a gratifying moment to know am back home in Thailand, even though it is only a token given yearly temporary home until extended for the next year.
  13. Why is this so difficult? Yes my son is also in M12 and yes they have to appease all these kids as they are most of voting age and already are not enthused with the self placed powers that be. Their numbers are quite a lot who are graduating so is nothing to disregard