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  1. Actually it depends on the who for the foreigners. For most in the high up in the ruling party of all departments no. But I do know some well placed people and business factory owners who I am well accepted. Never liked foreigners using the Thai word Farang. Just doesn't sit well.
  2. Been in CM for decades and other parts of Thailand another, so hardly a novice to the Thai scene. There are nice ones and vultures. My fist time getting a 500 baht fine was at the old Bangkok immigration office as I threw a smoke down the sewer. Anyway for here in CM it is luck of the draw for which one see's you is what I think. As for no mask on a motorcycle, before in the old days they never chased anyone, but it is becoming a common occurrence now. All in all in CM I have probably been fined 4-5 times for no helmet over the years back. Never bother me paying 200 baht, but this
  3. OMG. Hahahaha. Care to rephrase this?
  4. I think this guy needs to become a monk so he really knows how to be good man.
  5. Hahahahahaha. Now I have a belly ache and my cheeks are sore from reading this. That is so far from reality unless you are talking about his junta and his elite supporters. .
  6. The sooner these incredibly genius people are kicked and driven hard out of running this land is the time Thailand will have a rebirth of the land of real smiles. For us it is the land of hold our breathe while having the feeling of being kicked in the male organs.
  7. Hey, I would even take being labelled a second class citizen here, but as foreigner males we are not even easily allowed PR let alone to become a citizen. So probably better to say Undesirables with wallet.
  8. It is yet of a double meaning if we are truly behind the cockroach and water monitor lizard. I surely hope it is not that bad.
  9. Late 50's but strong. Breaking a hip sounds terrible. The only things i haven't seemed to break is everything from the hips down. Thank Buddha and knock on wood.! Yes I know the loop you are talking about. Starts at the restaurant and that Buddha thing? Yes it is a very nice area. might consider it if my spot is under siege. My wife and I were just talking about the lake the other day as we used to take the kids and our poodle there for fun on the back near the mountain area. I don't think they allow dogs any more do they? Love to take our 2 new dogs there for a jaunt.
  10. Good to know that racism and discrimination are alive and well here. And here I thought compassion was taking a leading edge. Not!
  11. Yeah I can’t see having a mask on while running or even walking too far outside. Or running I only do about 3-5 km nowadays. Used to do the 1/2 marathons until those promoters became extremely rude talking about foreigners.
  12. Yeah, I procrastinated today as all the family were home, so now I think will just have to go out and see what the natives are doing where I run at.
  13. If your partner is smoking too frequent then this is a problem, but you might want to ask your partner to do it later at night. Or you could just tell you neighbor to close their balcony door or window when they smell the smoke because it is not their place or a common shared place. I can see both points. Electronic cigs you can't even smell. .
  14. I have 3 kids. One is 26, another 20, and another 18. They may be forced to go through the motions but they will never submit willingly now. Even the being a Buddha thing is semi going out the window when you are 21 or so. My son said he will do it for our funeral and only then. But for birthdays and other special occasions we do go to the temple as a family.
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