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  1. Yes, ANZAC day celebrates the Gallipoli campaign that you mention. It was not an ANZAC victory. The Serbs celebrate the Battle of Kosovo back in the 14th Century , which was also a defeat. The British celebrate Dunkirk, a miraculous retreat perhaps but still a loss. Many more examples, I'm sure. I think also that neither the BRitish nor the Germans celebrate the Somme. Like Verdun, everyone lost that battle. Commemorate is perhaps more apt than celebrate
  2. What are you talking about. He has created and fostered the exemplary moral communities known as the army, the PDRC and the NCPO
  3. Congratulations. You're completely stable. Possible in that most stable of all states, brain death. Well done. No new thoughts can possibly disturb your equilibrium.
  4. Is there no-0ne left on TV to defend the indefensible? Where are the cheerleaders of five years ago?
  5. Yes could lower morale and cause conflict in society.
  6. an "epauletted dalek" was an earlier one that, I think, Parry came up with.
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