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  1. Unless the internet is in error (e.g., see Bangkok Full Moon ), the actual full moon in November of 2019 is November 12th. While perhaps different areas celebrate Loy Krathong on different dates, the opening ceremony here in Chiangmai is November 10th at Thaphae Gate and the big parade ("Grand Krathong Float Processions Contest") is on November 12th (and that's the end of festivities here in Chiangmai). One can obtain the entire schedule of events here in Chiangmai at the municipal website (see CM Municipal)
  2. You, perhaps, forgot a fourth option which likely everyone would (or should) answer: (4) Why should I answer this poll when, other than a few annual news reports, I have exactly zero knowledge about the issue.
  3. In my opinion, neither of you will have to obtain the Thai long-stay insurance UNLESS the Thai authorities alter the rules to require those of us getting annual extensions (based on retirement or whatever) within Thailand to get it. If that happens (which I see no reason to believe as it hasn't been suggested by Thai authorities so far), a whole bunch of us will be in the same lousy boat.
  4. So far, the only health insurance requirement that's surfaced is one enforced by Thai embassies/consulates in one's home country....and, under the language of the police order, it's only to be applied to people who obtain an O-A Visa in their home country after October 31, 2019. Unless that changes, I don't think either you or hubby have any concerns. [Some assert that there is one dicey area....where somebody, let's say, obtained an O-A Visa in their home country on October 15, 2019, but didn't first enter the country until after October 31, 2019; however, I personally don't buy that as those people weren't required to have the insurance when they got their O-A Visas and surely airport immigration will only see a proper O-A Visa in the passport and will stamp them in for their first year.] As far as I'm concerned, the only worry we (you, hubby, myself, and many others) might have in the future is if/when Thai authorities apply a health insurance requirement to those obtaining annual extensions in-country. So far, there's no rule saying that will happen.
  5. Section (6), of the relatively new police order, the only part that has any reference at all to health insurance, states: "Only for an alien, who has been granted Non-Immigrant Visa Class O-A, must buy a Thai health insurance online..." The language is fairly clear to me but perhaps you might advise as to how one can interpret the language in the police order to say/suggest/imply that the long-stay health insurance is a requirement for anybody who will obtain any annual extension.
  6. The "bank letter" is simply a letter from the bank which, in Thai, verifies that you have the account and there is "x" amount in it. So far, I've not heard anything about banks changing the format of their standard letter which they have on their computers (perhaps at some point they'll change the letter to discuss a bit more about the history of the account, e.g., that 800k baht has been in there for 60+ days or so). "Bank statements" (at least how most people are using that term) simply means photocopies of one's passbook (which, of course, like all copies, you must place your signature).
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