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  1. Some people are so ignorant of the natural history of this planet that was here long before them and is vital to maintain balances.

    While I understand your general point, what "balances" are we talking about - some theoretical balance or a balance that some "correct-thinking" biologist opines about? The "balances" that existed for hundreds of millions of years before man ever slid out of a pond changed dramatically over time for various "natural" reasons (i.e., there neither is nor ever was any Shangri-La balance).

    Natural history also includes species being wiped out and other species that kill (to eat, to eliminate competition, or just to kill) other species. Lions, for example, kill hyenas for all of those reasons. And humans, whether the anti-humanists like it or not, are part of this planet's natural history and humans have always been classified as carnivores and are, for lack of better words, at the top of the food chain.

    It's my view that no human ought to kill something just for the hell of it; however, if it (a snake, a rat, a mosquito, an invasive plant species, or whatever) poses a danger to me or mine, it's dead meat. And that, like it or not, is part of our natural history.

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  2. "It is unlikely that the ICJ will give its judgement on the case before January"

    Says who? There is nothing new on the ICJ website since last April 2013 when Cambodia and Thailand submitted their sides.

    Probably would have been better to simply have read a newspaper yesterday - it was all over the news that the ICJ informed both sides that it was postponing its decision in this case as it was busy with other matters. The Foreign Minister said yesterday that he didn't expect the decision now until January or February.

  3. What.type of bank account is required for 800000 baht requirement for retirement? i see their is problems putting it into a type of Term deposit ? Is this correct ? What are options so Thai Authorities accept bank held funds of 800000?

    As noted above, it generally has to be an account which allows you to withdraw it whenever you want (i.e., easily accessible); however, the best thing to do - when you're setting up the account - is to ask the bank people if they will give you the "immigration letter" for that type of account. If they will, then that account is fine. Some banks hype certain longer-term accounts that way to falang.

  4. Pedophiles are mentally sick.

    You don't wake up one morning and say "Oh...it is such a nice day...I think, I am going to FXXX a 10 year old!"

    It is as little a choice as is homosexuality, heterosexuality, necrophilia or what ever you can think of.

    You've got to be kidding. If you can't tell the difference between having an impulse (which some would agree with you might not be a matter of clear choice for some) and acting on an impulse, you don't understand very much. Plus it takes a fairly warped mind to attempt to compare heterosexuality and homosexuality with the likes of necrophilia and pedophilia. Human psychology certainly isn't your forte.

    A pedophile as much as a bank robber or murderer made a choice to act and should suffer the consequences (criminal penalities) that society has devised for such acts. And, if the pedophile (or robber or murderer) can't control his impulses, then do whatever is necessary to keep him away from children, banks, or other people as long as is necessary. If that's forever, so be it.

  5. You mean it is not taught in history lessons in school???? Really???

    I have no idea what is actually taught but I can say that I've raised the WWII topic (politely and with a firm effort to be neutral with the questions) multiple times over the years to Thai friends and acquaintenances and they seem not to be able to relate any details at all. The last time I did that was about 2 months ago with 4-5 Thai acquaintenaces (including two recent university graduates) and all equally seemed to lack any information about any of it (although one did say, without any retort by me, that "Thailand was on the Allies side" or words to that effect).

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  6. Although not directly asked, when you're transferring funds via SWIFT from the US to Thailand, there's a specific box on the form to check if you want to send the funds in US dollars or Thai baht. Make sure it's always a transfer in US dollars (if you do it the other way, you'll get a terrible exchange rate in the US that often is as much as 7-8% less than you can get from the Thai banks) and then your local Thai bank will (should) give you the posted exchange rate the date the funds are received.

  7. Under some circumstances in to mention one example: Arizona USA, Children under 15 can quite legally Marry.

    So perhaps as usual The American bigots should put their own house in order before talking nonesense in other countries (probably for profit). cheesy.gif

    Somewhat irrelevant to the original post other than it would appear that your research skills are about as good (poor) as the article's author.

    The legal age to marry in Arizona is 18. Individuals ages 16 and 17 can marry with parental consent. Marriage of an individual younger than 16 requires both parental consent and the approval of a state Superior Court judge.

