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  1. I asked K - Bank and they said I needed to be on a retirement visa in which I wasn't. I have had the wife get one in my name now, but it is still secured with 100K.
  2. Yes it is. Case and point it has your name on it. ?this allows you to rent cars and use at hotels.
  3. And now more than ever out in the open, just why are the military being used to control and handle all things in this country when it is supposedly a civilian government? Their job should be to stay out of the government and dream about playing GI Prawit on paper submarines.
  4. As the rest of the world is going Anti chia and Chinese, Thailand does a stupendous job of sucking up to them. I for one and not looking forward to seeing them in mass anymore. I have had quite my fill that would last me five lifetimes now.
  5. Things are definitely hitting the next control crescendo with having any freedom of privacy at the point of being totally lost never to come back ever again. Time to step to the left a little bit making a best you can back up plan. I understand they will want all of our commoner's info, but I am not willing to give them all of me. I will definitely find alternatives ways to slip by.
  6. Also if you check in everywhere with QR code they know you have came and went to that place, but taking it farther there will be the time where you have to either use ur QR code when purchasing or plainly that when you stand at the register a detection reader will access your phone and then what ever is rung up put on your data file of what you purchased. What if insurance companies get a hold of this information as they make a partnership. Mr. Dan Doodle, you eat too many cookies so we cannot renew your premium. Or you smoke too much or buy too much alcohol or bacon, or you family eats too much red meat. It is the beginning of the end of freedom as I see it.
  7. Now it is seriously getting overboard and out of control. They will never relinquish their power or their newly found power of snoop following and control looking at your everything. Vietnam even if you need to border hop every month is looking soooo much more attractive now. I would even go with Cambodia for that matter.
  8. They had planned this over 2+ years ago. Just never implemented to date. But yes it is coming and I will stop going to 7-11
  9. Great. Now my as -a- nine big fatheaded Thai neighbor on the other side of another housing estate fence will be going more wild. Already was disrespectful of the curfew and his neighbors. As much as I abhor the military iron fisted control, I abhor this Thai guys sense of self entitlement and his do what he wants.
  10. I am not so sure you can look at it like the evil Thai family. It did not say he was hit or abused that way. He willingly went with his newer gal and it said he has a spinal injury. So they stuck him upstairs. I am sure they only cooked Thai food and his appetite probably only ate a little bit. The woman probably thought the money was open for grabs to rent and take care of her needs, a gift from heaven for her selfish needs. He probably could not fend for himself. He probably could not speak Thai. He couldn't walk so much or very far so things went down hill and her and the whomever of the family plainly got bored with him and left the old foreigner basically alone.. So good he will go back to England where he belongs and should never come back here again. He is lucky he is alive, and just maybe he wasn't a happy bowl of sunshine to be around all of the time. I would like more to this story.
  11. Second class is only an imaginary label, not a stamp. I’ve been here a long time now and the xenophobia is a bit annoying, but I would really like to at least have a PR which is ridiculously hard to have. I have family with kids and could not bear to be without them for more than a month at a time if necessary.
  12. What’s the diffence now? They already look down on us and if I could have a PR or citizenship then what has changed? Do you think they take or look at a foreigner with citizenship here better? And if you do then that is bizarre. One difference would be I could return home to Thailand now if outside. So I already know they don’t respect us.
  13. I would almost accept being a second class citizen or resident. Fat chance on that though.
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