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  1. I am not arguing I am just stating facts., like these:- 2015 364 dead 52 per day 2016 442 dead 63 per day 2017 390 dead 56 per day 2018 418 dead 60 per day 2019 386 dead 55 per day. So certainly not way below normal during Songkran these numbers are usual every day numbers. I will agree the efforts of the BIB do not make much difference.
  2. Maybe not but a new leader will always start out with enthusiasm. It just needs to be directed at getting people vaccinated and re employed.
  3. I didnt say travel had reduced by 50%. Its a combination of travel and Covid restrictions. Plus every year that I can remember fatalities dont reduce by 50% they stay about the same.
  4. Deaths from lightning strikes are quite common in Thailand particularly in farms with open pastures where one lightning strike can kill many living beings including livestock and those caring for them. A direct hit from a lightning bolt can also leave those killed with hideous and gruesome injuries. There is concern that the number of lightning strikes in Thailand may be underreported as some experts see the phenomenon as growing in Southeast Asia in line with changing weather patterns. https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2021/04/01/death-schoolboy-lightning-strike/#:~:text=
  5. Yes maybe its because of the lockdown and restrictions imposed thats caused such a low death rate. Thais have been very good at following Government restrictions which cannot be said for some western countries and farang here.
  6. At the moment your correct. But where are we headed? Thailand was hailed as a success in the first wave. We seem to be heading for a far worse scenario know
  7. Yeah well its not just about dying is it? Everybody who gets it spreads it to other people who can potentially die. When someone dies in an accident thats the end of it. When you get the virus, no matter how serious, you just keep passing it on. Until everybody is vaccinated their as to be restrictions. This ongoing analogy with accidents is stupid.
  8. Deaths from accidents might be higher but the chance of catching the virus are even higher, 1300 yesterday. So as the number of infected people grow the greater chance of dying if your in a vulnerable group. The virus also tends to cause a cluster in a particular area so causing bed shortages for other illness in local hospitals. Road accidents tend to be spread out more nationally .
  9. Many people put this up as a reason not to have lockdowns and restrictions. You just cant compare the two. The virus spreads exponentially and someone with the virus can infect two to three others. Out of every hundred people who contract it, experts believe one will die. Yes if road deaths suddenly grew by 10 fold then the government would have to put in measures to stop it but they dont they continue at a steady rate. If their was no restrictions, the virus would do its own thing, which ever way that would be
  10. This Center for the Prevention and Reduction of Road Accidents, what does it actually do other than issue stats.
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