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  8. Do yourself a favor and get the Non-Immigrant O (60/90) now rather than the tourist visa. As others have indicated, you can't get the one-year visa from a tourist visa.

    I know as I came in with a tourist visa (thinking I could change that directly into the long-term visa). You can't. But immigration here allowed that to be cancelled and issued me (for a couple thousand baht) the Non-Immigrant O and then, at the same time, issued the long-term (one-year) visa based on income or money in the bank here.

    You'll save a little hassle and just shy of $60.00 if you just get the Non-Immigrant O now (before you get here). Good luck.

  9. Does anyone else find it ironic that a dispute over claims of ownership of a BUDDHIST temple has the armies of both countries ready to start shelling each other? :o

    Actually, no. Religious differences have been the basis for the killing of millions the last couple of thousand years. Same old, same old.

  10. The Soi 23 office in HH is indeed open this morning, as noted above. Unfortunately, the space for immigration is way too small - much more jammed than the office off of Soi 102 - and there is hardly any place for visitors to sit. Talked to a couple of female staffers there this morning and they said they hated the "new" place, mainly because they're all jammed in there.

    But, for HH residents, a lot easier to get to than the Soi 102 office (which was quite a ways from the main drag).

  11. Thanks for the replies.

    I think I have it figured out and my only concern (and expectation) is that the re-entry stamp will say that I have until May 27, 2010, to return. If it does, then no further worries until I have to obtain the one-year extension of the retirement (long-stay) visa.

    Thanks again.

  12. I came into Thailand on a tourist visa in January. On February 27, 2009, I obtained at the same time (within an hour - didn't even have to come back) (1) A Stay Permit "O" which says I was admitted on February 27, 2009, and it's good until May 27, 2009 (this being the typical Non-Immigrant O Visa, I think), and (2) the retirement or long-stay visa which says that my "application of stay is permitted up to May 27, 2010. Thus, it appears I essentially got 15 months and the immigration officer "started" the retirement visa on the date the 90-day visa expired.

    I'm going back home at the end of April (and, yes, I know have to obtain an exit/re-entry permit). I intend to come back in October for 6-7 months.

    My concerns/questions are as follows:

    #1. Am I screwing up my long-term visa by leaving (even with an exit/re-entry permit) prior to May 27, 2009?

    #2 Presuming the answer to #1 is "no", would it be correct that when I come back in October, my stay is still okay until May 27, 2010?

    #3 Presuming the answer to #1 is "no" and #2 is "yes", do I have to stay until a week before May 27, 2010, to be able to get a one-year extension? (I'd like to leave in April but I'll stay until whenever in May if I need to do that). I guess this question could also be asked: If I'm not around within a week prior to May 27, 2010, to obtain the extension, is that long-term visa (or the right to obtain a 1-year extension from it) forever gone?

    Appreciate your input, there seem to be some real Thai visa experts here. Thanks.

  13. Hate to join the chorus or cause any bother but I also am need of a good lawyer (hopefully dealing with real estate and who may be able to speak/read English somewhat) - and ask if you would PM me with the name, number, etc.

    I have a Thai friend who owns a small parcel east of Mae Chan with his brother. I'm going to help my Thai friend acquire 100% ownership but, because the brother is untrustworthy, only if we have a lawyer handle the matter properly (being a retired real estate lawyer, I know the potential problems). So, would

    appreciate a name in Chiangrai.....and you have my appreciation in advance.

  14. I have been able to open accounts at both Bangkok Bank and Siam Commercial Bank while holding no work permit and only the 30-day "get it free on arrival" visa. Bangkok Bank, though, won't let you use their internet banking without a work permit (although, like everything else in Thailand, my guess is there is some Bangkok Bank branch somewhere that might let you do that). Siam Commericial Bank had no such reluctance and it's rather handy to check out the balance on the net and, as I have mine set up, to transfer amounts (free) from my account to a companion account.

    A few friends have also been able to do the same at Siam Commercial Bank (seems they ignore the 'work permit" rule).

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