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  1. If you can't get to Immigration here in Thailand by your expiration date, I think you'll have to start over as mentioned above.  Just for the heck of it, I'd contact the Thai embassy there just to see if there is some slim possibility they can help you there (doubtful but worth a shot). 


    Also, due to the very cloudy proclamations (police orders) here about the "July 31st" routine (which is definitely applicable to people with exemptions and tourist visas), there is a slim possibility that Immigration will relent here and grant new extensions to those whose extensions have expired prior to July 31st because they couldn't get to their Immigration office.  Probably doubtful (nobody knows for sure) but worth a shot to ask when you get back so you don't have to start over.  Good luck.

  2. I always fill mine out on the computer (sometimes I leave the date blank and fill that in by hand).....worked fine two weeks ago.

    Remember - one page only (both sides). And neatly write your phone number below your signature.

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  3. Some of these comments are a bit confusing.  So would ask Ubonjoe to respond to the following regarding somebody here on an annual extension based on retirement:

    (1)  Do you believe the "permission thru July 31st" applies in any respect to somebody here on that basis where the annual extension based on retirement expires, let's say, May 31st?

    (2)  If you think it does apply at all, is the application involve a waiver of any overstay fine?

    (3)  If you think it does apply, what about the annual extension itself that expires May 31st.  Is it history (meaning gone) or do you think Immigration would allow an

    application for a new annual extension on July 31st or some short time thereafter?

    (4)  If you think there is only minimal application (waiver of overstay fines only), then would it be correct to say the person has to apply for another annual extension on or prior to May 31st?

  4. Handled my annual retirement extension on Wednesday, arriving at 1:15PM and finished (with new annual extension and ME re-entry permit) at 3:25PM.  Although a bit longer than last year, a couple of hours isn't all that bad once a year. That time included the short time it took me to walk across the street to obtain a copy of the new extension so I could get the re-entry permit.   


    This particular IMM officer had an issue with my not updating my Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) term passbook (which I've never done before).  I showed him that the same passbook has years of entries and it was not required previously.  I also explained to him that a SCB term passbook cannot be updated, regardless if I or the teller sticks the passbook in the update machine (yes, I am aware that it can be done with a regular savings account and perhaps any type of account at Bangkok Bank).  Anyway, after some discussion, he let it go.  I have been aware of this issue over the years and have asked SCB in the past to add some language to their usual letter saying this passbook cannot be updated; however, they've never added any such language in the past and I didn't bother asking this time.


    On arrival, the parking lot was full (no slots) so had to drive around the building (slightly delayed at the drive-up 90-day-report window which had one car which left in 30 seconds). Parking is available across the street.  

  5. 12 hours ago, HaoleBoy said:

    I don't have.  I have a "extension of stay" Retirement stamp to Aug 2020.  This is my first year retirement visa.

    My previous Retirement visa I had for 4 yrs was the same.  I got my visa's here in Thailand not in my country.

    Yes, you have your original Non-O either in your passport or referenced in transfer stamps in a new passport.  If you still have the same passport you had when you first got your "visas" here in Thailand, then look at that stamp (would be a Non-O if you got it here in Thailand).  If you have since gotten a new passport, then your stamps should have been (actually "must" have been since you've gotten new extensions) transferred to your new passport and those stamps will indicate the type and date of your original visa (on which all your extensions have been based). 

    If it's a Non-O (versus Non-OA which you only could have obtained in your home country), then the health insurance requirement currently doesn't apply to you.  Simple as that.

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  6. I've been here in CM for umpteen Songkrans and I've never witnessed restaurants or grocery stores closing during Songkran (excepting a few mom and pop places where the owners took a short vacation to go to their home villages to celebrate).  Obviously the OP hasn't been around here before during Songkran holidays.

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  7. Mailed a card to the US from post office at Kad Suan Kaew (which remains open).  Sent it by "ordinary" mail with a 28 baht stamp....which, over the last decade, would typically take 14-16 days to get to the midwest USA; however, postal clerk was quite specific in telling me that now it would take 3 months to get there.  They do have registered mail but I didn't inquire about the cost or timing for that.

  8. Is Lazada delivering anything here now?  I had an order pending for a kitchen faucet and they cancelled the order yesterday without stating any reason.  They did refund the money to their "Lazada Wallet" (essentially a future credit) and that irritated me as I paid via my Siam Commercial Bank account (and that's where they should have refunded the money). 

  9. 14 hours ago, Dmaxdan said:

    Sorry if this is becoming repetitive, but could someone please kindly re-post the link for the current CM 90 day report by mail address. Thanks in advance. 

    The more correct address should be written like this (you can skip the bracketed Thai line if you wish):





    [71 หมู่ที่ 3  ถ. สน่มบิน]




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  10. 2 hours ago, jctv1944 said:

    Can anyone please help me with some info regarding TM30?  Do I need a TM30 if I move into my Thai girlfriends house and live there?  If I need one, who signs for it?



    Technically, yes and she (as owner) would need to sign the original TM30 filing. But, if you have no need for any extension at CM Immigration (or, perhaps, any other service there), don't bother; otherwise, probably ought to get one filed (it isn't that difficult).  

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  11. 6 hours ago, ragabob said:

    I am planning to do a Mae Sai border run, crossing with my OA voiding it then returning with either a VOA or the Visa exempt. Then back to CM to apply for a Non O.

    Can anyone advise which one I should request if I have a choice, VOA or Visa exempt. I am from UK.

