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  1. Don’t know where you go but your statement doesn’t sound correct. Holidays most factory do not let their staff and employees off. They ignore 95% of them. Most factory the workers day in day out and the staff are doing jobs of 2 people.
  2. What are they going to tax next, extra large condoms specifically targeting foreigners?
  3. Depends on the hotel and the quality of the manager. Anywhere from 20k - 100k
  4. So typical. Who would’ve thought they would stoop to a civil law suit!
  5. Amazing he got lucky and was able to get past the airline in England and then immigration here with a one way ticket. Anyway, your doing good and this kid will owe you a favor or two in the end. If 800 GBP is a lot for the mom to borrow, then it will be a burden for her to pay back as well. Probably living paycheck to paycheck. Good luck!
  6. No the kid supposedly needs airfare and the 20,000 baht immigration overstay fee. So what is that in English money, about 1400?
  7. How is it the kid doesn’t have the return airfare ticket portion? Aren’t they still good but have to pay a fee change? Or did he mess that up?
  8. The kid needs to learn a lesson. And he needs to never come back here again. Not trustworthy enough to walk the line and doesn’t deserve a holiday in Disneyland.
  9. Totally forgot the downstairs at Nana was a parking lot. Was also the greatest fun for a water festival. Now couldn’t catch me there for one as just isn’t the same. Loy Kratong was absolutely dangerous as hell there with all the fireworks and bombs. Most I do at nana now is sit and have a beer on an outside Soi 4 bar and watch the girls, people and freaks walking in at when it is about opening.
  10. Most factory are up to par and the staff pretty well together. It’s just the work loads they put in them and the hours and days crashes a cold environment and underpaid for all those years they went to university. They really need to adjust to a 5 day a week 10 hour day and they would be so happy.
  11. I honestly don’t know how they do it. But I do know a lot who have burned out snd switched jobs in factory
  12. Thailand totally overworks their staff and workers. If you think they get 2 days off a week, all holidays off and work only 8 hours a day then that is far off the mark.
  13. I did it with my 2 kids years ago. Amphoe just asks your kid some questions. Like who’s your daddy? Fairly easy to do.
  14. I long for those days before 2000 again. Only if I could go back into the past.
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