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  1. So does it mean we are allowed to purchase alcohol at, for example, Tesco Lotus right after 17:00pm until 18:00pm?
  2. He wouldnt necessarly be covered in blood. I also got jumped by around 10 locals a few years back during a birthday night while everyone was drunk after my ex at that time was shouting at me and told his friends to beat me up. I got a table thrown on my back (not a big one though, thanks god), some beers bottles, kicks, and alot of random thai shouting and i had nothing really beside a very sore body the next day. As long as youre aware of whats going on and have a good view (in my case i was looking in between my fingers while covering my face) and know whats being thrown at you, you can adjust your body in a position to minimize impact/damage (obviously, easier said than done). I guess my point is getting jumped doesnt results in ending up in a pool of blood necessarly.
  3. The title says it all. Ill be leaving Thailand soon after 7 years (2 of those being on an overstay) and i was wondering if anyone could give me an advice of what is the best nearby country that i could go that is similar to Thailand in term of LGBT acceptance, etc. (Nightlife is a + also but not a necessity). Right now i am thinking of: - Some part of China - Indonesia - Vietnam These are basically my top 3. Any advices anyone? Thanks you
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