    Also, my OA is valid until next Jan and I spent a fortune on Thai health insurance. Would one advise that I wait until nearer the expiry date or just get it over and done with soon. Stressful not knowing if I will get approval or not.

    If you leave without a re-entry permit, yes, you'll void your OA (or any extension thereof).


    A VOA (visa on arrival) for Thailand applies to 19 countries....and the UK currently is not one of them (so that's not an option for you).  You could, I suppose, get a tourist visa out of Thailand and return, convert that to a Non-O here in country, and then go for an annual extension of that.  Simpler and cheaper would be to just come back and get the 30-day visa exempt and proceed with the conversion to a Non-O, etc.  Would note that there are rules that apply to your application for your "first" annual extension here (whether based on 65k a month or the 800k bank method) and you might want to bone up on that and be prepared to comply.  Other posts/threads might help you with that issue.


    Just my opinion but why bother doing that now if you have already purchased the health insurance and your current visa (or, likely, extension) is good until next January.  I don't see any good reason not to wait (and perhaps the rules might even change between now and then that might alter what choice you make).

  12. 19 minutes ago, Thailand said:

    Returning from abroad still requires TM30 report.

    I presume you're referring to updating a TM30 registration; regardless,  what you're saying has been the case for a couple+ years but the OP is reporting he was told no updating is required if returning to Thailand to the same TM30 registered address.  More reports will confirm who is correct.  

  13. As they are moving the mentioned items to Promenada, service at the new (near airport) building ought to be much better for annual extensions, I'd expect.  Of course, that partially depends on how many officers are moved to the Promenada office.

    I do hope, however, that Immigration doesn't only use the old upstairs office at Promenada as it's much too small to handle much of anything (it's probably smaller than the third-floor TM30 office at the new building). 

  14. 36 minutes ago, The Man Who Sold the World said:

    In both our Thai and USA LW&T ...... 

    One point is that LW&T and legal documents are country specific...

    I presume your acronym stands for Living Will and Trust.  Likely no issue with a bank or stockbroker or whoever back in the states honoring a properly executed and properly funded Trust but I'm curious as to why you think any entity (bank, court, etc.) here in Thailand would do so.  Thailand, to my knowledge, doesn't even recognize the legal concept of a Trust.

  15. 19 hours ago, YT3k72Em said:

    1. You can take your yellow tax card to Krungsri bank and ask them not to deduct tax on interest going forward. Only the first 20,000 baht interest is tax free. With 4 million you will probably go over this limit anyway.  If they don't have a tax ID number on file, the default is to deduct tax from all interest.

    My annual interest is below the 20k baht level (most interest earned via the 800k maintained in a fixed account to support the annual retirement extension) and I went to my bank (Siam Commercial Bank) a couple months ago, showed them my tax ID card, and asked them to stop withholding interest.  The bank employee didn't seem to know what I was talking about so called over one of the managers....but, after a clear explanation, the manager told me that they couldn't stop withholding and my only method was to file a tax return to obtain a refund.

    Presuming this new rule (stopping withholding for amounts under 20k upon presentation of a Thai tax ID card) is based on some legislation or Treasury order.  By any chance do you know where one can find the new law/order dealing with this issue? I'd try it again at my bank if I can show them some basis as to why I can stop the withholding.  Thanks.

  16. 4 hours ago, couchpotato said:

    So on the first part we are in agreement..good.

    For the 2nd part I have just had to change to a new book/interest rate (at Bangkok Bank) for my next 12 month period...BUT my fixed deposits are in 2 names (either/or signatures with my wife), so this maybe the reason it can't be rolled over. I will look into that next time I go to the Bank.

    Cool....but, as I noted twice, my comments only apply to Siam Commercial Bank fixed term accounts.  

  17. 33 minutes ago, couchpotato said:

    Sorry you are wrong on both counts. You cannot break a Fxd Deposit account (by putting in more, or taking out) as this breaks the deposit period and the interest given is then only the savings rate.

    Another thing is Fxd Deposits are not rolled over. At the end of one fixed period the money (plus interest if you want) can deposited into a new Fxd Deposit period, with a different account number and new book, plus whatever deposit rate is prevalent at that time.

    But yes a Fxd Deposit can be used for immigration, but it is not one continuous rolled over account (as a savings account is). 

    As I noted as an example, the fixed term accounts at SCB that I have used for almost 10 years cannot be updated.  And there is no ability to deposit or withdraw (well, you can withdraw any or all anytime you want but you'll lose all accrued interest in the interim) and interest does not show up at all until the fixed term is completed.

    I'd have agreed with your "can't be rolled over" comment many years ago as back then they'd issue you a new account number and passbook after the fixed term expired; however, that hasn't been the case for at least the last few years.  Now, I keep the same passbook and account number and what shows up in the passbook is the interest, the 15% tax withheld, and the new balance (with the new time period and interest rate). It appears as a simple roll-over to me.

    My comments apply only to Siam Commercial Bank fixed accounts (e.g., it's different at some other banks).

  18. 10 hours ago, Max69xl said:

    Yes, the bank book has to be updated and the balance must match the bank letter if using the money in the bank method.

    Whether you can update the bank book depends on the particular bank and type of account.  For example only, a fixed term account at Siam Commercial bank (an account that accrues interest for a set period of time although you can access the funds earlier with a loss of accrued interest) cannot be updated regardless if you or the bank sticks the bank book in the update machine.  That type of SCB account is what I've been using for the annual extension (800k method) for almost 10 years here in Chiangmai and never has the bank book been updated (as it can't be) or has an immigration officer questioned it. 

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