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  1. CMBob

    What is this morning market item?

    Probably should have posted this in the "Brown Things Bought in Laos" forum.... You broke two of my rules: (1) Don't buy something unless you know what it is and (2) Sure as heck don't cook and eat anything that falls in #1 category.
  2. CMBob

    Re-entry Permit requirements

    Thanks, MrBrad....yea, it would appear that the requirements change from day to day, officer to officer, and full moon to partial moon. I always take the kitchen sink with me just in case they ask for it (a couple of years back, the Officer handling my annual extension insisted I provide a photocopy of every filled-out page of my passport...including pages that only contained stamps from other countries...and the Officer was actually taken a bit back when I simply reached into my folder and handed the packet to her).
  3. CMBob

    Re-entry Permit requirements

    Didn't think a copy of the TM30 Receipt of Notification was required. Your clarification leaves me confused. Immediately after getting my new annual extension, I get a photocopy of the new extension to add to the other paperwork to immediately apply for my re-entry (multiple) permit; however, I've never given them a copy of the "old" extension (which, technically, still has about a month until its expiration date). Did they ask you for that or did you simply give it presuming it was needed?
  4. I'm curious as to exactly what the OP's "bank letter" said. You've indicated that it only said the OP's account was currently valid but the OP's comments were a bit unclear on that. OP, if you kept a copy of the bank letter, could you post a copy (blocking, of course, name and account number)?
  5. CMBob

    Re-entry Permit requirements

    You're quoting a poster who for some inexplicable reason came to the Chiangmai forum to tell us what he supposedly was required to file in the Jomtien office. Best to ignore that info as it's irrelevant to Chiangmai. To obtain a re-entry permit at regular Immigration (or at the re-entry desk at the airport itself when departing through the international portion of the terminal) in Chiangmai, one needs to have with them the following: 1. TM 8 - completed and signed. You can obtain the form from the Thai Immigration website: https://www.immigration.go.th/download/ (the TM8 form is #15 in that list). Neatly print your telephone number just below your signature. Paste/glue your photo over the photo box area on the form (photo size is 4cm x 6cm....which is not the size of the box on the form...with a medium blue background). 2. Photocopies (all must be signed) from passport: a. Photo/Identification Page b. Current visa (or extension) page c. Entry date page d. Departure (TM6) card 3. Original passport. 4. Fees: 1000 baht for a single and 3,800 baht for a multiple. [Poster MrBrad indicated that a copy of your TM30 Receipt of Notification is also required and, if so, that is a recent/new requirement. Probably best to take along a copy in case he is correct. Also, sign everything with blue ink to be on the safe side.]