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  1. You are repeating my old post - with all the information out there how can people get it so misunderstood?? The UK government aims to offer a FIRST vaccine dose to about 32 million people in nine priority groups by 15 April. England is now inviting those aged 50 and above to book appointments Two vaccines - developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNtech - are being used in the UK, while A third - from Moderna - has been approved. All these need 2 shots - to be fully completed within 12 weeks and that is when your Vaxport will bw valid
  2. none who went to a vaccination centre has n appointment Currently 6 million people in the UK are FULLY vaccinated - NOT 31 million as they would have you believe - that leaves 25 million on first jab only and the under 40s will wait until end of summer or autumn before they are done.
  3. Me neither...if you think it's wrong, supply evidence to the country.
  4. Just because you have a second doesn't mean everyone has....all jabs are NHS but it depends on who and where you had a jab...... as tmyou illustrate, there is a huge amount of ignorance surrounding jabs in UK.
  5. Sorry I correct you are jit necessarily given your second date... I know this from personal experience with NHS. At the first time of writing there was no llsn for under 40s
  6. Most Brits have NOT been given their appointment for a second jab - onlyy in some special cases and the time timetable stretches into the autumn. (I have had jab number one). the current situation is thus.... People under 50 without underlying medical conditions in England may now have to wait until May for their first jab. They will have to book their jab. 18 to 50 should have their FIRST jab by the end of July. "In the UK, people were initially told they would get a second dose three to four weeks after the first. But to ensure a quicker roll-out of first doses, the UK's
  7. one of the most important spin-offs of Thalidomide (which incidentally is still in use for certain purposes) was that it triggered the adoption of far more stringent testing procedures. This has prevented a reoccurrence so far. the process of how Thalidomide produced deformities is now understood And so there is also the nature of the vaccines produced. Thinking that they can produce dramatic or genetic faults is just about the same as putting your Yamaha Nouvo in a shed and worrying it will turn into a Harley Davidson.
  8. How come? Britain has 8.9% vaccinated as of yesterday which puts in about 8th place.....without the second jab people will not get a valid certificate..
  9. Why do you ask for evidence? It is there for any who bothers to look. So look for yourself..or do you have evidence to the contrary?
  10. If you were truly a "skeptic", you would understand the difference between association and causation and the need for proper analysis with big numbers.
  11. I think the main problem in Thailand will be the quality of delivering the vaccine. Thailand has a poor record of storing and administering the vaccines. From dud vaccines to incompetent injections the problems need to be scrutinised
  12. There is a perception that UK is way ahead of other countries with vaccines - the reality is that other countries are administering BOTH jabs - it is unlikely that the over 40s in Uk will be jabbed twice before October is over. In countries with a 3 week break between jabs, those people will be able to get a vaccine passport recognised by the Thai authorities.... as yet the majority of those "vaccinated" (regardless of numbers) in UK do not qualify for a a "Vaxport" ... and won't until the end of the year. There is also no plan to vaccinate younger age groups - 20 to 40 yrs
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